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  1. Thank you very much for that. I'll check my PMs now.
  2. Missing Bird of Prey in the Eckington Area. He went missing on Wednesday 12 November around 9.30 am. He is a Harris Hawk and is 20 years old. His owner is desperate to locate him. He has Jesses on both legs and also is wearing a bell on his tail. He is mainly brown with some browny red colourings. If anyone has any information on any sightings, please PM me and I shall pass on your number/email/information to the owner.
  3. I think I'm one of the very few people that don't find this funny. The other half thinks hilarious, however, so every so often I have to endure it.
  4. Ash by James Herbert. I can hardly put it down
  5. Threads merged. Please use the search facility before starting new threads. Thanks.
  6. Read what it says under my name - I'm a lady! Besides, you don't need any encouragement!
  7. As you know, I'm away that weekend but I'll definitely be at another if it gets arranged. Have fun! I went along to one at Hillsborough many, many moons ago after umming and ahing for ages. Finally bit the bullet and had a great time. Got some good friends out of it too so if you're thinking of going along, but not quite sure, just get yourself there.
  8. I ran a couple of these with different photos and got a whole host of celebs! The only one that cropped up twice was Neve Campbell. I do not look like Neve Campbell. I used to get told, when younger and had blonde hair though, that I looked like Michelle Holmes, of Rita, Sue and Bob Too fame. Also Letitia Dean, who played Sharon in Eastenders. I think they were closer with Michelle though.....
  9. If you can help the OP, please do so via PM or filling in their survey. Thanks.
  10. I had to reply to your point number 5. Please try not to let it get to you. It's THEM who have the problem, not you. I hope work has improved for you over the last few days. Being spat on just because of who you are is bang out of order and I would at least report it to your Line Manager so that they can keep an eye on the situation. There are people around (myself included) who'd be happy to lend an ear, should you ever need another vent.
  11. I have to, unfortunately, agree with this to a point. If I was out and seeing someone literally everywhere I went, I would begin to question how it was coming about and certainly not seeing it as a sign. I would also agree with others in that you need to step away from both right now as you need to make up your own mind over who you want. As you've not seen the guy from work for a while, that's easy enough. However, your fiance (as you seem to have accepted, but still call him your ex?) needs to be asked to take a step back too. It's a huge commitment to agree to marry someone and should only be accepted if you truly want to marry that person. At this moment in time, you appear not to know so it would be unfair to accept right now. Give yourself some time, go out with your friends, have some fun. You may even find you don't want either. I think it's the mystery with the guy from work too, the fact you don't know what he's like. It's a lot to take a gamble on. Whatever you decide - good luck.
  12. Check out number 3. http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/lead/tips/water.htm
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