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  1. Is this resolved? Just curious whether it's an urban myth.
  2. My cousin had a teacher By the name of Staniforth at St Paul's school in the 1960's. He thinks his first name may have been Brian. He also remembers a family by the name of Staniforth (no relation) who lived off Daresbury Drive, possibly on East Bank Way or East Bank View, again in the sixties.
  3. Long shot I know but does anyone remember what colour the sign above the door was? Or better still does anyone have a colour photo of it? The door on Leopold Street that is. Asking for a friend who is doing a painting of Leopold Street as it was in the sixties.
  4. I have a friend who worked in Batchelors DP a bit before your time, he left in '74. He now lives in California but asked me to post a few names he remembered- Marjorie Hance, Barbara (can't remember her surname but she looked after tapes and discs and was married to a police officer) Lynne Jeffcock, Beverley (can't remember surname) Paul Bownes, John Hadfield, Mike Hawley, Willie Wombell, Mick Brown, Sheila Evans, John Wright. Also, he's pointed out that there used to be pictures of the Batchelors lab kitchen on the Alamy website.
  5. A friend had his Volkswagen van stolen overnight from Holdings Road, off Granville Road. Registration NA13 SSX colour white. ---------- Post added 09-05-2016 at 16:14 ---------- Thank you to those who have been in touch. I have passed the information on.
  6. My dad saw them in 1977. Not to his taste at all but he said they were a very tight band and gave a good show.
  7. My dad was a regular there in the sixties, particularly on Saturdays when there was a break in licensing hours. He had a mate who worked in a fashion shop, Harry Fenton (?) on Chapel Walk and he used to wait in The Sidewalk for him to finish work before they went up to the Buccaneer.
  8. There is a more complete account of Orwell's stay in his books of published essays which includes excerpts from his diaries of the time. I believe descendants of the Searle's, with whom Orwell lodged are still living in the Sheffield area. I understand the Searle's didn't know exactly who Orwell was (he used his actual name Eric Blair) when he stayed with them and weren't made aware until their son Gil, showed them the diary extracts sometime in the early eighties.
  9. Is it something you read about years ago? Your description doesn't fit with my experience of the area but I'm one of the people who actually engages with it.
  10. Don't know where you are but there has been a small number of ring necked parakeets beteen Killamarsh and Halfway for some years, first brought to my attention when a driver stopped his tram after leaving Halfway and asking the passengers if they'd seen the green birds that had just flown by his cab. I think they are under threat though because on a number of occasions I've seen someone trying to catch them by laying bait and throwing a net over any parrakeets that land, usually in open areas of woodland near Rother Valley Park.
  11. Walkley have long experience of dealing with ASD and have always been very good at integrating affected children within the wider school population. This can be helpful when the move to secondary education appears on the horizon. Some ASD children experience the culture change as a profound shock. I have no recent experience of Bradfield Dungworth but go and see, and if possible, speak to the parents of other autistic children there. Gather as much first hand information as you can. The move to secondary should also be considered as provision has become very patchy indeed with support generally being spread very thinly, so throughout your child's primary education it would be wise to keep an eye on the performance of the secondary schools- consult other parents in the same position as yourself.
  12. Information isn't very widespread but there's a bit more on this page here V and I'm assured it will be publicised in the Sheffield Telegraph https://www.wow247.co.uk/2016/03/31/21-brilliant-things-sheffield/
  13. Art Sheffield, 16th April onwards. http://www.artsheffield.org/2016/programme/
  14. Plenty of keyboard warriors on here that's for sure! One political party does encourage it's members to post provocative stuff on forums that aren't actively moderated but it's all grist to the mill.
  15. Yes. People friendly enough. Get the feeling it's just getting off the ground as an arts venue. Not just a gallery more of a performance space combined with art gallery blurring the boundaries a bit. More accessible than The Site gallery for example. Looks promising- bit more like the type of place found in continental Europe. I wish them luck and hope they succeed. Be helpful if they publicised their opening hours though. At the moment it looks more like a place people would drop in rather than a destination in itself.
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