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  1. I wasn’t, and I agree, it should be investigated. Providing that is it is good quality and the van registration can be made out, otherwise, it’s a waste of police time, there’s are loads of white vans and if the guy was wearing a helmet there’s zero chance of knowing who they are.
  2. Because there’s isn’t a victim probably e.g. no one has reported a car stereo nicked. It’s certainly suspicious, but how do you know for definite a crime has been committed.
  3. Why would there be, fights happen all the time in town?
  4. Shocking driving, only one brake light working and a guy waiting to cross the road has he goes through red light. Can you zoom in enough get the reg? If so, pass it to police and taxi licensing.
  5. Don’t speak for me penistone999, I have respect for them, especially in today’s climate. They’re the only ones running towards trouble when everyone else is running the other way. ---------- Post added 05-02-2018 at 05:19 ---------- Exactly, that is why most of the signs say ‘and permitted vehicles’ At the end of the day, they are not just driving around, they have a job to do, like investigating stuff that doesn’t always warrant them using blue lights and sirens. I would rather them use the bus lanes and get to where they need to go rather than stuck in traffic.
  6. That doesn’t make sense, why would houses sell quickly if it isn’t a nice area? I personally wouldn’t want to live there because it is too close to the Winn Gardens estate .
  7. It’s not a bad area at all, very quirky with plenty of little coffee shops. Has a mixture of students and professionals. I think I know the flats you,mean, and friend of mine used to live in one of them and had no problems at all. There a definitely worse places to live. The speed bumps are not there to stop joy riders, they are there to slow people down.
  8. Why mention Rotherham, the OP is asking about nice areas in Sheffield. But now you mention it, there are some lovely areas to live in Rotherham. Typical Sheffielder assumption, that everywhere surrounding Sheffield is a dump. The problem with Sheffield, and many other areas alike, you are never too far away from problem locations.
  9. I got my son some for Christmas, they are great and to be honest, I can’t tell the difference. Wish I’d thought of it as he’s making a fortune.
  10. Yes, that is the same guy who sells them at the Christmas market. He doesn’t actually market them as real Lego because they are not, as someone else said, they are copies.
  11. But the type of knife you carry is not illegal. If you have a genuine reason to carry a knife, like a tradesmen in the course of his work, then you don’t have a problem. But if you’re caught carrying a kitchen knife stuffed down your sock or trousers into a nightclub or bar for no legitimate reason, then that’s a different matter all together.
  12. Far too many people carrying knives now days, not surprising when police are too scared to stop search people for fear of getting a complaint and loosing their jobs. On top of that, the penalty for carrying a knife is a joke.
  13. My window cleaner used the pole method and it was leaving the glass with water marks and the sills and frames were dirty. I was being charged £10 a month for the privilege so I got rid as I’m sure he was just using normal tap water. I prefer the ladder method as you get a better result.
  14. Like has already been said, they mainly supply the catering industry. They do have a shop in London but I wasn’t aware they had started opening others around the country. I’m sure they will sell to public too.
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