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  1. Olive

    Pork or ham hocks: how to be frugal

    That sounds tremendous. Tempted to try cooking this in a pressure cooker, have you tried that?
  2. Olive

    Increase in knife crime.

    No, what I was very careful to do was to say that I didn't know what the circumstances were and that any loss of life is tragic. My point is that IF it's a victim (girl, boy, black, white, young, old) is entirely unconnected to their attacker, IF it's a completely random attack, it's a different and more unlikely set of circumstances to someone who is involved with gangs and violence already. That's why it makes a bigger splash in the news. It's the same when a pensioner gets battered - more shocking than if someone in their 20s, out on the lash, gets into a punch up. Think of the case of Rys Jones, the schoolboy who got shot in Liverpool a few years ago. Why was that such cause so much shock? Because he was just a hapless kid, riding his bike in the wrong place at the wrong time. When crime trends start impacting on people who are outside of the circles that are normally involved then people start to get more worried. It's in our psychology. We think "If I follow the rules, keep out of trouble, it won't effect me". But when people who follow the rules fall victim, then it all starts to fall down.
  3. Olive

    Increase in knife crime.

    I'm not disagreeing. I was responding to Bob Arctor's specific point.
  4. Olive

    Increase in knife crime.

    They're both terrible, and they both matter, but one is more unusual and deemed to be more shocking (therefore more newsworthy). I think people have different reactions to different circumstances, rightly or wrongly. "Gang member in stabbing incident" isn't really very surprising, whereas "Innocent schoolgirl stabbed by gang member" is quite frightening, it says that something terrible could happen to anyone, whereas the other headline suggests that being a gang member is a dangerous occupation. Not that I'm claiming to know the circumstances, just using this as an illustration.
  5. I feel the same, I think it's a great idea in principle. Whether or not automation and AI renders large numbers of the workforce without opportunities, a different approach is needed. I doubt whether getting rid of current admin costs associated with a means-tested system, together with inefficiencies in the system, would be sufficient to cover the costs of a UBI that's sufficient to live off for everyone. But I really do think there would be societal benefits, and it's worth looking at how such a system could be funded.
  6. Isn't there a cap at £26k? I guess that doesn't include free school meals etc though. In theory, the separated couple with 2 kids, getting £10k per adult would be happy to pick up work on top of that to supplement UBI where they can, whereas now they might be reluctant to work in case they lose benefits.
  7. I once saw a car overtake a moving tram going down West Street. It was quite a spectacle. To say it was touch and go doesn't do it justice!
  8. Maybe that wouldn't be so irksome if you were receiving the same?
  9. Olive

    Ram raid at Asda walkley

    😁 thought you had some juicy info there!
  10. Olive

    Ram raid at Asda walkley

    You're right, I don't have a clue either, I don't claim one. It's just that you made it sound like you had some background info, and I wondered what that was.
  11. Olive

    Ram raid at Asda walkley

    How do you know?
  12. Olive

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    Carol. The film starring Cate Blanchett. Oscar nominated, awards a-go-go, critics falling over themselves to praise it. NOTHING happened. About two thirds of the way through it looked like something might happen. But it didnt.
  13. Olive

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    I went past yesterday at about 5pm, the place looked to be buzzing. Have you been in yet?
  14. Olive

    Farfield Inn, Neepsend Lane.

    Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

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