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  1. Lovely pictures Hillsbro. There's quite often a grim and grimey quality to places in pictures of this era, but I think in Hillsborough Corner's case, it definitely looks shabbier now, even with the improvement work on the bridge area. A lot to do with traffic I suppose, but there's also some pretty uninspiring later 20th century buildings which don't help.
  2. Ah, now it makes sense. Time hasn't been kind to Hillsborough Corner has it?
  3. Now you point it out I can. In my defence...small screen. 😀
  4. Great picture Hillsbro, but I'm damned if I can figure out which direction it's looking at! Hillsborough Corner has certainly changed a lot, I can't get my bearings at all! What does the tower in the middle of the picture belong to?
  5. What's unrealistic to me is how both characters seem to have had personality transplants. Now that Corrie has decided it wants a coersive control storyline they have had to pick a couple of characters to graft it onto. It's a common problem with soap plots - characters following plots rather than the other way round. Also, contrary to popular opinion, I think often plots are more believable if they allowed to develop more gradually. I'm sure that the Corrie of years ago would have had this one brewing over months, if not years. Now they've got to fill hours of TV per week, they need a huge story turnover. So we have ever more outlandish plots and diminishing returns. Still watch it though 😁
  6. If you wanted to go Full Sheffield, and live in the city centre, that's always an option too. The great thing about Middlewood is the excellent tram service. You can be in town in 15 minutes on the tram from Middlewood. Lots of rental accommodation to choose from, in the West Street area in particular if you want city centre hubbub.
  7. That was a brilliant one, wasn't it? The work they put into that renovation was so impressive. Still one of the best episodes, all these years later.
  8. The OP would have had a fit it they'd been swimming at Zest a few years ago. The changing cubicles around the pool itself. The outrage!!
  9. Anne SLister's a fascinating character. She grew up in Market Weighton, where I'm from. We went to Shibden Hall a couple of years ago, it's an interesting place to visit. I just think the series could have been structured better. I wouldn't have expected Sally Wainwright to stretch it out over so many episodes, given how compact her writing normally is. Even if it's based on real events, a drama still needs a decent structure, story arc etc. The series isn't bad, just not as well written as I'd have expected.
  10. I've been watching it and it's OK, but very slow. Sally Wainwright normally packs a ridiculous amount of plot into her writing. Too much sometimes - the second series of Happy Valley went bananas on the plot-front, to the extent that some of the sub plots got a bit lost. With Gentleman Jack she's gone to the other extreme.
  11. That does ring a bell, not sure if it's true though. I was talking more generally of having your image captured when you're out and about, whether it's cctv or just another member of thepublic taking pictures.
  12. I think this is a good summary. Personally (and I know I"m at odds with the current law), when I go outside, I expect to be seen by other people, with their eyes . Obviously. If I'm walking down the street I expect to be seen by passers by. If I'm in the supermarket I expect to be seen by other people who are in the supermarket. What I don't expect is for images of me to be taken and broadcast who knows where. Digital images don't stay contained on the device they're taken on. You've got no control over where that image ends up, let alone what happens to your recorded data. I know I've no right to stop anyone from taking a picture of me in a public place (not that anyone would want to). But actually, I'd really prefer it if they didn't. I've absolutely nothing to hide, apart from my own privacy. And that's really important to me.
  13. Exactly, and if you're unemployed and have to meet a minimum job search / application quota, then you're going to find it tricky to do that when you're relying on public internet access. Don't kids get their homework set via on line systems these days as well?
  14. It's not the photo itself that's the issue. Like you say, the problem is being photographed, recognised, recorded, timed, tracked, databased.......all without your consent. I recently had to update my GDPR training at work. And thinking about it, I really can't see why image data isn't included, since GDPR says that any information that can be used to identify a person needs to have their active consent. The sole purpose of these facial recognition systems is to identify a person.
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