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Problem with HSBC foreign call centres

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Had the usual problems with Indian call centre after attempting to report an ATM malfunction.


Subsequently received a letter from HSBC regarding the problem I had encountered but unfortunately, and obviously as a result of the language barrier, the letter referred to completely the opposite of what I had tried to communicate.


Consequently had to attend M/hall branch to make a formal report.


Once in the M/hall, branch I was put through to customer complaints to be told that if I paid £12.+ per month one of the benefits would be permanent access to a UK call centre.


As if I'm about to pay approx £140 a year to gain access to a service that should be provided already?


Before someone comes on implying this a race issue - it isn't. What would be the point putting me into an Indian call centre to resolve an Asian person's issue if I couldn't adequately speak their language?

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