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  1. I was a pupil at De La Salle college, which was demolished around 1980, I can't believe I wasn't there cheering the demolition people on If my memory serves me correctly the staff and pupils of De La Salle were transferred down to the newly renamed All Saints in 76. Just for the record some of us don't share your opinions. One of the benefits of this was that All Saints inherited some first class staff and on the whole the pupils education benefited. Ingrained into me via this system was fairness, integrity, respect and belief in a universal inclusion, maybe I was one of the lucky ones.
  2. They land on our road tomorrow, Intake again. We've one road in and out, that's going to be fun!
  3. Tomorrows the big day 11.30 till 4 at Our Lady of Lourdes 30 Springwater Avenue Hackenthorpe Sheffield S12 4HJ Should be a good afternoon. All welcome.
  4. Be lovely to see you again Smithy, sorry for the delay in replying I've been down with a stomach bug recently!
  5. RIP Jo you were a shining example of a conviction politician,wife and mother.
  6. HI All It's the annual summer fayre at Our Lady of Lourdes, Hackenthorpe on the 16th of July and once again were looking to incorporate a small classic or cherished vehicle gathering.......just like last year. It's a very informal event that will usually run between 12-4pm so can make a nice afternoon out when combined with all the stuff that's going on:).
  7. I wouldn't suggest that there's any animosity suggested in your post and you certainly seem to know more about the bible than me but I'm going to have to chip in at this point and ask you to consider the difference between faith and belief. Ghostrider your assuming that all Christians just believe but this is only a part of it. Christianity is based in faith of and in Jesus Christ not simply belief in holy books. The inference that the following silence of those you've criticised proves you right surprises me by the simplicity of the point, and also the convenience it lends to your argument. There's probably a multitude of reasons why they don't leap back into discussion! some of which may be that they have a productive existence away from this forum. So try to understand the FAITH side of it before defaulting down the belief/ holy book route. For what it's worth you can discuss various parts of the bible until your blue in the face and still manage to fall out over it. That's something that's been happening for centuries and in my experience is still going on! And finally " the upper hand" is generally used in the context of a controlling or dominating environment and in all the time I've been on this forum I don't think that allegation is suitable or applicable to Teeny
  8. Well that's a pretty damning endictment, 99.999% chose to forget! Seems a bit harsh on non christians in general. There's also plenty of Christians out there that forget what the Bible includes! In truth most of us occasionally! However please don't think I'm directing this down the hate and ridicule path because I'm certainly not. As a Christian / Catholic I value the importance of the Bible but I believe it's just as important to lead through a life of good work and example. It doesn't matter how much time you spend pouring over words, if your not translating them into deeds you might as well reside in a closed monastery! Furthermore don't get hung up on Atheists, they've been around since Noah was a lad and in reality most of them have never clearly defined there status between agnostic and atheist.
  9. I think you misunderstood the post, the third element as I understand it ( highlighted) referred to your original post (
  10. Bulldog D, That is a very pertinent point. In England we are fed a version of Christianity that often differs dramatically from the other traditionally Christian countries in Europe. It is like we are not meant to think or find anything out for ourselves. Many other countries in Europe have a simpler outlook to Christianity than we British. For instance the Church and state are clearly defined and enjoy a healthy separation in most European countries be they Catholic or Protestant in basis. In ours, the head of the official Christian Church is also the head of the British state and the Commonwealth. Having pointed that out it's one of the charming wonders of being British:) Ironically the "protestant work ethic" of hardwork and frugality, an essential ingredient in the pursuit of capitalism is now redefining the sabbath!
  11. First of all our country wasn't invaded Second, we had one of the largest navies in the world, an air force and an Army in which we ultimately retaliated with. Thirdly we had the resources of empire!
  12. There's plenty of Christian countries throughout the world that operate 7 days a week. I fail to see how how a six day week defines Christianity in a society. Technically the 7th day rest scenario finds it's origin in the old testament rather than the new testament and it's the new testament that's the focus for Christians. Having said that I like my weekends as much as the next guy:)
  13. I'm not quite sure what you're saying here, that you believe the bible in most cases but just haven't read the part that regulates your diet and fashion? ---------- Post added 31-08-2015 at 16:59 ---------- Sorry you missed it I was having a stab at humour:) No offence pal ---------- Post added 31-08-2015 at 18:07 ---------- How about caves, secret locations, friendly houses and they could all use secret symbols to identify one another..........................nah, it'll never catch on:)
  14. Fair do's! FlamingJ but in all fairness no one individual wrote the bible! It's a collection of books by different authors, approx 40 I think. Due to It's popularity over the centuries there's been hundreds of thousands that have looked to find fault in it. inevitably that continues to this day, and why not! the fact that it's been questioned, examined and argued over and yet still encourages discussion and debate tells me it's impact is still strong on our culture! Personally I believe for the right reasons in the vast majority of cases. In relation to the fabrics and shellfish bit have I missed the part on Diet and fashion.
  15. Thanks for the advice but I'll pass on that one as the authors suggestion that Jesus Christ existed due to the eating of magic mushrooms is a step too far even for me! and I'm quite open minded . I do feel a bit sorry for poor old Ezekiel though, as there he was, doing his best translating visions and then 2700 years later you turn up and accuse the poor old lad of doing drugs! ---------- Post added 31-08-2015 at 15:08 ---------- I'm hoping you'd have evidence to support the conclusion on the ascendency of amoral communities as this is quite a statement and the implications are potentially serious and rather sad.
  16. Obviously I'm not Borderline but I'd point you in the direction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the Geneva Convention, also international Law as a general direction:) hope that helps! If your not sure check them out after all doubt is the origin of wisdom isn't it!
  17. Indeed the poppy and it's cultivation is recorded in Sumerian text some 6000 years ago but there's no inference that Ezekiel was on hallucinogens at the time so let's cut the lad some slack!
  18. It's pretty far out when read in a modern day context but is estimated to have occurred about 600BC. Considering this has come down through the last 2600 ish years it's a pretty impressive description of Ezekiels vision of divine glory in it's own right. It never ceases to amaze me how this stuff lasts through centuries and survives war, famines, diseases and whatever else life throws around. I believe some scholars look upon this as the first vision that pre-told the coming of the messiah...............not that I'd know as I'm no expert!
  19. Gentlemen, Thank you again Biggsy, glad you liked the results of the chef de Hamburger i'll pass on the compliments. thanks for the car compliments especially the BMW one I'll frame that! Smithy, you had an impact, one young lad made me aware this morning that he had encouraged his father to take him to the classic car show that you and I spoke about yesterday. This will be the first time he's been to one and the first time for his dad too! Amazing what effect these bits of bent and engineered metal have on folk ain't it .
  20. Wow .. so there we have it Sheffield's most exclusive Classic car show:cool: finished for another year! A limited numbers event that amazed and delighted! Our Lady of Lourdes and Hackenthorpes version of Salon prive:) Smithy your participation was massively appreciated. As one of the girls pointed out the look on one young lads face as you arrived was priceless! and I'm sure they've acquired memories today that will stay with them for a long time into the future. Keep in touch mate and thanks once again
  21. Fantastic stuff guys see you tomorrow, you're so welcome! I'm in charge of the Pimm's and Lemonade stand (next to the BBQ) as well...............................oh dear:) cucumber and mint anyone? Obviously I'm not partaking due to driving:( ---------- Post added 10-07-2015 at 23:47 ---------- But seriously, if we only get two or three classics we'll be as grateful as if a hundred turned up, thanks to all who took the time to read this post and keep safe out there. After all you might not be blessed with a dual line braking system, ABS or Airbags..............but who cares, as long as the quarter lights open to demist, the window winder works and the door doesn't open as you go around corners it's all fine ;-)
  22. Our Lady of Lourdes 30 Springwater Avenue Hackenthorpe Sheffield S12 4HJ Definitely still want classic cars smithy, It's an afternoon event so 12.30 onwards and you'll be away for 16.30. Not to sure what your after in the way of security but it should be relatively tame. As for needing things I would advise that they'll be various refreshment options around that will be modestly priced, and as a participant they'll no doubt be a cup of tea going and perhaps a cake if we talk nicely to the Cake team!! ---------- Post added 10-07-2015 at 16:02 ---------- Kwakker your old Rover V8 will be welcome. Bear in mind this isn't one of those events targetting the concourse Aston Martin set................We welcome everyone:) However if anyones got the concourse Aston Martin you can come too!
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