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  1. Does anybody know of anywhere in sheff plz?
  2. Yep I agree its not all its cracked up to be!
  3. Surely Barry White has to be on the playlist aswell? also Je Taime by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.
  4. Just ask the Priest/ Vicar at the church you normally attend
  5. Tonys is absolutely vile now!!! it ued to be good years ago but the last time i went in instead of doing saveloys they had battered hotdog sausages which resulted in the fat making everything taste like hotdogs, that to mean means the place has no standards. The best chipshop by a country mile is Shaws in Killamarsh it is outstanding http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/campaigns/family-chippy-shaw-batters-opposition-1-6565895
  6. ---------- Post added 19-01-2015 at 22:27 ---------- [/color] I'm sure if someone would have asked, and if they was working at the time, the flood lights would of been turned on!! So youre telling me if you have a football event on and there are loads of kids there you wouldnt think to turn them on of your own accord? rather than leave them all to go outside in the dark to play on the football pitches? or is the truth that they never work anyway?
  7. Is this the one with floodlit football pitches with lights that they dont even turn on when they have football events there? im sure i went to a race night not long back when you didnt bother to turn them on for the kids!!
  8. Dont buy those crap lonsdale play ones in sports direct etc, can highly recommend blitz leather gloves http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Blitz-Kids-Black-Leather-Boxing-Gloves-Muay-Thai-MMA-/151449407590?pt=UK_SportingGoods_Boxing_RL&hash=item2343169066 Clinton woods also sells some leather ones at his gym for £20
  9. I happened to be over in Chesterfield the other day when my son injured his wrist, we went to the hospital there that sees both adults and children and everything about it was far superior to the ones in sheffield, we were seen x-rayed and seen again within 20 minutes. It was modern, bright and the staff were top class, in my opinion its worth the extra 10 minutes to travel there!!!
  10. Just hero worship and swoon over him = a convicted rapist #DoubleStandards Doesnt he support your lot at s6 anyway?
  11. Is this the same Johnny Nelson who worships mike Tyson and on an interview he did for sky warmly shakes Tysons hand and thanks him for saving his life? The same Mike Tyson who is convicted of raping a sober 18 year old? But at least we have all heard of the nutrition company now where as we hadn't before!!
  12. Indeed you are correct, they have a page on facebook with pictures of the refurb https://www.facebook.com/GleadlessPunchbowl?ref=ts&fref=ts
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