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  1. Would you feel as comfortable handing it over to someone you've accused of a crime? That's what has happened before with an over-worked police force when disclosing documents to the defence team they have inadvertently included material of a personal/financial nature which wasn't pertinent to the case.
  2. Oh dear, see the post above yours for a better explanation.
  3. I'm sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear enough but I was referring to the sport of fencing (swords, masks, etc.) but you seem to think I meant erecting fences. It's an easy mistake to make as, although fencing is one of the earliest Olympic sports, not many people have encountered it. In future, for your sake and others who might be similarly confused, I will always use reference to sword play when referring to fencing (with swords).
  4. You do know that this was a Tory seat for many years, then Lib Dem and finally Labour for the first time in its history as a constituency, don't you? Hardly an example of people voting by party allegiance.
  5. I'm a handful of years away from 70 and still fencing competitively; I drove to France earlier this year for a European Vets Comp. I'll be moving up an age bracket when I hit 70 and intend to carry on fencing until it's no longer viable. I also need to drive to be able to carry the amount of kit required for my sport and will probably either look for something a little less sporty than my Mini Coupe, which is what I use for fencing related trips, or switch to relying on my Jeep which is probably safer. If my reactions deteriorate at fencing, I can still beat people many, many years younger, my driving reactions will probably go at the same time which is when I'll look to public transport. Having said that, I'm hoping by the time that that comes around autonomous vehicles will be available.
  6. People like financiers and developers you mean?
  7. Why does the thread title include Parkway as the majority of the NSL is on the Rotherham Gateway?
  8. I see far more cars being driven at night with no lights than I do cyclists with no lights and dark clothing. Perhaps if the law was applied to the greater number of dumb drivers first then the problem of the tiny number of dumb cyclists might be addressed.
  9. In the past, one of the arguments against this is that it would unfairly affect people who live in rural areas. Just getting to and from a petrol station can be a lengthy journey and any extra tax on fuel would further impoverish the rural poor.
  10. I took my Peugeot 5008 to France several times and one occasion I received the "Engine fault, stop etc." warning. I limped back to our accommodation and called breakdown and was put through to the AA, it transpires they have several vehicles and operators based in France for the summer. He told me it might be caused by the change in diesel as engines are set differently dependant on country due to the difference in fuel additives. He reset the warnings and it didn't re-occur.
  11. You may not read fiction but you certainly write it. 2 people agreeing with you is not "lots of people" plus, as has been said, that "silly drama" is based on the diaries of Ann Lister, which lay hidden for many years.
  12. Well done you for highlighting Diane Abbott's achievements, not many people would acknowledge these and rely on the press for their perception of her. As to your question, we live in age of soundbites and when given and taken out of context I think anyone for whom the knives were out would not look their best.
  13. Almost half as much again according to this website: Glassdoor
  14. How many times have you reported it?
  15. So in effect, what you're saying is that people who are sensitive to others are morally superior. I'll take that as a compliment.
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