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  1. I don't understand the reasoning here. It could be argued that people are far more road aware having learnt in an automatic due to not having to have part of their brain engaged with gear changing. I passed my UK driving test with the Post Office and the colleague I shared the instruction with ( 2 x 43 hour weeks, one car, one instructor, two learners) would look down at the gear lever whenever he changed gear. He got into this habit and even a year after passing was still doing it. I've been driving an automatic and a manual for several years now and don't have a favourite but find that turning out of, and accelerating away from, junctions is a lot easier in the auto.
  2. Another important aspect which is often overlooked is leaving all the addressing information in the body of a reply. Plus, unless strictly necessary, I generally delete the content of the original email. A simple, unburdened email will get your message across in a far more readable form. Don't start me on people who send emails to a long list of recipients without using BCC. If I wanted all those people to know my contact details I would let them know. /rant
  3. Can you lift the lid off the cistern? If so, it may simply be a matter of a jammed ball **** which can be easily released.
  4. I've recently discovered Marmite Peanut Butter, the crunchy one.
  5. They've not been shut at all so I wonder what you mean by "yet".
  6. Does the scanner work when used directly from the copier rather than via the computer? Have you tried using an alternative device such as a smartphone or tablet for scanning?
  7. Unfortunately, the tickets were for internal flights in the USA plus I have type 2 diabetes so cupcakes aren't my thing. Chiz chiz.
  8. I've had my gmail address since 2004 too. I don't have much problem with spam and what I do get generally gets sent to the spam folder. As I was an early adopter I don't have any numbers after my name and get one or two emails a month meant for other people where the number has been missed off. The most I have received have been for a book publisher who had misprinted her email address on her business card. I now have 16 early drafts of first novels which may be worth something should the authors become famous. Not to mention the "this is the only notification you will receive" of several airline tickets in the USA, updates on Norwegian scout camps and myriad invitations to cupcake parties in Colorado.
  9. That, plus we are responsible for supplying the weapons which are used by the oppressive regimes. If there were a moratorium on sales of weaponry by all nations then the refugee "crises" would end. It won't happen though because so many First World nations rely on taxes on the income from these sales to keep other taxes low.
  10. I too have a box full of these and there's constant pressure to throw away that 'box of useless stuff'. But the joy of finding one that is suitable for a current (pun intended) task which would otherwise have been thrown away many years earlier is priceless.
  11. Same reason they can't get their heads around the fact that not all disabilities are visible and rant against people having blue badges that don't look as if they deserve them.
  12. The only ice cream manufacturer mentioned in the bible. Walls of Jericho
  13. To what use do the neighbours and loads of other people envisage it being put? Has anyone put forward a business plan to ensure its sustainability?
  14. Alternatively, go on a driving refresher course where the skills required to navigate city centres can be taught.
  15. If parking is a factor then it must be lack of spaces that is the issue as most spaces are full most of the time. Perhaps you think more buildings should be pulled down to allow more parking spaces, which retail spaces do you think should be sacrificed?
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