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  1. No, but when I see a message like this: it tends to make me a bit wary. I think I'll go the powered hub route. Thanks.
  2. Hi & thanks for contributing. There is no power saving option for the individual ports only the controller which isn't set. Power saving is off in the power profile. There is a controller in Device Manager with the following detail: Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) Device Type: USB Controllers Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) A request for the USB device descriptor failed. I disable this then enabled, then uninstalled and scanned for new hardware and it returned but with same message. I'm not confident playing with the BIOS but a USB hub is certainly an option. The problem seems to be not enough power going to the 2 USB ports on the back.
  3. Is there a way to solve this or is it a case of taking it in for repair? Who would you recommend?
  4. Windows 10. It went between typing one thing and then going back to Google so yes, it probably is hardware related. I've done the usual things in device manager but don't want to uninstall either of the controllers as it may be the wrong one and cause the keyboard/mouse to not work. I've looked for more up to date drivers but there are none.
  5. I wonder if anyone can help with this. I have an Acer All in One with 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 on the side and 2 on the back. My keyboard, which was plugged into one of the two on the back stopped working but when I moved it to one of the side ports it was fine. Similarly, the mouse works on the side ports but not the back ones. However, I plugged my 'phone into both the back ports and it charged but didn't show up on File Explorer as it normally does. I've done the following: checked for drivers scanned for new hardware restarted all to no avail. Anyone with any ideas?
  6. max

    Local election turnout

    I think you should look into what happened to Stocksbridge councillors, both Town and City, during the debates over the closure of the swimming baths. Death threats and the liberal use of dog excrement were two of the protesters' weapons.
  7. Irrespective of the causes of accidents this BBC article from 2017 states that speed is the third most common causes of fatalities and accounts for a quarter of all deaths. Given that there were nearly 1,800 deaths last year anything which saves the lives of anybody must be worth considering. The report also concludes that speed cameras have contributed to the continuing decline in road traffic fatalities. 10 charts that tell the story of Britain's roads.
  8. max

    Local election turnout

    Use pictures that include other people. Don't be tempted to use turgid prose. Don't mix fonts and text colours. Make sure you include an imprint for legal reasons. Ensure that you have sufficient white space.
  9. max

    Electoral reform

    I anticipate that with all the money they are raising they will be running polls to determine the most likely winnable seats. I doubt if many of them will stand in their existing constituencies.
  10. max

    Charting with excel

    Try creating a new sheet which replicates the data but uses the TODAY function to limit it's size. From there it will be easier to create a chart.
  11. Is this council or Amey you're talking about?
  12. Surely we cannot consider austerity to be over until such time as services are returned to the level they were at before 2010? By services I include all those public sector jobs which have been decimated. Those such as fire, police, librarians, nurses, etc., etc. Plus, the return of the billions of pounds which have been denied the tax payers by the incremental reduction of central government money to local authorities. For those affected by the massive cuts to funding and jobs austerity will never end.
  13. When people blame "the council" for this error do they mean: a) the elected councillors b) the remaining council staff c) the outsourced staff who are no longer employed by the council? Alternatively, do they mean the individual who traipsed down to wherever the flags are stored, retrieved a bag containing a flag and then hauled themselves to the top of The Town Hall, took the flag out of the bag, discovered it was the wrong one and thought, bugger it, who cares?
  14. Labour press release November 2018. I'm not aware of this policy having been changed in the last few months.
  15. I'd be interested to see where that was documented other than in the MSM inferring it from what was actually said.

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