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  1. With another £13 million being cut from SCC's government funding I'd be interested to know which services the OP would like to see reduced in order to re-fund libraries.
  2. It's never been easier for rubbish to disposed of properly. As Bargepole says, if it's domestic waste and you can get to a recycling centre it's free. If you haven't transport or it's business waste then pay a duly accredited contractor to dispose of it. Where's the difficulty?
  3. Perhaps to counteract this right leaning newspaper:
  4. With your expertise and experience of Traffic Regulation Orders I'm surprised you don't work for a regulatory body. Or do you?
  5. I'd suggest Killis on West Street. I've had a couple of repairs done by them.
  6. Thank you for your feedback and I think those are very important points. Perhaps you could communicate them to your local councillors or to the department which is conducting the consultations.
  7. Can Britain survive outside of one of the biggest trading blocs in the world? Undoubtedly, yes. But can it thrive?
  8. I can understand why the ability to help in changing tyres has been removed. Having had a blowout on the M25 I spent a very chilling 30 minutes changing my tyre. I had my OH on debris watch and on at least 3 occasions was told to duck as yet another chunk of debris was hoisted in the air towards me by passing vehicles. Not a pleasant experience and I'm sure the unions worked hard to avoid their members being exposed to similar danger.
  9. There has been a consultation on what people would prefer to see in place of the current system. Details can be found here: Call for evidence Unfortunately, this has now closed with, as I understand it, fewer that 1% of Sheffield's citizens having responded. You can still have your say in The Big Conversation
  10. A waste of time maybe but certainly a great help in avoiding injury or death. The HA vehicles are generally more visible than most vehicles and, if it can help other motorists see an incident, it's a waste of time most of us would accept.
  11. It might be interesting to take it along to a repair workshop: Repair Cafes Sheffield Or here: Repair Cafe
  12. These plus Stannington which has part of the Peak District within its boundary. I'd certainly not recommend Ecclesall, Bents Green, Fulwood, Whirlow, Beauchief, Millhouses, Totley or Dore if you're commuting to Leeds as it will take 30 minutes to get to the motorway.
  13. All you ever wanted to know about speeding: Speeding penalties - government site
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