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  1. Definitely aristocracy, son of the Lord Randolph Churchill and grandson of the 7th Duke of Marlborough. I would have thought anyone who upholds the right of free speech would defend McDonnell.
  2. Tony's a good bloke but you're right, his appearance will probably satisfy the less forgiving on here who will probably retreat back into the woodwork following their brief flurry of interest in 'politics'.
  3. max

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    For a man, the date you get your bus pass is the same date when a woman of your age will receive her state pension. For a woman it's the same date you receive your state pension. Use the calculator link above.
  4. max

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    I see, I saw reference to reivers (lower case r) and thought you meant those from either the Scottish Borders or Firefly .
  5. max

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    If he was picking up reivers from the red light area I'd like to know as I come from a family of reivers and I know of only two or three others in Sheffield; none of them in the red light area.
  6. max

    Winter proofing your car?

    45 years plus and it hasn't happened yet.
  7. max

    Winter proofing your car?

    Tip: If you need to scrape your windscreen don't forget to get the scraper between the wipers and the windscreen to ensure they aren't stuck together. Nothing worse than hearing the wiper motor grinding away not being able to detach the wipers from the windscreen.
  8. max

    Parking meters being removed?

    Or, in Sheffield Forum parlance, the end of the world as we know it.
  9. max

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    I was there on the morning he was caught, or rather there twice bracketing the time he was caught. I was delivering mail to the offices along there and we used to drop the mail off first thing and then return later to deliver the items which needed signing for. Between the first and second visit must have been when the police arrested him as on the second visit there was police tape around the drive of one of the offices and I was not allowed access.
  10. The one thing that reassures me is that all those people who voted Leave were well aware of the issues that have since come to light. All the promises that were made by those pushing for a Leave vote were just so much distraction to hide all the really positive things which were to be revealed only after we left the EU. I'm looking forward to wiping the egg off my face when it transpires that the Leave voters were right that all will be unicorns and rainbows.
  11. At the risk of repeating myself, if free parking, as opposed to a few pounds, is what it would take to encourage you to have a night out or do your shopping then your budget must be really tight.
  12. Marco Polo, he allegedly needed an entourage which included over a hundred translators as he travelled from one province to another.
  13. So nothing to do with a so called Health & Safety culture at all.
  14. A bit of a contradiction there. Was it the Health & Safety culture, whatever that is, or your employers unwilling to pay higher insurance cover?
  15. max

    Rave 5 August 2018?

    It was on Storrs Bridge Lane near Loxley Fisheries. I've just been down and they're still packing up. I went to check on the litter situation just in case Action for Stannington needed to leap into action but they'd left it in an OK state.

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