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  1. He was reported as having had Type 2 Diabetes 10 years ago so it's an evens bet, I'd say.
  2. Not frustrated at all, I should imagine: Super-rich jet off to disaster bunkers amid coronavirus outbreak
  3. You could have signed that off "Alpaca my coat".
  4. Just coming to the end of Ian Rankin's "In a house of lies". I don't want to finish it as it's one of his better ones, in my opinion, but I'm desperate to get to the denouement. Should I read the end after a bottle of wine so I'll forget and be able to read it again?
  5. 20 years of therapy and now it's OK to wash my hands every 20 minutes.
  6. Or you could be proactive: Sheffield bin collection days
  7. From all the social media and forums around has anybody read anything from anyone who has bulk bought toilet rolls? If so, what reasons have they given?
  8. Well, that's likely to be long after the majority of us have shuffled off this mortal coil.
  9. The 4th one down is Wisewood Cemetary.
  10. They're still open as at 10.36 this morning:
  11. Absolutely and, for the hard of Googling, here's the opening times: Household recycling centre opening times.
  12. There's an old thread on here from 2008: Port Mahon thread
  13. The Financial Times, for one, believe that it was good management of Britain's gold reserves: Britain was right to sell off its pile of gold
  14. Wrong. The only people responsible for fly tipping are the selfish people who fly tip. If the recycling centres were to be open more often and not charge businesses, the extra costs would fall on to the council tax payers. Are you willing to pay extra in council tax?
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