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  1. Do you get the impression he was wearing it incorrectly?
  2. The two things which would encourage me to start going to pubs again are: The ban on loud music, as you get older your hearing does too and having a conversation over a background of loud music is difficult. The rule which one of our local pubs has stated is that children under a certain age should remain seated and it will be the responsibility of the adults to ensure they do. That, plus the children should vacate by 9.30 pm. Any infringement will mean the whole group will be told to leave. No more treating a pub as a playground, we hope. However, until things have settled down and people have accepted the "new normal" I think I'll give pubs a miss.
  3. I now ask to be put through to their supervisor. When they ask why, I explain that they have called an unlisted MOD number and that using it is constitutes a breach of national security. Strangely, I never get put through and the call ends swiftly.
  4. Use the planning portal to search for it. Sheffield Planning Portal.
  5. What Pattricia says. I have osteoarthritis and my GP referred me to a physiotherapist at Concord Sports Centre. It hasn't gone away but they gave me some exercises which go some way to alleviate the pain.
  6. Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Ward has a boundary with the Park so it's more than likely that concerned residents contacted their local councillor who would be expected to at least take up the issue. Plus, I don't see mention in the article of the Councillor not doing anything about it.
  7. There's a Twitter feed from Veolia which gives waiting times for each centre. I went to one on Tuesday and drove straight in despite the feed showing a 20 minute wait.
  8. He also missed out that the attacker has been reported as being a Christian. But hey ho that would destroy the narrative.
  9. Hardly a sorry story when the planning application has been refused. There is an appeal pending but by the looks of it there has been no substantive change so is unlikely to succeed. Have a look at the letter accompanying the appeal: Letter Yet again a Sheffield Forum member is lambasting the council without knowing the facts.
  10. Record Collector at Broomhill will take any they think saleable and it's up to you to donate any money received. I think one of the charity shops round the corner at the bottom of Crookes Road took the rest of ours or it could have been Oxfam further up Fulwood Road. Worth ringing them for clarity.
  11. Reminds me of when I was knocked off my pushbike on the way to the sorting office. Fellow PO driver stopped his van, not to ask if I was OK but to see if I was well enough to do my overtime!
  12. Only if there's money in it for the private companies who run our services.
  13. If it's still under guarantee then I'd suggest contacting the company from where you bought it. They should be able to give you detailed instructions or, preferably, arrange for an engineer to fix it.
  14. Asking for advice on computers and tech things is one thing but where money is concerned it's a different kettle of fish.
  15. The first thing you should do is refrain from asking random strangers how to avoid being scammed. People like me, for instance. There are myriad websites out there offering professional advice on how to avoid being scammed. Try this one to start, other sites are available. A beginner's guide to scams.
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