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  1. That's useful, you're posting that information on a forum in the hopes that somebody from the council will see it.
  2. I'm sure the Council would be pleased to hear your advice on how they could prevent the demolition without incurring expensive legal costs when they are challenged.
  3. If they're anything like the developments around Stannington you'll find that the developers include an amount of affordable housing in their initial planning applications. Subsequently, they reduce the number claiming that their profit margin is affected by changing market costs. In some instances, they claim that the site is unsuitable for affordable housing as there will be no amenities within walking distance and that public transport is such that new residents will need their own transport. Given that there is a high proportion of households in Sheffield with no access to private transport, somewhere in the region of 20% if I recall, then in rural areas this is a reasonable assumption. However, there is a thing called a Community Infrastructure Levy which can be imposed which goes some way to address the issue but even this some developers manage to weasel out of. In some areas this CIL money can be used, by local authorities, to purchase existing properties to be used for social housing. You ask why this is allowed. Under the coalition, planning law was changed giving more power to developers and land bankers and less to local authorities and local communities. That, coupled with austerity cutbacks meaning smaller planning departments has led to the current situation.
  4. I've checked my ariel connections and it transpires my uncle used to work for Proctor & Gamble.
  5. I'm led to believe that it could be caused by one of the metal trays touching the inner door. I'm pretty sure that that didn't happen in my case as I've seen someone smash a door by leaving the tray sticking out and slamming the door shut so am very careful.
  6. I took is so yes, it's real. Most oven doors have two panes of glass, the inner one exploded leaving the outer intact. Here's another one that happened to a friend of mine, as you can see the outer glass is still intact:
  7. This must the exception that proves the rule: one exploding oven door glass.
  8. Are you saying that our erudite forum member SJCrothers is the same Crothers mentioned in this quote?
  9. Sorry, I thought as this thread is about parking on pavements we might avoid the normal cycle bashing. Obviously not.
  10. I didn't think parking a bicycle on the pavement was such a big issue. Perhaps if you contact your MP they could see about getting a change in the law to prohibit this anti-social behaviour.
  11. I had a summer job in NZ which involved keeping the beaches and public facilities cleared and cleaned. I could get away with a mop and bucket in the gents' toilet but with the women's I had to use a high pressure hose to clean out all the used sanitary towels and screwed up toilet paper which was left all over the floor.
  12. I read a report recently about public toilet waiting times; the average for women is around 6 minutes and men 11 seconds. The study looked at different non-gender specific configurations and found that it's possible to bring the average waiting time down to just over a minute for both sexes, which is a retrograde step for men admittedly. Do you think that there might be pressure from women to adopt more of these types of public toilets and accept the minimal risk?
  13. This is far more likely an instance of Chinese whispers, your niece told your bro who told you. It is probably the case, as someone else has suggested, that a full risk assessment needs to have taken place before the child is admitted back to school. I'd leave it a few days and let your brother sort it out.
  14. Your family already has the right to express their desire to over-rule your wishes and most medical professions will accept this.
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