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  1. We've had 3 quotes from 3 different agencies and they vary from 0.6% to 1.5% of the selling price. Haybrooks being the highest. @sedith not really sure what you mean by calling sole agency selling illegal. Which law is being contravened?
  2. I assume you are wrong as sedith has been a member of SF for 12 years and has over 3,400 posts. But then we know what they say about assume.
  3. Thanks Ghozer. Once I was in the US a/c I was able to message the help desk. After a few messages I received an email telling me that a new email address had been added, it was a series of random numbers and letters. So I logged into Michael's a/c with my email address and there was this odd email address, then I tried to delete my gmail address from the a/c but it wouldn't let me. I went back to the profile and it had disappeared so I assume PP removed it whilst I was logged in. I've now successfully added my gmail a/c to my PP a/c and also reset my password, in case anyone was worried. Bring on the next battle with techno bureaucracy.
  4. I appreciate you taking the time to put these points, I'll try and answer some of them. No, I didn't confirm it and it's not active - confirmed by PP. They cannot drop it as PP UK and PP USA are two different entities and they don't, it appears, talk to each other and the number they gave me to ring is not toll free in this country. I tried the forget password stuff before and kept being told that a verification code would be sent to my 'phone but I didn't recognise the number they gave. Having said that, I've just tried again and an option has been added which sent an email with a code number. So, I'm now in Michael's PayPal which has been limited due to my query so is asking for me to verify my email, bank details and 'phone number which, obviously, I can't supply. Michael lives in New York. Back to customer service.
  5. I have been using my Gmail a/c since I got it in 2004 so that's the 'easily' bit put to bed. a) No, see above. b) This, but PP have never deactivated it. c) It's possible I may have received a notification in the near 2 decades I've had the Gmail a/c but I would have treated it as spam and reported it to PP as I set my PP a/c up with another email address.
  6. There is no chance that the email address existed before I had it, how would that work anyway? I was an early adopter of Gmail and have no numbers in my name, e.g. jsmith@gmail.com. I am constantly getting emails for other people where the organisation or user has input the wrong email address simply by missing out the number, e.g. jsmith123@gmail.com. In fact, there is a children's book agent in USA who had her business cards printed with my email address and I now have 14 children's books which authors have sent me after a book fair where this woman handed out her cards. I don't need to have a new PayPal account, I was merely trying to link the Gmail a/c to my existing PP a/c. I received a 'phone call from PayPal customer services in which the charming person promised me that she would hunt down the other person via their legitimate PP a/c and ask them to relinquish the one with my Gmail a/c.
  7. You can bring in as many rules and regulations as you want but until you have a system of constant surveillance with monitored CCTV there really would be no way of enforcing them. Motorists are currently bound by many rules and regulations but the breaking of them is a regular occurrence by most drivers with little or no chance of being caught. Perhaps we should concentrate on enforcing the current rules before we start creating more which are just as likely to be ignored.
  8. The question was: Is the H1 still picking up non NHS passengers ? My response: Not according to this page: Travelsouthyorkshire So, according to the link I supplied, the H1 is not picking up non NHS passengers. i.e. only picking up NHS staff. How is that wrong?
  9. Not according to this page: Travelsouthyorkshire
  10. Probably because cheques are being phased out and they want to get ahead of the game.
  11. The inability of people to understand that road tax doesn't exist isn't helped by the gov.uk site is accessed by links to "Tax your vehicle", "Check if your vehicle is taxed", etc. Nor that your V11 is titled "Vehicle tax reminder letter".
  12. What I wouldn't buy: a bride Why: I'm married
  13. I've asked them to sort it out with either IT or Legal but now they've come back and told me that I should log in with my US a/c and ask them to sort it. They seem to be struggling with the idea that someone has used the wrong email address then abandoned their new PayPal a/c as the other user would have had no response to their real email. Complaint now being submitted.
  14. Not really, see the bit about the Gmail/PayPal a/c being associated with an unknown 'phone number. Thanks for that. Using a different Gmail a/c would be giving in, in my opinion.
  15. I set up PayPal with a Yahoo mail account many years ago. I have decided to change this to use my Gmail account which I have also had for many years. However, PayPal inform me that this email address is already linked to a PayPal address so I tried logging on and used the "Forgotten password" option. This showed me the last 4 digits of a 'phone number which I have never had. I got back to PayPal and they say there's nothing they can do until the other person has relinquished their a/c. I've suggested PayPal use the contact 'phone number to discuss this with the other party but other than that I am at a loss how to retrieve my own email a/c. Any suggestions?
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