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  1. I'm sorry you feel that way but how would we pay to have the information printed and distributed given that we have to raise our own funds?
  2. Here in Stannington we have included a small amount of space dedicated to the PCC on our latest leaflet. We will be receiving a proportion of the costs of this leaflet from our candidate but he doesn't have a big budget so is going to be limited as to what he can produce. Despite people's perceptions local parties don't get any money from the central Labour Party and everything we spend has to be raised by local members.
  3. Not always strictly true. We use personally addressed, targeted mail to people who have expressed a preference for a particular party who will be voting for the first time, for instance.
  4. max

    Any Questions

    First hit on Google is Illinois Department of Employment Security so it must be that.
  5. When you say "we", do you mean all those people that don't take mental health seriously?
  6. There's also the plot which involves multiple deaths and multiple killers doing each other's murder. It is so frustrating, almost as if the author wrote themselves into a blind ally with no way out.
  7. I think we're talking at cross purposes. I've moved all the files from my PC to the Cloud and will be merging files from the lap top with these so that the Cloud is the main source of my files. Once that's done I would like to use the hard drive on my new PC to backup the Cloud files. We'll leave the NAS out of the equation for now as I want a simple solution.
  8. I wanted to backup the data on the Cloud rather than vice versa. Am I approaching this from the wrong direction? Should I be storing everything on my PC and backing up to the cloud?
  9. I used to do the mail collections from there in the 70s/80s and each Friday there would be a tray of mixed variety pots, 12 I think, on the top of the mail bag.
  10. Exactly the reason why I didn't say which model, the howls of derision which would follow would probably deter me from ever posting on here again. Perhaps when I come to replace it I will reveal its identity and ask for recommendations for a suitable replacement.
  11. Having forked out for a new computer and 1Tb of Cloud space I'm looking for backup solutions. I currently have files in a laptop and a PC which I'm in the process of combining as I've been lazy over the years and created folders with the same name on each machine. I also have a NAS which I use for regular backup. I now want a solution using the 1Tb of Cloud space, the 1Tb of disc space on a new machine or the NAS. I've already moved everything off the laptop to the Cloud but before I complete the housekeeping of the data I would like to ensure that the Cloud isn't the only place holding the files. Is it possible to do a regular backup of the Cloud data to either my PC or NAS? If so, how can I do it with the resources I've got without buying any extra software? All help gratefully received.
  12. Thanks for everyone's help and advice. I've taken on board what everyone has offered and somehow ended up with a Lenovo 23.8" AIO. I measured the physical dimensions of a 27" and, given my desk space, realised it would be too large. Thanks again.
  13. I used to go dancing at The City Hall too and I once noticed this young woman who I knew was a student nurse and never seemed to have anyone to dance with. One day I went up to her and lied and told her that I would like to dance with her. In the middle of the dance floor she told me she was a police woman even though I knew she wasn't. That was the last lie I ever told.
  14. With the world's population growing at 200,000 per day it's unlikely that more than a hand full of people will be able to emigrate to Mars. The logistics of building enough transportation for even a fraction of the population will probably take most of the resources of our "new" planet.
  15. Contact the people who have put together the Covid-19 regulations.
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