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  1. I've dipped into this to watch Why didn't they ask Evans and also The Magpie Murders. I'll cancel after I've watched them and maybe re-subscribe if there's anything else catches my eye. But just those two are worth the one month's subscription they cost me.
  2. I remember that and I also remember getting a ticket on Crookesmoor Road for not knowing that it was an offence. As to the traffic light sequence, after being a PO driver for 8 years I did an IT degree and one of the lecturers constantly made reference to the fact. We were writing some machine code to mimic the sequence of traffic lights and I was asked as an "expert" what the sequence was. My answer was red or not red, anything else being irrelevant.
  3. I'm not as prolific now and many of those 11,000 posts were from my time as a moderator. I think it's true to say that I was the first, last and only moderator to win the moderator of the month award.
  4. I'm struggling to understand your method of debate, it just seems to be one snide comment after another.
  5. Try as I might I cannot see the point of this inane question. I was simply pointing out that all the dangerous activities people are so ardently advocating would have been frowned upon by our parents' generation too. There was nothing harder about the way we were brought up, what we did was just as unconscionable then as it is now.
  6. Reading through a selection of these major crimes I'm pretty sure they were frowned upon back in the day as well.
  7. I remember seeing her in Nell Dunn's Steaming at The Crucible in the 1980s. She'll be sadly missed.
  8. In this "world of your own" what is preventing people from driving to and parking in town?
  9. Try Doors & Floors Galore, 375 - 383 Attercliffe Road, take your door's measurements and they'll help you identify a suitable door and recommend a fitter for you.
  10. Apart from Lewis Chinchen, Councillor for Stocksbridge and Upper Don.
  11. I think the most misleading would have been "French push bottles up German rear" had it been actually printed and not just apocryphal.
  12. Hmmm, Bradley Walsh at 61 is too old but George Clooney at 60 isn't. Methinks you just want to see our George rising from the waves a la Ursula Andress, I mean Daniel Craig.
  13. Surely the poll is wrongly worded, wouldn't it be better to have asked whether the contributors to this forum are left/right, etc.? A forum cannot be biased, only the people.
  14. More than being on the edge, it's the only city in the UK that contains parts of a national park within its boundary. A third of the city is within the Peak District national park.
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