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  1. I used to go dancing at The City Hall too and I once noticed this young woman who I knew was a student nurse and never seemed to have anyone to dance with. One day I went up to her and lied and told her that I would like to dance with her. In the middle of the dance floor she told me she was a police woman even though I knew she wasn't. That was the last lie I ever told.
  2. With the world's population growing at 200,000 per day it's unlikely that more than a hand full of people will be able to emigrate to Mars. The logistics of building enough transportation for even a fraction of the population will probably take most of the resources of our "new" planet.
  3. Contact the people who have put together the Covid-19 regulations.
  4. There is no ban on political leaflets it's just that you should only deliver any type of leaflet if it's your job.
  5. As someone else said, not me, communicating with their constituents is part of a councillor's job. Takeaway leaflets are usually done by paid contractors, nothing to do with one type of leaflet being allowed but not the other.
  6. Many thanks, that's very helpful.
  7. Was anybody talking about councillors delivering leaflets? The whole issue is around non-councillors delivering leaflets during a national lockdown.
  8. You'd like to think so but with over 7,000 leaflets in Stannington the most we can expect our volunteers to do is 2 leaflets a year. We try and get to every household unlike another party who only deliver in the privately owned areas. However, peteh1 referred to the LDs posting their material which is an expensive way of communicating. They used to hand deliver a lot of leaflets but that was when they had an MP footing the bill, not so much now.
  9. I'm looking for help in deciding what to buy, thanks. We have a laptop but I wanted something with a bigger screen, around 24" plus.
  10. Possibly true abut councillors but certainly not for candidates or volunteers. We've been told it's OK if you pay for the delivery of leaflets but not to do them ourselves. I have a couple of friends who have been out with the planning application leaflets but that's on behalf of a pressure group not a political one. I have warned them that they are opening themselves up to fines but they seem willing to take the risk. They did ask if they could double up with party leaflets but I told them that that's a big no. If they are posting them then it's to a small number of voters who have probably indicated that they are LD supporters. A post out to all 7,000+ houses in a ward would be prohibitively expensive for most political parties.
  11. They exist all right, they've been spotted delivering leaflets in Mosborough and Grenoside. Must be essential travel, can't imagine they'd break lock down rules.
  12. I have had an Acer all in one for several years and the USBs don't have power so I've had to add an external USB hub. Now the screen has decided to go on the blink and starts going black from the bottom. I've decided to bite the bullet and buy a new PC so I was looking for recommendations as my head is spinning from visiting sites. I don't do heavy gaming but do host several Zoom meetings with up to 150 people present and I don't want to risk the screen going mid meeting. I've looked at another All in one but the stuff I've read is that if space isn't an issue I'd be better off going for a desktop. Or rather under desk as I have a built in cubby hole for a tower. Budget around £650 Screen size 24" or up SSD Ethernet connection Integrated Microphone, Speakers & Webcam if possible Front mounted USBs preferred Short delivery time is pretty essential
  13. Easier to ask one of your local councillors.
  14. I'm half way through the second series and agree that it deserves better reviews than I've seen. Perhaps it's the mushroom propelled travel that stretches people's credulity.
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