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  1. I think the most misleading would have been "French push bottles up German rear" had it been actually printed and not just apocryphal.
  2. Hmmm, Bradley Walsh at 61 is too old but George Clooney at 60 isn't. Methinks you just want to see our George rising from the waves a la Ursula Andress, I mean Daniel Craig.
  3. Surely the poll is wrongly worded, wouldn't it be better to have asked whether the contributors to this forum are left/right, etc.? A forum cannot be biased, only the people.
  4. More than being on the edge, it's the only city in the UK that contains parts of a national park within its boundary. A third of the city is within the Peak District national park.
  5. Me too. On a Job Creation scheme 45 years ago we planted over 10,000 saplings and laid several hundred yards of fencing over the old landfill site at Warren Vale in Rawmarsh: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Rawmarsh/@53.473152,-1.3373246,501m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x487976af12a38d6d:0x9e13cf114d434cf4!8m2!3d53.4616366!4d-1.3442806
  6. Like the selfish move by the Snowdrop Campaign after Dunblane? The best time to get action on an issue is when it's at the top of people's agenda.
  7. It's too late. It'll be in the red tops soon, some bloke (or she-bloke) says on a forum that his council "employs" a councillor who has been suspended but still receives nearly £1,000 a month in bonuses. After that, it'll be Tax Payers Alliance running YouGov surveys on the lines of "Do you agree ....." And so it goes, such is the "power" of social media to spread disinformation.
  8. Oh, you mean an LGBTQ+ supporting car. Why didn't you say?
  9. max


    It isn't, you just do it.
  10. What is a gay car and what makes it gay?
  11. Sorry, not been back to this as I've now reconnected the ethernet cables; I only moved the machines due to having rooms decorated. I will look at all the solutions proposed and answer any probing questions shortly. Thanks again for all your inputs.
  12. Good questions those, once I have my study back I'll attempt to answer them.
  13. Our two computers normally sit near the router and so are plugged in with ethernet cables. For the last few days I've had to move them downstairs and connect via Wi-Fi, they're still side by side so no real difference in distance, etc. One of them has started to drop the internet with "cannot connect to router" messages. No amount of re-booting or attempts to re-connect solved the problem. I made the other PC into a mobile hot spot and the cranky one connected to that OK. The next day, when it happened again, re-booting the router sorted it but only until the cranky one decided to drop the internet connection again. Once again, making the other PC a mobile hot spot allowed Mr Cranky to re-connect. This is not a big problem as I'll be reconnecting via ethernet shortly but puzzling nevertheless. Any ideas about what might be the cause of this idiosyncratic behaviour?
  14. I'm sorry you feel that way but how would we pay to have the information printed and distributed given that we have to raise our own funds?
  15. Here in Stannington we have included a small amount of space dedicated to the PCC on our latest leaflet. We will be receiving a proportion of the costs of this leaflet from our candidate but he doesn't have a big budget so is going to be limited as to what he can produce. Despite people's perceptions local parties don't get any money from the central Labour Party and everything we spend has to be raised by local members.
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