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  1. Charging £50 for a membership fee is a way of raising much needed revenue. If this fee were to be abolished then all ticket prices would need to increase to make up the shortfall. You should be thanking Sheffield Theatres for finding a way of reducing your ticket prices not castigating them.
  2. I should imagine that a system to means test people would be far more complicated than it sounds. It should be a simple matter for whichever department holds details of people's entitlement to Pensions Credits, name, address and age to produce a file for the BBC system to read showing who is and who isn't on Pension Credit and over 75. However, once you start looking to include information about income levels and how much their houses are worth it becomes a much more complicated IT endeavour. It wouldn't be limited to government departments either, you'd need to garner information from private pension schemes, investment brokers, land registry for valuations, whether or not they have more than one house or lodgers, etc., etc. The list is endless.
  3. I've just written a Notepad file and opened it on Word and all the edit functions are available. Which version of Word are you using, mine is Word 2010.
  4. The ship hasn't sailed, it's been sunk by commercial interests. If the younger generations don't feel it worth fighting for all the benefits that baby boomers have worked for then why try and take them away from those who did fight?
  5. Wouldn't it make more sense for "younger people" to fight for the same benefits that older people enjoy? Rather than have a race to the bottom look at ways to persuade governments and employers to give you cheaper buses fares, cheaper housing, more stable jobs, higher incomes, etc? The problem is not what happened in the past but what the latest generations are allowing commercial interests to do to them. People are constantly blaming the baby boomers for what's happening now but the real culprits are those who sold out workers' rights, that is the generation after the baby boomers. We used to have trades unions helping to protect our rights, ensuring job security and annual cost of living rises to enable us to keep up with inflation. Once people bought into trickle down economics and believed that employers were looking after their workforce that's when control of our futures slipped out of our grasp.
  6. Did you save it as a Word document, eg .doc or .docx, or as a Notepad file, eg .txt?
  7. It might be easier to contact your existing insurer with whom you have the no claims discount and ask them to email you a copy of the certificate.
  8. A greatly reduced turnout and yet Labour managed to increase their majority, strange political world we live in.
  9. To get back to the original question, the Cenotaph is the responsibility of The British Legion and they chose not to put a flag up. They have protocols governing when flags can be raised and anniversaries are not included.
  10. There's nothing new under the sun: What would your dream job be?
  11. It would probably be simpler to go to Stannington Library or Bradfield Parish Council offices and pick up a free pack of maps.
  12. I think you should show where it's been torn to shreds rather than just putting it out there.
  13. Died quietly in his sleep aged 102 (or 103 if I get to live to 102, or 104 if I live to 103, etc., etc.)
  14. Is this possibly ID cards by the back door? The police will be able to spot those without ID simply by watching people squirm when passing fountains as they have no way to pay for a toilet visit.
  15. I'm not sure how they've managed to get hold of a completed ballot paper unless the person who filled it in took a photo' in the polling station booth, which is illegal. Cameras are not allowed at the count and after the ballots have been counted they are bagged up and securely held for a period of time so they can't have been photographed, legally, after the voter had cast their vote.
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