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Problem with HSBC foreign call centres

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i am with HSBC and dont normally have a problem with their understanding but if i ever call the them and get through to an indian or any other foreign call centre that i cant understand or they dont understand me i just ask for their supervisor and its automatically re turned to a uk call centre.

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No it's not. The vast majority of all IT development is now done from India. Sheffield has some of the project management teams and the implementation teams although there are plans in place to move some of this away to other parts of the country (Stirling in Scotland) as well.


I can assure you that it is. I worked there.


A lot of the implementation is done in India and China, but the IT department is in Sheffield.

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Not all of them they aren't. We use a system based and supported in the US and another based and supported from Hong Kong. Tankersley and Bootle tend to run UK based retail bank systems only.


I understood that Bootle was now closed since they opened the new Centre near Wakefield.

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