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  1. Are you calm under pressure, good on the phone, logically-minded and at ease handling numbers? We’re looking for someone to help out at our Stannington office for 2-3 hours most Saturday afternoons from September to April. Would suit either a student (16+) looking for experience or someone older looking for a new skill and extra ££. Reply here and we’ll get back to you.
  2. Proper clever boy eh? Good luck. Classic Sheffield Forum idiot.
  3. Yes indeed, clearly something is amiss. But speculating about the reasons and who's at fault isn't for us to do. Nope, I'm not one of said parties. I don't have any facts beyond what is in the article. That's why I am not speculating about it all. My response was in no way emotional. And it only seems unwarranted to you because I pointed out that comments like yours (and others) was just speculation. Maturity? Oh come on pal, try harder. You were criticising and speculating about the landlord and how 17 people came to be living in a 2-bed house without any evidence whatsoever, and apparently I'm the one lacking in maturity. LOLZ! 🙂
  4. Depressing to read all the 'probably' and 'imagine' posts from people who don't know any of the facts about the landlord or the tenants, but still feel qualified to comment or give an opinion.
  5. Our solar battery can only charge or discharge at 2.99kwh max, so if you've got a few power-hungry appliances running you can't run a house off grid, even if there's enough power in the battery. I realise different batteries may not have that limit, but ours does.
  6. I've just had panels installed, it was a no-brainer for us but I realise each individual household may be different. I've got 6.5kwh of panels, and a 6.5kwh battery. In reality on sunny days the panels can sometimes show up to 7.5-8kwh of generation, and the battery doesn't ever go below 10%, so it can hold about 5.5kwh. It has more than halved our electricity bills, but we've had to adapt our lifestyle so that we do the washing when it's sunny and use the dishwasher during the day. Most of the time when it gets dark the panels have generated average 20kwh a day. We use perhaps 10kwh of that, charge the battery with about 6.5kwh and sell the rest back to the grid.
  7. Out in the sticks where there is no pavement or kerb stones, the road surface is now so high and narrow that you can't get two cars passing without one having to drop off the edge. There have been cases of this resulting in vans tipping over on their sides. Amey should've maintained the width of the road, and taken off enough depth of old surface to keep the levels the same, instead of going for the cheapest option.
  8. Some atheists are certainly less presumptive when it comes to fact/fiction. But there will be some religious people who also try to research things beyond the bible. But are they more likely to delve deeper in search of the answer, rather than accepting what is put before them?
  9. Yeah, I think they've been doing a big review of which postboxes are used the most. There's a couple out near us in S6 that have been blocked up similarly. Inevitable really, when you think how communication has changed over the years from post to email.
  10. The Crown and Glove is roughly 248 metres above sea level. The Old Horns is 263 metres above sea level. Not much in it, and there are higher points away from buildings in both areas. https://www.freemaptools.com/elevation-finder.htm Edit: The wind turbines out on Riggs High Road are 316 metres above sea level, if this is still classed as Stannington. And the highest part of Kirk Edge Road is 348 metres above sea level.
  11. Any update on the Shoulder of Mutton? I've been going in at lunchtimes occasionally, and the new owners have been doing great food and beer. But I understand they're leaving and new people are coming in?
  12. Welcome to Sheffield! It's a great place to live. Just down the road from you is Endcliffe Park, which is great for running, but for 10-15km you may want to head west along the Porter Brook river, there is a good path most of the way. You may like to join a running club so that you can get out with other people who will know lots of different routes. Hallamshire Harriers is a good club, as is Steel City Striders, but there are lots of others. There are lots of great places to eat - far too many to list - it really just depends what you like and what is your budget. Good luck with the move!
  13. Piskeymax, I have heard from two totally unrelated sources, without me prompting, hence why I posted again. Often in my experience the staff are the last ones to know, although I admire your confidence in Sainsburys management to do the right thing. Personally, I love it in there. The produce is a bit more expensive but I think it's worth it to have so much under one roof, a good Home and clothing section too, and a really good café.
  14. I've heard from two different sources that the big Sainsbury's at Wadsley Bridge is closing. Anyone heard anything?
  15. Someone told me that Sainsbury's is closing down soon. Any truth in that? I know it never really seems busy.
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