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City centre parking advice

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Hya just got a job on high street in town I have to be there for 4:45 am one day a week any advice on best and cheapest place to park or if a bus runs that early ? Comming from the darnal area I cud even drive and park up Maybee ? any suggestions much appreciated x

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well i have to be there untill half one not sure if i put the money in at 5 am surley it would charge me from when i put it in?



I'm pretty sure Sheffield Council's machines let you put money in but start charging you from when charging starts. So if you park at 1:30am and pay for 1 hour, it will print a ticket valid until 9:00am.


Staples isn't free - you will get an "invoice" through the post. We have thousands of threads debating whether these invoices are valid or can safely be ignored. However the Staples car park is for Staples shoppers so unless you want a stream of invoices through the post, it would be best to park elsewhere.


Can I make a request? If people want to discuss these "invoices" issued by the likes of Excel Parking, please use one of the many, many threads we have on the subject, and leave this one for people who can suggest somewhere for the OP to park.

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