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City centre parking advice

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is it really thats brill im thick which exactly is that one please do you hapen to know what time it opens from please ? ure a star


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gutted just looked and it doesnt open till 6 am that would have been great unless you or anyone knows if it actualy does open before i have to be there for quart to 5 :(


I park here everyday, it definately doesn't open early enough for you.


If you are working at high street, you could park on one of the side streets around the back of the old west bar police station, its only a few minutes walk back up campo lane and lots of free parking arund there

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Where they flattened the fire station near John Lewis / back of Debenhams is currently £3 for six hours - as its open air its likely to be open (although I dont get about much before 8am)


Amusingly the car park is only visible from one street on google street view, on the other the fire station is still there.

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