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  1. i worked in the supermarket trade for 26 years then i had a total career change and went into home care for the elderly i absolutley adored this job but it was soul destroying the pay and the hours were rubbish but i loved the job so continued then at the begining of last year i found a job as a support worker in a day centre with adults with learning and physical disabilities and i can honstly say i wish i had done it years ago .... having never done care work to what i do now had been a complete change to my life id say go with your gut instinct and give it a try ... but as above person says above the demetia part and disabilities come as part of the job as a carer so its something you would have to try i didnt think i would be able to do it but ... well i did and im glad i did x hope this helps x
  2. no its cus dads really ill and mums not able to cope with dealing with all this at a later time nothing dodgy just needs sorting now while mums still of sound mind thats all x
  3. i was actually cained at school back in the 70s for something ridiculas and cant believe my dad allowed it they had organised a trip to blackpol for a long weekend and came to collect me from school early on the friday i was cained on my hands to be able to leave early ? imagine that theese days also once for running across the grass
  4. i know lol but there may be some resonable prices out there i can live in hope xx
  5. cheeres hun thanks for that also can anyone recomend any cheap soliciters lol xx ill take a look
  6. hya can anyone recomend help please or point me in the right direction basically mum and dad want to sighn there house over to there grandchildren (theres 2 and there sisters) what do we do and how do we go about it iv looked online and its like a mind field my dads trying not to spend £1000s on soliciters ect does anyone know anything about all this or can anyone recomend where to go please x thanks in advance x
  7. i went yesterday its good quite cheap daughter got a burghouse snood for 6 quid really cheap its huge
  8. heard on radio that theres been a smash on prince of whales road near liddle
  9. What about littledale ? Thats a possible suitable spot its been used before for something similar by bbc or itv cant think what the program was called though
  10. I saw this from other side of the parkway looked Quite bad bless em
  11. I used to be a home carer and quite a few i looked after had them They are quite nice for a ready meal and in occasions when they had a diferent choice the ither choice was normaly wasted where they ate and enjoyed the farm foods meal hope this helps xx
  12. asda optitions my dads really bad eyes been going to specsavers for years and thought hed try them they were so helpfull spent time with him not rushing him like specsavers do pointed the best deals out to him and his glasses cost a good 80 quid cheaper for 2 pairs than hes always paid
  13. awww bless her thats my local x good luck in finding somewhere ive a friend who works in a care home im a carer myself ill ask her what hers is like
  14. ive a friend who makes them shes on facebook if you want me to send you the link
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