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  1. hello, if you get desperate i have a spare room he can have. keep me informed xx
  2. Rehome or Sale? Rehome. free to a good home, comes with indoor cage and food. Reason for Rehome / Sale unfortunately i no longer have time for her due to working crazy hour and volunteering, as much as i dont want her to go i know someone would be able to give her a better home, with more attention. Sale Amount Free. Location woodseats- can deliver if local Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? no Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes, she is rather big, and goes back into her cage without having to be picked up. Age & Sex 3 years old, female, she has been neutered. Breed/ Mix lion head Colour/coat type grey/blue. Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Yes slightly timid (like most rabbits) Live in / out in, would be perfectly fine outside, due to her size. Neutered/spayed yes Chipped no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no. Temperament Nice. Vaccinated & Wormed no Any special knowledge needed no General Information you can share she is quit happy on her own, has a real love for cardboard . she is quite big, so she does have free run of our spare room when i am in the house. she may be best suited to a outdoor hutch. she has lived with a rabbit before it passed away, so i am quite confident she would bond. please get in touch if you are interested. as said before she comes with indoor cage and everything you would need. Can deliver the rabbit if local.
  3. hi guys. i am wanting a hairdresser (s8). my roots are desperate to be done for either tomorrow or Friday. please inbox me
  4. Hi Everyone, Just to let you know on Saturday 13th July, a fun day is being held on parson cross park (aka the community gardens). There is a variety of activities happening including..... Bouncy castle, Car boot, burger vans, a raffle. Hallam FM and the Sheffield star will be around on the day. the events start at 10am! A percentage of the money raised will be donated to The teenage cancer trust based at the Weston park hospital in Sheffield. Please pop down and show your support on the day. for updates of the event please like the following Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/parsoncross.allotment
  5. park on Duchesses road or Lenton street, both free and close to staples. Google map it if your unsure where it is.
  6. hello as wrote above my 52 plate clio has started letting water in through the sun roof, above myself and above the passenger in both corners next to the sun visor. anyone have any ideas where i can get this fixed??
  7. Hello, myself and 4 other ladies are holding a networking an motivational evening in march to raise money for The children's hospital charity based in Sheffield, I would be extremely great full if you could donate either a voucher or a prize that could be put into our raffle or auction to help us raise money for this wonderful cause. please pm with any offers, anything will be greatly appreciated big or small Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Jess
  8. its could be the chip inside your key, also sounds daft but try locking and unlocking your doors. also when the battery is going the immobilliser kicks in, so i have been told. have a read on here http://www.howtomendit.com/answers.php?id=64424
  9. please tell me how you came to the conclusion that students are spoilt? let me tell you, im working 3 jobs in my final year of uni and by next April i will be £20,000 in debt to "better" myself, so when i see a foolish comment like this it really gets me angry.
  10. Thank you, but I have already done all of this before I posted the thread. And it doesn't work.
  11. my dell inspiron 1564 keeps turning itself off. its doesnt go through the shut down process it just turns off. any ideas what this could be??. its not even 2 years old and warranty has ran out
  12. hello everyone, just to make you aware that swimathon is back in Sheffield this year. there are a few challenges this year swimathon- 5k 2.5k 5k team challenge or the big splash mile- 64 lengths big splash team mile. please get involved for a good cause by registering at; http://www.swimathon.org/enter_now.php
  13. as the title says is anyone else of vodafone having problems??
  14. pretty sure they are £1.50 and the reusable ones are £5
  15. i have no idea what to do in that situation. i sat and argued with him but he wasnt handing anything over i dint even think to look at the cab number. so thats my own stupid fault. iv told the taxi company already
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