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Ridgeway Arms Mosborough

alan p

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I went for a special birthday meal at the Ridgeway Arms on Saturday 22nd in the evening, what a big disappointment. The food was a disgrace it was cold it looked as though it had been thrown on the plates, meals were missing and my nephew sent his meal back because it was cold and had a long hair in it. I sent my meal back twice and in the end told them to keep it. They had our menu and money around 3weeks prior. I certainly won't be recommending them.

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Phoenix definitely = my parents had their anniversary meal there with family and enjoyed it :)


IMO, the Phoenix isn't quite as good as it once was - going back nearly 20 years, admittedly.


Last two to three times I've been it's been pretty average. Not poor but certainly not brilliant.


It used to have a very good reputation in the early-to-mid nineties and it was worthy of that reputation.

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Seems to be staffed by people who struggle with the English language, painfully slow service, plastic food, having to negotiate gangs of people stood in the entrance smoking etc. When I've been in its always felt run down and scruffy, patio in unswept, just a feeling of somewhere thats uncared for. Admittedly its cheap, but so is a transport cafe. Definitely better places to visit in the immediate vicinity than the Ridgeway. As the OP states the Phoenix, Swan, Bridge Inn, although I wouldn't recommend the British Oak as its on the same stamp as the Ridgeway.

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