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  1. Sorry I should have asked if the latest posts would be back for the Classified section. Alan.
  2. Is the Classifieds being brought back.?
  3. The card would have to be registered to the box.
  4. Hello RiffRaff, I would have been there most likely Fav was another place that we always went to. Alan.
  5. I was thinking about old friends that I knocked about with in the 60's and wondered if anyone knows him. I went to Norfolk School with him and The Esquire, bowling alley on Queens road and the Mojo. He lived on Norfolk Park and had a nickname of killer. Just wondered how he was doing. Alan.
  6. I had a problem with my electric razor and because what they wanted to charge to repair it looked on ebay and got one for next to nothing. Repaired mine after giving the one from Ebay a good clean and its been working for the last 2 years. Alan.
  7. Hello Tom You could try fishing in Millhouses Park, I have never fished there but have seen people fishing in the pond.
  8. I was contacted the other day by someone on the forum asking about some photo's that I was supposed to have about a topic which was talked about years ago. My name was on it but I'm positive that I had not written about it. Alan.
  9. Hello zach no I haven't done anything to the tablet to be honest I wouldn't know where to start😊 I was going to ask how do I check for the addons. Alan.
  10. Its a Galaxy tab 2016, Android 8.1.0. SM-T580. I don't have a problem with any other site. Alan.
  11. Hello zach I use google chrome on my Samsung tablet.
  12. Thanks all for getting back to me. zach can you tell me how I check browser addons. Thanks.
  13. Is anyone having problems with the link to this site? Somedays I can open it and then on otherdays I get a message about having to install flash player.
  14. baking powder use what the recipe says and using baking soda use a quarter the amount. You can also use baking soda to make plain flour into self rasing flour.
  15. Hello St Petre, It was only John who moved into the Hyde Park so the rest of his family may have moved to Brunswick road. I also remember 3 sisters that lived on Brunswick road Margaret Susan and Linda Collins.
  16. Hello St Petre, I remember now it was the Hallcar my brother used it when he lived on Carwood Lane. I last saw John Kelly when he moved onto the Hyde Park flats that would be about 53 yrs ago now. Its such a long time ago wonder what has happened to all the people I have mentioned. Alan.
  17. Hello beezerboy yes I think it was if I remember Pete Simmonite lived at the end house of a row of terrace houses. Was the Carwood pub just up the lane? Alan.
  18. I lived in Pitsmoor early 60s but only for about 3 years on Pye Bank Drive. I went to Burngreave school and remember Clive Morris, Delroy Palmer, Pete Simmonite who lived on Carwood Lane and 2 others who was a bit older than me Mick Megson and Dave Williams who both lived on Pitsmoor road. My brother in Law came of Petre Street John Keightley and John Kelly who's family had beer off shop at the bottom of Carwood Lane.
  19. Hello Baron Yes there are 2 birds and they do take it in turns to sit on the eggs.
  20. Thanks Darrell you too, and thanks again hillsbro.
  21. Hello Darell the owner of Shaws was Derek Outram when I worked there I was15 at the time,his brother owned Neville Watts next door to Raven just off West Street.
  22. Hello hillsbro, Thanks for the info, I was born on South Street and its brought back a lot of memories.
  23. Yes it was Darlingtons. Gunstones was at the bottom of Duke Street I think and Granville Street my sister met her husband there.
  24. I worked at Shaws ironmongers at the bottom of South Street around 65/66.We used to get deliveries on Sheaf Lane, There was Poysers wholesale tobacco merchants and there was a Lagging company who used the Lane for deliveries,can't remember their name but remember Mort an Irishman who worked for them drank in the Samson.
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