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  1. The government has asked for people to stay at home.
  2. Hello Janus, I think I will send for this product it does look like it will work. Thanks for going to the trouble. Alan.
  3. Hello Jomie, Thanks for getting back to me, I'm sure if I could buy the same it would solve my problem. Will keep looking to see if I can find anything that would do the same. It sound like it was a very good product. Alan.
  4. I had already searched the internet thats how I found out about Bicast, there was nothing that helped me sort my problem so I asked on here. Alan.
  5. I was led to believe that this was real hide leather paid over £3,000 for it. Its been fine till the last 6months there is no cracks just looks dull and started to get sticky. Nothing really on youtube to help. Will have to try elsewhere.
  6. Thanks for getting back to me, never thought about Youtube. Alan.
  7. Purchased a suite some years ago thinking it was pure leather but it turns out its not. Started having problems with it and after searching the internet for a solution found out about Bicast. I'm wanting to know if anyone has had a suite made of this stuff and been able to find a polish/cleaner they can recommend. The company has gone out of business some time back. Thanks for any info.Alan. P.s. Happy New Year to you all.
  8. Hello Jomie will look into it. Thanks Alan.
  9. Thanks zach for the information. its much appreciated. Alan.
  10. Not sure if I needed to start my own topic but wondered if I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 would it make my laptop any faster? I have a HP G61 4gb 64 bit laptop that I did a factory reset on but it still takes sometime to open. The laptop has never been used to its full potential used only for searching stuff online, emails and transfering music from CD's to SD card. I'm not very technical so any help is much appreciated. Thanks Alan.
  11. Hello spider, Already spoke to Skype. if you look back at post 3. I'm still logged in to Skype on my tablet so must remember not to sign out. I was trying to Skype on my laptop when this problem occured. Thanks for getting back to me. Alan.
  12. Hello spider no its not recognising it when I try signing in. Thanks anyway. Alan.
  13. Hello Spider, I stopped using the old email because it been hacked. think thats the word. Regards Alan.
  14. Hello swarfendor, Thanks for replying. I managed to get to talk to Skype through live chat and was talking with them for about 45 minutes just going round in circles. Finally I had to change my password but it will take around a month for it to activate. I think I will have to try opening a new Skype account using a different name. I only wanted to change my recovery email address to one I use now. Regards Alan.
  15. Can anyone help me please? I have used Skype for years to keep in touch with family overseas, I some how must have signed myself out and now when I try to sign in its telling me it has to send me a code but its trying to send it to a email address that I stopped using many years ago and I have tried to change it to one I use now but it keeps going to the old email address. Can anyone tell me how I can recitfy this problem. Thanks.
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