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  1. Hello Longcol, I will have a look at the velcro too. Thanks Alan.
  2. Hello Eddie, Thanks for getting back to me, you don't have the name of the tape do you? Thank again . Alan.
  3. I'm wanting to make some fly screens for my windows and thought about using magnetic tape. Has anyone used this tape and is it any good? Thanks Alan.
  4. Hello Andy/Kidneystone. Thank you both for getting back to me, I do have 2 Whatsapp accounts on my phone so will delete one and see if that helps. Yes thats what is happening sometimes the phone gives a tone for some of my contacts and not others. I have looked in the setting and they are all ticked to allow sound and notification. Thanks again. Alan.
  5. I have purchased a dual sim Samsung A 10 and I'm having a problem of only getting notifications from some of my contacts on whatsapp and also when I get emails. I have searched online for a solution but don't seem to be able to find one. One I looked at said if Data saver isn't switched on then that can cause the problem. Does using Data saver cost money? I only have the phone for calls and Whatsapp so don't use it very often. Thank you for any information. Alan.
  6. I had 2 tests back in the early 70's and only 6 lessons. the first test I failed during the test I snapped the handbreak cable when I pulled up at the junction of Worksop road and Stainforth road. I had borrowed my mates brand new Austin 1800 which had the handbreak just underneath the dashboard. I then went to Ted Blacks and passed.
  7. When I passed mine I tried to give the examiner a fiver tip he wasn't happy about it saying if anyone one had seen the money they would think I was trying to bribe him.😄
  8. Hello zach sorry for the late reply. I will look into what you suggest and see if it solves the problem. Alan.
  9. Hello zach, Thanks for getting back to me, I'am using the link you have mentioned which I have done for a few years now. my tablet is a Samsung Galaxy tab A SM-T580. using Chrome. I know that Android stopped using flash player some time ago thats one of the things thats been confusing me. The problem I have happens about once a day and after restarting my tablet it works ok. Thanks again Alan.
  10. Can anyone help me please? I like to look at the Sheffield Peregrins but for the last week I keep getting this message. Error building perch player create flash player instead. I have to turn off my tablet and then turn it back on to be able to see this site. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? Thanks for any help. Alan.
  11. The only one I know of is Shortferry which is about 1 hours drive from Sheffield.
  12. Hello swarfendor, Thanks for getting back to me, I looked at the link you gave but not sure its what I need the tablet works fine its just the clearing of the history thats my problem. I thought if I did what the link says, it would clear all my other stuff. I'm not that clued up on tech. Sorry if I have not understood. Alan.
  13. Can anyone help me please? I have one of these tablets and when I try to clear history it start the process but just keeps going, If I go back to back to main app screen and then back to history it will have cleared it or do a re-start. I have a good internet speed so know its not that. Thanks for any help. Alan.
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