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  1. chips and gravy - fine, nothing better chips, fish and gravy - you need help, it`s just wrong!
  2. who said anything was science? I think someone has a crush on me, shame your not my type. ---------- Post added 08-04-2013 at 20:38 ---------- but is that not the same for nuclear? you`ll never be producing enough windmills to bring the cost down to make them viable cheaper
  3. no you dont, why do you lie? is it a mental illness?
  4. Medusa - you are blaming that poor girl for getting savaged to death by a pack of animals, the fact you`ve argued back that you are not (twice now) is enough proof that you are. The best you could do would be to delete your comments and hope that over time they get forgotten. Question is, are you man enough to admit your mistake.
  5. Sheffield Road - Killamarsh (X3) Bridge St - Killamarsh Dronfield Road - Eckington. off the top of my head
  6. really - I have several customers there, which houses?
  7. so, you are blaming the poor girl for what happened, is that the case?
  8. I`ll ask her when I see her next. I read the whole width was 60 meters (which is more likely) and its not decided yet whether Station Road will go or will they simply move the track 3 meters to the left to miss it. The meeting (and report) we both seem to be hearing about was akin to asking turkeys what they think about Christmas.
  9. neither did I (I said 160mtrs (in error) so that shows you know you did. 60 meter track, 180 meters edge to edge leaves a 120 meter exclusion zone, thats a large area of trackside. You were simply at the same meeting as the Leader reporter.
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