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  1. It's probably the nearest our council could get to delivering Seven Stones shopping centre. Seven stones placed willy-nilly near to where the centre should have been by now (had we had any other council).
  2. Ousetunes

    Sheffield wednesday v rotherham united

    Horrible feeling 'struggling for 80 minutes' to win it 2-0 and move up to third in the Division. Enjoy the Pub League; you might win a game or two there.
  3. At the least the 'crooked' bit is apt with SCC:hihi:
  4. Yes, agree with the replies above and I'm not trying to sound arrogant. It is an accident black spot and, like I said, a junction which requires respect (and sometimes patience). I've ran many a time past that tree which is adorned with tributes to a deceased father and it makes me shudder every time.
  5. Been driving 30 years and never had a problem with the junction. Treat it with respect: check, check and check again when pulling out of Rails Road as traffic approaches fast along RVR (particularly from Manchester Road end).
  6. Just count the number of houses on Rustlings Road with a real, chopped down Christmas tree in their window......
  7. Ousetunes

    RIP Andrew Sachs

    Netflix has uploaded Fawlty Towers and I watched a couple of series on Saturday evening. Got to say that Sachs' acting was nothing short of astonishing. (Indeed, practically the way Cleese, Booth, Sachs and Scales 'bounced off' each other shows what a class act they were together.)
  8. Ousetunes

    Cringeworthy forced rhymes in song lyrics

    Paul McCartney's written some awful lyrics. "I know I was a crazy fool, for treating you the way I did; but something took a hold of me, and acted like a dustbin lid" (The Other Me from Pipes Of Peace); & "Distractions, like butterflies are buzzing round my head" (Bold type mine; Distractions from Flowers In The Dirt) As for modern 'lyrics', I have neither the will nor inclination; I would sooner rub foil on my fillings.
  9. Ousetunes

    What pub has a quiz on wednesday night

    Sportsman on Benty Lane, Crosspool.
  10. Ousetunes

    Supertram future- consultation

    I'd like a spur from University along Glossop Road and along Endcliffe Vale Road to Ranmoor (opposite Florentine pub). Also, I'd love to see the tram run up Fargate and down The Moor, past the (demolished) Manpower Services carbuncle at Moorfoot and up Ecclesall Road to Hunters Bar. It'll never happen; only progressive councils would do this which rules out the amateurs at SCC.
  11. Ousetunes

    My Old Home on Fulwood Road

    Buy it back Dan? Nah, too many memories which need to stay as they were.
  12. Ousetunes

    My Old Home on Fulwood Road

    The last date given agrees with the date my mum sold the house to the Chinese family. So maybe they have gone to China and simply left the place to the elements.
  13. Ousetunes

    My Old Home on Fulwood Road

    Will probably be my next step to ask the neighbours.
  14. Ousetunes

    My Old Home on Fulwood Road

    It's quite probable but I would have thought they would arrange for the grass, at least to be cut. It's three feet high and obviously gives a signal that the house is unoccupied. I know my mum sold the property to a Chinese family but I don't know if they have sold it since. I know it went up for sale a few years ago but don't know if it ever sold.
  15. Ousetunes

    My Old Home on Fulwood Road

    Well, in order to get a decent reply - from a neighbour perhaps - I thought it best to narrow it down as Fulwood Road is quite long. Unless you were just being childish, of course?

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