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  1. In the 60s and 70s car ownership was very low, the roads were fairly empty and buses received high public subsidy. Demand was also very simple with everyone basically wanting to travel to work and shop in the City Centre. The current bus services in Sheffield by today's standards are cheap (a weekly pass is from about £2 a day) - too cheap to make any money and reinvest in the service, with no subsidy. The majority of the network is run commercially, although under the current voluntary bus partnership between the operators, SYPTE and council the network is co-ordinated. The main problem buses have these days is they are getting more and more delayed by traffic congestion. Much of this is down to council policy over the recent years - they've invested in building the inner ring road and they've allowed loads of new multi storey car parks to be built in the City Centre, making going by car much more attractive, whilst investing very little in new bus priority measures or enforcing the existing ones properly. When journey times get longer or less reliable, it requires more buses to provide the same level of service, which requires more drivers, more fuel, more vehicles = more cost. That extra cost cannot be justified when little money is being made with the fares being too cheap therefore the services are cut to match the existing resource. Additionally those bus services that cannot run commercially but are considered socially and economically important to the local communities and operate under a tender arrangement with SYPTE and get a subsidy to operate are suffering cuts due to the government austerity policy, with the local authorities having a shrinking budget to support such bus services whilst the cost of operating them is getting higher. As traffic and service gets worse, more people go by car instead, making traffic even worse... As for events, it is up to responsible event organisers to include traffic management in their event plan. What parking have you provided - on site, nearby or park & ride? Have you arranged for parking restrictions on roads near the event? Have you worked with public transport operators to promote their options for travel to the event? Have you provided your own shuttle buses? Of course as an organiser you can do very little about those that don't give a toss and park inconsiderately regardless of what the highway code says, however thinking of Lowedges festival when buses cannot get down Gervase or parts of Lowedges Road due to double parked cars and have to be diverted away from Lowedges - if a bus cannot get through, then neither could a fire engine, which is potentially a safety concern for your event. I do appreciate for community events a lot of the above isn't viable or practical within the budget but you hope the council would see the benefit in working to help. Going back to Rotherham buses, bus companies and SYPTE have struggled to find the right network in terms of where significant numbers of people actually want to travel to. In some areas there is a split between Rotherham town centre, Parkgate, Meadowhall, Sheffield City Centre and out of town industrial estates plus the challenge of new developments (including housing estates) that haven't been built with buses in mind!
  2. Indeed, if you use the Rotherham buses do have your say https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/routes-and-maps/customer-consultation-proposed-service-changes
  3. Public transport: Supertram: Blue route: Halfway-Malin Bridge running normally Purple route: Herdings Park-Cathedral running normally Yellow route: Middlewood-Meadowhall. Terminating at Meadowhall South and not serving Meadowhall Interchange. Subject to delays with single track operation Arena-Tinsley. Tram Train: Rotherham Parkgate-Sheffield Cathedral: Suspended, railway line flooded in the Rotherham area. Trains Lines to Doncaster, Wakefield Westgate and Lincoln closed due to flooding. Leeds via Barnsley, Manchester, Nottingham and Derby open. See www.nationalrail.co.uk for latest. Buses See disruptions page at travelsouthyorkshire.com for latest. Most problems now are just around Meadowhall.
  4. Not sure the 95 is much to do with SYPTE - it is a commercial business venture of First's that receives no public subsidy. The 31/31a/31c is more complicated. Under the bus partnership the Mon-Fri daytime service was run commercially by Sheffield Community Transport who were able to do it on very thin margins by utilising resource they had connected to various contract services. SYPTE only had to tender and find a subsidy for the evening and weekend service which Stagecoach had the contract for. Unfortunately SCT lost all their SYPTE contracts to other operators and no longer had the resource to operate the 31 on the same basis. Due to government austerity cuts SYPTE does not have the budget to provide a full replacement for the 31/31a/31c, they've covered the Upperthorpe, Langsett and Wisewood/Loxley bits with extensions/diversions to other buses (52a, 61, 62 and 135) but that has left the bits of Walkley not served by the 95 or 135 uncovered. Unfortunately public funding for tendered services has been cut and cut whilst the costs of operating buses has increased, not helped by increasing traffic congestion. Sheffield needs a bigger budget for provision of community buses that cannot be operated commercially - with that in mind consider who you vote for in the general election.
  5. Having reread the question, none of the buses involved in the January changes have more than one operator, but routes do exist where that is the case. Travelmaster is of course more expensive than single operator tickets as more services are included in the price and are therefore more flexible, however they way things are changing is Travelmaster is positioned as the normal price and single operator tickets are a discount option if you can stay loyal to a single operator. For example for commuting Sheffield to Rotherham a South Yorkshire Connect Travelmaster pass for the week is £23.50 valid on all buses and the tram whilst a First only weekly pass is £20.
  6. Yes. This tends to happen when a commercial service doesn't operate in the evening because there isn't enough demand for fares taken to cover costs at that time but the local authority has decided that there is a strong social or economic need in those communities for a bus service so they provide a subsidy. However the local authority has to put that work out to tender and the operator offering to provide the service at the lowest cost wins the contract. In south Yorkshire we do however have the Travelmaster ticket range that works on all bus operators so you can buy a ticket that works on both the daytime and evening operator.
  7. Loxley Brewery is located underneath the Wisewood Inn. It's only small.
  8. The Palm Tree was previously owned by Punch Taverns, which is now part of Heineken's Star Bars company, and leased out to local operators who had to pay rent to the pub company, buy their stock etc from the pub company and have their refurbishments organised by the pub company. It failed, closed and the pub company put it on the market. It looks like the owners of Loxley Brewery have bought the pub freehold and are investing in a significant refurbishment. They are also changing the name of the pub to 'The Raven'. The Raven's Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/The-Raven-Inn-120328409364150 and there has been the odd update on the Wisewood Inn and Loxley Brewery pages. Incidentally, if you are interested in Sheffield pubs with surviving heritage interiors there is a CAMRA book listing all the known examples that you can download for free - https://sheffield.camra.org.uk/rhp
  9. That isn't actually a change from the current timetable, a few of the extra trains put on last year to fill the two hour gaps couldn't get an all stations path, its a line with limited capacity with the half hourly expresses and freight combined with long signal sections and no passing loops. There aren't any big changes to Northern services this December although it is expected over this timetable period the new class 195 diesel trains will start to gradually get introduced to the Leeds-Sheffield-Nottingham/Lincoln fast service, with the existing class 158 trains cascaded to other routes. Once this process is complete the Pacers can be withdrawn. The big changes to Northern routes are expected next May, for Sheffield that will principally be a shake up of the Leeds-Sheffield fast trains. On Transpennine Express, there is an addition of a 0521 Sheffield to Cleethorpes and 2126 Cleethorpes to Sheffield. Dore & Totley station gains an earlier train to Manchester at 0515 which is an extra stop being made by an established train. As new trains are introduced to Transpennine North (Liverpool-Manchester-Leeds-Scarborough/Newcastle) their existing trains will be cascaded to Transpennine South (Cleethorpes-Sheffield-Manchester) enabling trains to run as double units (ie 6 coaches instead of 3). Supertram's tram train service has a timetable change too. Early morning and Sunday services will be reduced to half hourly, however the last departures will be later - Monday to Saturday the last tram will leave Cathedral at 2244. returning from Parkgate at 2316 whilst on Sundays the last trip will be 2032 from Cathedral and 2104 from Parkgate.
  10. The tram runs to Arena/Olympic Legacy Park, Valley Centertainment and Carbrook up to every 10 minutes from various City Centre stops such as West Street, Cathedral and Castle Square (Yellow route and Tram Train route). The 65, 208 and X17 buses also run along Atterliffe Common alongside the X1, they run from Sheffield Interchange. To Shepcote Lane there are a couple of bus services, albeit low frequency - the A1 and X74, from Sheffield Interchange. Buy a Citywide pass and you can get on any bus or tram in Sheffield. I'm assuming the X1 is being reduced to half hourly between Sheffield and Meadowhall due to not being enough passengers to justify anything more on that section of route. It is just duplicating the tram service really. The busier bit from Meadowhall to Rotherham and Rotherham to Maltby will have a more frequent service.
  11. To be fair things are moving towards the Travelmaster ticket range rather than operator specific (for many bus connections in Sheffield or Rotherham are with a different operator) so with both bus and tram passengers on the South Yorkshire Connect tickets (£6.80 for a day ticket or £23.50 for a weekly ticket) valid on all buses and trams in the county, the cost is the same for both tram and bus and flexibility is enjoyed. It does of course cost more if you want to include trains too. In terms of direct services, the X1 is proposed to be reduced to 2 buses an hour Sheffield-Meadowhall-Rotherham (with some extras Meadowhall-Rotherham) but that is alongside the X78 offering up to 4 buses an hour and the tram offering up to 3 departures per hour - so 9 an hour in total across X1/X78/TT. Within Sheffield, the Attercliffe area is also served by buses 9, 9a, 52, 52a and 208 along with the Yellow route tram. I think there will still be plentiful provision!
  12. Actually I think the bus is the most expensive way of travelling Sheffield-Rotherham: Train - day return £4.40 (reduced to £3.70 at off peak times) Tram - tram only Dayrider £4.20 Bus - First Day South Yorkshire £5.00
  13. If you recall the X1 was the bus that was launched to operate "Bus Rapid Transit North" which our region claimed EU money to build. This was basically building the new road that bypasses Tinsley M1 roundabout along with a number of bus gates along Attercliffe Common. Forgetting Maltby for a moment, the main flow of passengers now seem to be Rotherham-Meadowhall. The new service proposed for the X1/X10 combined is; 6 buses per hour Maltby-Rotherham 4 buses per hour Rotherham-Meadowhall 2 buses per hour Meadowhall-Sheffield Of course the Meadowhall-Sheffield section of the X1 simply duplicated the tram service as well as adding to the X78 for direct journeys between the two. The Yellow route tram offers a service from Meadowhall to City via Attercliffe every 10-12 minutes in the daytime and every 20 minutes evenings and Sundays. There is also now the tram train service running up to 3 times an hour Sheffield - Attercliffe - Meadowhall South - Rotherham Central - Parkgate. Citywide and South Yorkshire Connect tickets from Travelmaster (www.sytravelmaster.com) offer unlimited travel on any bus or tram. With regards the 74, I would agree it isn't entirely clear what First is proposing, however currently the 74 goes directly from Brinsworth to Catcliffe/Waverley then to Sheffield via Handsworth and Manor Top and the new route they mention proposed it going from Brinsworth to Meadowhall then into Sheffield which is an obvious change, however it doesn't say how it gets from Meadowhall to Sheffield! If you use the 74 I suggest contacting First to clarify. The Stagecoach changes currently under consultation are all Chesterfield services if you hadn't noticed, however it does affect some Sheffield services, for example the 72 that runs non stop Sheffield to Crystal Peaks then on to Beighton, Killamarsh and Chesterfield along with the 43 Sheffield-Dronfield-Chesterfield where one bus an hour is to terminate at Dronfield Civic Centre and Chesterfield buses take a slightly longer way round via Newbold.
  14. Indeed... Worth noting that the Stagecoach journey planner at stagecoachbus.com and on their app seems to be correct though.
  15. The beer lists are now online, also online you can book onto the Wednesday evening tutored IPA tasting with veteran beer writer Roger Protz. https://sheffield.camra.org.uk/festival/
  16. It's a commercially run service so doesn't involve SYPTE. complain to First initially, otherwise it is up to the government traffic commissioner to take action if First are not running the service as registered. There is of course allowances for delays caused by circumstances outside the operators control such as road traffic congestion, which the council need to address.
  17. reopens on Thursday 17th October. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheHarley2019/
  18. I'd still report it. Maybe contractors didn't do the job correctly.
  19. The timetable with route description is here: https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/timetablefinder.aspx?searchtext=65 If it has started at Meadowhall you can get on at Waingate, otherwise you want to be at Sheffield Interchange. The stop on Flat Street is set down only.
  20. All the bus companies have been doing that for a few years now - adding extra minutes running time to reflect being stuck in traffic longer. The trouble is they've done it so many times now the journey times have become so long some people have stopped using those buses, the traffic has got worse and even longer journeys are required.... When the journey gets longer, if you want to achieve the same frequency of service, you need to add more buses to the system. That means increasing the fleet, employing more drivers and facing more maintenance costs. There is no increase in revenue in return for putting those extra buses on and at the current ticket prices operators are already working on wafer thin margins. Add in the poor reimbursement levels for concessionary pass use and you can see why we are at the point where instead of putting more vehicles out there they are reducing the frequency or merging routes - its getting to the point where it will start bankrupting bus companies. When it comes to cross city services, don't forget that isn't always just about operational efficiency/convenience, it is often down to passenger demand - especially if the route passes a hospital. In the case of 81/82 There are people from Ecclesall/Banner Cross areas who want to visit Kelham Island or Hillsborough and there are people from the Stannington/Hillsborough end travelling to Moorfoot and Ecclesall Road. None of the passengers like to find themselves sat on a stationary bus in town for ages. It has been a Sheffield thing for years - people keep berating the council so they make more effort to be seen as car friendly. Unfortunately people won't accept that in a city it is unreasonable to expect to be allowed to have complete freedom to drive or park anywhere you want and sod anyone else. There is still a local bus in the form of the Powells 61/62 from Hillsborough Interchange to Bradfield via Loxley or Stannington. Such buses have to be subsidised by SYPTE as they aren't commercially viable and like most public sector organisations have faced budget cuts as part of government austerity policy and therefore can't afford to fund as much. That said it does still provide some opportunity should there be a problem with the 52a or 81/82 to join that little bus down to Hillsborough and get a tram into town instead. Buy a Citywide pass and you have the freedom to get any bus or tram in the city.
  21. possibly vandalism? Report it to SYPTE - https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/contactus/
  22. BBC Sport, SKY Sports, others are available...
  23. these are all problems caused by traffic congestion that the bus operators can do nothing about. It won't change until the council take responsibility, tackle traffic congestion, get more bus priority measures in and properly enforce the ones that are already there. Unfortunately there is a political culture in Sheffield where councilors want to be seen to be car friendly - and its much cheaper & easier to simply criticise the private bus companies.
  24. Online systems may show it as a seperate service Sheffield-Tideswell and Tideswell-Buxton as it is registered with the authorities in two parts - legally a local bus cannot be registered to run that distance without having a lot of expensive extra conditions imposed on the operation that generally only coach companies can comply with.
  25. you are confusing it with the old X18/X23, which is now the 218. The 65 is a very long established local rural service that operates via Grindleford, Eyam and Tideswell.
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