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  1. This is a big part of the problem. People now seem to expect journalism for free.
  2. The 57a does only run one way around the loop and there is much local protest.. The new set up is an improvement for those going to Hillsborough and town but not so good for local travel to the shops in Stocksbridge! (Ie you can get there but not back!) I wonder if a tweak may get made again to reflect this, the local MP got involved last time.
  3. Citygrab (like Deliveroo and Uber Eats) do charge retailers commission, I saw a figure of 24% quoted recently.
  4. Without government support, ALL public transport in Britain would be bankrupt and have ceased to operate through the Covid-19 lockdown, the amount of funding provided is for a specific level of service. FACT. Sheffield is simply not the same kind of city economically as the likes of Manchester. Before lockdown you just have to stand in the City Centre, Manchester is big and busy, Sheffield is like a big village in comparison. People love Sheffield for that, makes it a nicer place to live in some respects, but it doesn't generate as much demand for travel as a result! How the various bus and tram businesses were doing before in Sheffield (badly, and I imagine with Supertram especially so having the additional hit of rail replacement) is unrelated. Lets get a sense of perspective... It is still a government funded reduced Covid-19 lockdown temporary service, in reality the change is simply SL1/SL1a has become 57/57a running to Hillsborough instead of Middlewood, slightly more frequently and with some route changes to cater for more places. In other news from that area, the 58 is still running, the First 57 (early morning and evenings) is being reintroduced and the 23/23a in Stocksbridge is being reintroduced whilst the 201 never stopped running. As for what happens post Covid, I suspect a Sheffield Bus Partnership network review will happen, that is pure speculation on my part though.
  5. Stagecoach currently have the concession as a commercial operation until 2024. Going forward it is unlikely to be the same arrangements, probably more like Manchester where it is simply a contract to operate the service on behalf of the PTE, the reason being there are many more years of disruption ahead from engineering work to renew the tracks and power supply of a system that by then will be around 30 years old.
  6. ALL public transport in Britain is currently operating to the level the government has provided funding for and is based on the level of demand from key workers and other essential travel.
  7. There are more journeys. Currently the only service in Stocksbridge (except the local rural buses like the 201) is SL1 every 120 minutes and SL1a every 120 minutes. Replacing them is the 57 and 57a both hourly, so doubled from 1 bus an hour to 2. Running to Hillsborough instead of Middlewood also provides more connections. Additionally the journeys on the 57 early morning and evening that First operate are being reinstated too. Remember this is all Covid-19 temporary timetables and is designed to stretch what little resource is being funded by the government to cover as much as possible. The only through tickets being removed are the singles. Most people buy a daily, weekly or 28 day ticket such as the Stagecoach Silver Dayrider/Megarider or Citywide which will still be available. Additionally those going to Hillsborough shops will now travel direct and won't be affected. The bus service is nothing to do with Supertram. It is operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire as part of the Sheffield bus partnership. I suspect Stocksbridge is likely to be subject to a bus network review post covid. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The service updates and new timetables for all operators starting Monday 1st June will be posted on the Travel South Yorkshire website on Sunday evening here: https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/ Advance information on individual operators websites (remember some routes like 7/8, 24/25, 52/52a, 57 and 120 have more than one operator): Stagecoach Yorkshire: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-16/03/2020-11:36:24:186 First: https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/news-and-service-updates/coronavirus-covid19-service-information Hulleys of Baslow: http://www.hulleys-of-baslow.co.uk/ TM Travel: http://www.tmtravel.co.uk/ Powells: https://www.powellsbus.co.uk/
  8. The Black Bull is owned by Star Pubs & Bars, part of Heineken and is leased out to an independent operator under a tied arrangement. It will probably reopen at some point with a new tenant I recall Star Pubs & Bars are one of the pub companies that have been named and shamed for still charging rent on pubs that aren't trading and generally not being very supportive, sounds like the licencee at the Black Bull is another one financially ruined by the business practices of such pub companies. Another such company is ei group (formerly Enterprise Inns), now part of Stonegate. Not all such pub companies have been so bad with tenants through lockdown with various family owned breweries that lease pubs along with the mighty Greene King offering various concessions and support to help tenants through the bad times. Another issue affecting some pubs is those with higher rateable values (bigger pubs and City Centre venues predominantly) haven't qualified for some of the government support.
  9. A couple of other bits - Senior Citizen free passes return to normal rules from Monday 8th June (ie cannot be used before 9:30am on weekdays) as more commuters will be requiring the limited capacity in the morning and the supermarket early morning senior shopping initiatives are less of a thing. - tram timetables change on 6th June as rail replacement work changes location, trams on the Blue/Purple route will terminate at Gleadless Townend. The weekend timetable for Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th is available to download at supertram.com and in the journey planner on the Stagecoach app. Service from Monday 8th June still to be confirmed.
  10. it is a premium, but you are basically paying a taxi fare for a taxi to fetch your shopping/takeaway. They sometimes have offers on, although at the moment weekends they have been donating delivery fees to charity rather than discounting. Uber Eats and Deliveroo is often a dude on a bicycle and covers little more than the City Centre. Those of us that live out in the suburbs aren't covered by Uber Eats or Deliveroo! As I'm not having nights out on the town with a taxi home during lockdown I'm happy to pay for Citygrab now and again, as well as introducing a lot of new delivery options where I live it is keeping taxi drivers in business and supporting independent local businesses too. I've had groceries, beer and meals delivered!
  11. click through to the timetable page! https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/plan-journey/timetables/?source_id=2&service=97/98/798&routeid=23209353&operator=26&day=1
  12. An update from TM Travel for Monday 1st June are also now online: http://www.tmtravel.co.uk/. As far as I can see the only changes to emergency timetables being made by TM Travel are regarding Bolsover school services! ---- and now Hulleys of Baslow http://www.hulleys-of-baslow.co.uk/travel-updates
  13. at the moment the government support combined with the tiny amount of fares taken is enough for a skeleton service to be provided and the business to remain just about solvent. You may note Transport for London is a public sector organisation and came within a day of declaring themselves bankrupt and unable to operate, requiring a government bailout, which came with strings attached. Most businesses in all sectors (except for supermarket chains and online retailers like Amazon!) are struggling and are also availing themselves of government support where offered. Some have not had support and there are already some high profile casualties such as the Specialist Leisure Group (owns Shearings Coaches, National Holidays, Wallace Arnold, Bay Hotels and others). Make no mistake - if the government weren't supporting the current public transport provision there would be none, all the providers would go bust and all the staff would be redundant. In the first stage of lockdown passenger numbers were down at least 90% and now with social distancing each vehicle can only carry very few passengers - a double decker can take around 20, single decker 10-12, minibus 7 - not enough for the fares to cover the cost of running it. Over on the railway a train with 4 coaches can normally seat about 300 passengers plus many more standing - now they can carry about 45. Not all the industry was struggling before the Pandemic although Sheffield hasn't exactly been very profitable in the last few years, most routes get by though, however some areas were struggling to be financially viable and Stocksbridge has been in that category from what I hear, I couldn't explain why though - maybe the tickets are too cheap or demand is limited to certain areas/times? The early morning, evening and Sunday services were already tendered with the Mon-Sat daytime operated commercially.
  14. A reminder of information... Stagecoach revised temporary Covid-19 bus timetables from 1st June: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-16/03/2020-11:36:24:186 First revised temporary Covid-19 bus timetables from 1st June: https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/news-and-service-updates/coronavirus-covid19-service-information Supertram new timetable for 6th/7th June only: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/supertram Note from 6th June the rail replacement work area moves with Blue/Purple trams terminating at Gleadless Townend. No news from Powells, TM Travel or Hulleys as yet. Assume all will appear Sunday night at https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/
  15. Simple fact is that NO public transport is financially viable at the moment with social distancing measures, if the government did not provide support funding there would be no service whatsoever, be that bus, tram or train, and all operators would have gone bankrupt and ceased trading. The cost of operating the service is more than the fares that can be collected from the number of passengers on board even if everyone paid full fare. All the operators are struggling to exist, managing to providing a basic skeleton service thanks to government support towards those operating costs and having the majority of staff on Furlough. Suspect there will be a network review post Covid, some routes (like Stocksbridge) were struggling before lockdown and there may well be changes in peoples behaviour (how we shop, socialise and work) now that continue and change demand for travel.
  16. the tone suggests that, but I've probably speculated enough as it is! Both Stagecoach and First have now published their new timetables from 1st June, not seen anything from Powells, TM Travel or Hulleys as yet. I believe Supertram aren't likely to be changing until 6th-8th June when the rail replacement works move area (and light rail funding comes through from government - this is a separate channel to bus).
  17. Certainly until the end of the Covid-19 emergency timetables by the sound of it, nothing is really known beyond that. Details here: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-16/03/2020-11:36:24:186
  18. Everything that exists at the moment is government funded, a new batch of funding comes in to play from June which is increasing most services in terms of both operating hours and frequency, there is a set amount of money though, which limits the provision.
  19. The 57 (operated by First early morning, evenings and Sundays) hasn't been running at all on the current Covid-19 emergency timetable. Currently the SL1 runs once every 2 hours and SL1a runs once every 2 hours - hourly combined - both Middlewood-Stocksbridge. From 1st June, yes Supertramlink is history, but the current 57/SL1/SL1a is replaced by the new 57/57a which combined runs half hourly - so a doubling of service. Hillsborough offers more trams than Middlewood for onward travel to Sheffield Centre and of course those just requiring the shops in Hillsborough won't need to change onto a tram. The First bus 57 will also be reinstated (except on Sundays) running to a Saturday timetable. All public transport through Covid-19 restrictions continue to only exist thanks to government funding.
  20. Stagecoach bus timetable changes from 1st June now started being posted on their website https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-16/03/2020-11:36:24:186 including changes to the Stocksbridge network with current buses 57, SL1 and SL1a replaced with new buses 57/57a.
  21. The Park & Ride is certainly NOT closing! There are changes to bus services in general (and trams) from 1st-8th June, mostly increasing services on the temporary Covid-19 timetables, these should be announced in the next day or two.
  22. between now and July bus services will be increased as people start to travel again - the government has already announced funding for this and operators and local authorities are in the planning process. The government are also funding subsidies for cycling and for councils to adapt part of the city to temporarily increase pavements and cycle lanes. The current skeleton service reflecting extreme low numbers travelling won't be the same in July - although social distancing is still likely to be in place which dramatically reduces capacity, unless perhaps there is a change in thinking (face coverings becoming viewed as an adequate alternative for example).
  23. Taxis are operating, here is some more info: https://citytaxis.com/covid-19/
  24. Given at Gleadless you are pretty much at the start of the 51 bus route and the government are funding an increase in service between now and then you shouldn't have too much problem. The point is people that live closer to town who could walk or cycle do so in order to leave seats for people like you. The government are not funding tram replacement buses as they are already funding other buses that people can use (such as the 8, 80a, 120, 252 etc). Note no announcement has yet been made on what future services will look like.
  25. I would imagine the issue there is if a wheelchair user needs the space then the nearest seats occupied by passengers must be at least 2 metres away, hence those seats are out of use. It is a well publicised issue - with social distancing capacity is significantly reduced, hence government encouraging those that can walk or cycle to do so and leave public transport for those that have no alternative for essential journeys. The government announced new funding for bus and tram which should see the temporary timetables increased in the first couple of weeks in June, although not back to normal. Message is basically buses, trams and trains are there for those who need it for essential journeys and is operating in as safe way as possible with the cooperation of passengers, but you should consider if you really need to use it first due to the low capacity, especially on the busier parts of the network (generally closer to town). Personally I've only used any kind of transport once in the last month, a local bus ride to the chemist, only made by bus because it was raining at the time (and I was the only person on the bus)! Otherwise I'm working from home and all my shopping is either a walk up to the local shops or ordered online and delivered.
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