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  1. There has been several cars around Duke Street damaged over the last few days . Everyone local please keep an eye out and report anything suspicious to 101 . Decent people having to pay out for repairs while some scumbag thinks it's ok to rip windscreen wipers and arms clean off ??
  2. They are rubbish . I put my house up with them for sale . Sent people who didn't want to buy that size property. After 6 months I swapped agent and sold it within 8 weeks . had calls from haybrooks to arrange viewings and the new owners had people knocking to view after it was sold.
  3. I had a near miss here yesterday . A city Taxi was indicating to turn right into station Rd , I was indicating to turn right into Queen St, he changed his mind and pulled across to straight up and an oncoming car had to swerve and nearly hit me straight on . Someone will be killed on here one day. Taxis are the worse drivers in Sheffield
  4. I'd second this, went last week for my 50th , Best Italian food I've ever had.
  5. I've seen many near misses on this junction , plus people drive up Queen St like lunatics . Should have cameras at the junction.
  6. Hi all , can anyone recommend a decent Restaurant in South Sheffield ?. I've left it too late to book on 6th Feb for a party of 10 and everywhere I've tried is full. Don't mind what kind of food . Thanks in advance .
  7. Anyone eaten in the Vine at Mosborough ? Thinking of going for my 50th Next month ?
  8. Message to the woman who was pushing an old lady in a wheelchair outside Evans approx 10.50 am yesterday... Go and find some manners in the sales and to the old woman sitting in the chair....you should be ashamed of yourself . Women of your age with language like yours ,should rinse their mouths out with Carbolic soap. Disgraceful and you both showed yourselves up. Someone actually told me who you are ( they know you ) . Shame I can't name you on here !!!!
  9. This junction and the lights need looking into. A car just missed the 999 ambulance taking my mum to A&E in 2011 . The ambulance swerved as the car jumped a red light , it nearly overturned. I was following in my car behind . The car driver didn't stop.
  10. Can anyone recommend an Apprenticeship at Sheffield College ?. My Son will be sitting his GCSE's next May. He has no idea what he wants to do . Have been to both open Evenings this week and he still cannot find anything he's interested in. Has anyone got experience of what it's like to study at Granville Rd site ? ..Thanks
  11. Any new estimated time over Mosborough ? Just past Manchester I've been told
  12. So sad , thoughts are with the ladies family. I agree that it's devestating for the driver also. My friend was a London tube driver and someone jumped in front of his train. At the inquest my friends dad ( who went with him for support ) collapsed and died in the court. He never drove trains again. Just awful.
  13. Try Kosta's Greek Deli. Its fabulous, lots of homemade food and really cheap .Been open since March. .. 214 Shoreham St S 1. ( you can see it from Ring Rd ).
  14. Prices are good, what you expect from City Centre eating. Working my way slowly through the menu. So fresh and tasty . its getting very busy lunchtimes, had to queue today :-)
  15. Think its 10 am till 9pm Monday to Sat and 12.00 to 9.pm Sunday. The deserts are to die for. Fresh food every day. I've not been last week , but going again tomorrow. Lol
  16. The Government brought in bedroom tax to stop under occupancy. Trouble is this didn't include elderly people. Half my road has single pensioners in 3 bedroom houses. The Council need to build more 1-2 bedroom places and free up the larger properties. I understand how upsetting it is to move out after so many years after raising a family in a home ,but when it reaches crisis point its the only option.
  17. It's called Kosta's Greek Deli. 214 Shoreham St. There's a page on Facebook for the cafe.
  18. It's Fab been in three times now .Couple who run it lived in Greece , lots of homemade fresh food even the salads are lovely. Hope it's a success, so much nicer than a greasy spoon cafe.
  19. Found a new Cafe on Shoreham Street , all Greek food and have had Two lunches this week already. Seems a nice place and quite cheap , not so good for my waistline if I spend every lunchtime there.
  20. Eckington School and Handsworth Grange are both Closed today. Thursday 29th January.
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