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Pretty neat concept from Fujitsu


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The lifebook 2013


A notebook that separates into several smaller portable devices:


A mobile phone

A tablet

A digital camera.


I want one!


How long before Apple claims they invented it? :hihi:


And if you keep on unplugging them and plugging them back together again I wonder how long the it will last before the connections get loose or you mislay a piece of the kit.


ps not a fan of the i-pad - the keyboard is stupid except for a short e-mail.

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as above its only a concept and more than likely will cost too much too manufacture anyway, but it has to be said its a good idea as everything is becoming more portable it only makes sense to combine differnet things to get an all in one etc.

but on the other hand any smart phone out there now will do the exact same job and you dont have to worry about your camera falling off.

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Terrible idea. Why don't I just buy three items which do their own jobs well rather than one item which does 3 jobs poorly?


You're clearly missing the point. The tablet, phone & camera are all separate devices. The notebook is a hub to allow them to interconnect & be less bulky

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