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  1. Don’t mention the clock.
  2. Did you really just reply to a thread over a year old. Have you nothing better to do?
  3. I can cut people in half..... putting them back is another thing though.
  4. The new design that’s now 5 years old.
  5. Just use the Microsoft stuff and keep away from dodgy porn sites.
  6. I have to admire your persistence.
  7. Hawkins is a genius and the young lad could have genius inside him. Someone get me the operation yew tree number please.
  8. Are you hoping he becomes severely disabled in a wheel chair?
  9. Away from this joke of a forum. I'm only back out of sheer boredom.
  10. Just use maps. It's way better than google maps.
  11. There wasn't any cameras on shepcote lane between the Meadowhall roundabout and the turn off to the police operation centre on Monday, but you have to be a bit of a numpty to speed down the road towards Meadowhall as the cops are always sat in the little road next to American golf catching speeders.
  12. Traffic wardens cost extra money on bank holidays and Sunday's, automatic tram gate cameras on the other hand don't get paid and work round the clock.
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