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  1. Hi, did you see my post? There's some jobs going at Burger King.
  2. Hi, in Meadowhall, HSBC is open until 8pm. So is Halifax. So is RBS. So is Santander. Maybe your bank doesn't care about you?
  3. Hi, Where's your recent evidence that Christians carry out beheddings and stonings? A quick google search shows that, all results I saw were of Muslims behedding and stoning Christians when you search "Christian stoning" or "Christian behedding" so, where's your evidence?
  4. You should never give up on a woman, they should give up on you. But if you are desperate and have to be the chaser then give up when it's clear she doesn't like you, doesn't really respond to texts and stuff. I think the very fact you're even asking this question is a pretty clear indication you should give up.
  5. Why would I be? There's many of videos on youtube of alligators dragging their prey backwards into the water.
  6. But there was a wider issue on the topic which was people having an issue giving their details in a shop in general. My point was: I don't care. I don't care if you don't want to give me your details, if you want to buy it from me, you will give me your details, if you don't, you won't be buying it from me. And people think we care. Honest, we don't. I don't care what your name is, I don't care what your address is, and I don't care if you buy it from me or not. Don't give me the details, don't get the product. Simple.
  7. If an alligator can not move backwards how does an alligator drag food into the water? Alligators can move backwards very effectively, and are capable of pulling quite large animals with them.
  8. That isn't true because there is water on the ISS which isn't on the planet. There is water in the lubricant that is in the rover that got sent to Mars and every other one of the hundreds of orbiters/landers in space. Facts, get them right.
  9. I work part time in a shop and there are certain products we need to ask name and address etc for. To be honest I think you're all paranoid, nobody cares who you are, nobody cares where you live. It's a bit arrogant to assume that anybody in that shop would have an interest in your name and address, and so what, so what if they did overhear it? What are they going to do with your name and address? Post you a letter?. What could I do with that information? Nothing of consequence. Staff don't ask your details because they want to know where you live, they ask because the systems dictate it, and if you have a problem with giving the information, the transaction won't be processed and you can go and buy it somewhere else. Simple.
  10. Sooo...McDonald are supposed to drive around the city on the off chance that they'll find some packaging they give food out in? Every so often I'll see fast food wrappers on the floor, but not commonly. Generally it's crisp packets or pop cans, should we get Coke and Walkers out to clear up that packaging? Stupid argument. It has nothing to do with the company that the minority of their customers are morons. Like it's not SheffieldForum's fault that morons start stupid threads but it still happens. Look at this one.
  11. Why should somebody who isn't polluting the air walk away from somebody who is? It's up to the smokers to make sure they're not affecting anybody else with their disgusting habit, but they don't. They smoke around kids, they smoke around people eating, they don't care. If idiots like this exist then banning smoking in public is the only way to quash this selfishness. Smokers complain that everyone is out to get them, maybe if they weren't so selfish about where they decided to smoke then they wouldn't have to bring these rules in. If you don't self regulate, someone else will do it for you, and thankfully that's what's happening. It's their own fault, they brought it on themselves.
  12. Give them all a mat and rule that they can't step off the mat to try and get a donation. That would be a much better rule. Three steps is still following.
  13. I don't see the issue. Just walk out and don't turn up. The worst they will do is dock you for the days you haven't worked.
  14. Yeah cause it's going to be inexpensive at the flagship store.
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