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  1. Suki Fairtrade Breakfast Tea (loose leaf) basically the best there is.. end of! They do it in pyramids if you don't have any patience
  2. Then obviously I wouldn't do it.. Depends on the circumstances and the context, what happened prior? Was there any kind of flirtatious physical contact from her? A lot can be told from body language, demeanour and actual spoken word.. it all depends on context, and a quick snap such as the one in the OP doesn't take ANY of that into account, nor the preceeding events. Indeed, would this have made the 'news' had it been the other way around or would it have been.. oh 'Miss "insert sportswomen" gets her hands full with a cheeky pinch ho ho!' I've generally found women to be much worse than men with this kind of behaviour, get a group of them together, throw in a few lambrinis and God help any poor unsuspecting fella that roams past... We're supposed to be thankfull..
  3. if they don't mind yeah perfectly fine!
  4. Because there's always somebody who'll be 'horrified'.. and yeah 'news' never ever gets reported that isn't always totally and rock solidly based on fact! Besides where else is it being 'reported', that just looks like a Guardian Blog to me...
  5. And you're totally sure the 'pinch' wasn't pre-meditated either? She doesn't exactly look in a state of shock/discomfort/displeasure?
  6. I think this is all a political ruse to get the masses onside for a blessing to withdraw from the auspices of the European Human Rights Act.. Keep this debacle fresh in the minds, make it look like a comedy of errors and that the Human Rights Acts is evil... Hey presto mass frothing at the mouth, withdrawal of the UK from the European Human Rights Act to widespread hoorah's & huzzah's All while this has basically had begger all to do with the ECHR, and the Goverment get's even more free reign to crush the plebs into subservience.
  7. I've been revolving around a bunch of different MMO's last few months of 2012.. play one, move on, play another move on.. etc.. then starting back at the begining again... LoTRO, Rift, Tera, SWTOR, ST:O Though I've been mainly Alpha and Beta testing Defiance since January, with some FFXIV v2 thrown in for good measure. I guess it'll be back to the usual suspects once they're launched and cold hard cash is needed..
  8. Exactly what he said.. becasue the answer apparently is to arm the teachers..
  9. The funniest thing about that article are all the comments below it describing how accurate and true it all is!
  10. Wheeee... Gigabyte motherboard, there's ya problem Which model is it out of interest? P67 or Z68 by any chance? Well, honestly it's not specifically limited to Gigabyte boards, but this problem has been waaaay the most prevalent with them, and because they have 2 bios chips they go round and round in a loop from one to the other instead of shutting down. Search Gigabyte Boot Loop... it's pretty common! Mine does it! (Z68XP-UD3P) thread about it here... Afraid there's not a lot can be done about it.. flashing the bios won't cure it. If it's real problematic I'd be tempted to RMA it. It's pretty sporadic on my machine so isn't a problem; and aside from that the board is great.
  11. The determining factor would be whether your radio can actually receive FM signals, just because FM is broadcast within the VHF spectrum doesn't necessarily mean your radio can receive it. Which is why I asked have you tried tuning to other radio stations such as Radio 1FM (usually around 97 - 99.. usually around 98.9) or Hallam FM (97.4 ,102.9 or 103.4 )
  12. FM and VHF are not the same thing..literally. However FM radio is generally broadcast on VHF, but then again so is DAB... Whether your radio can receive an FM station, well who knows!?.. have you tried tuning into a known station such as Radio 1FM or HallamFM?
  13. Best of both worlds perhaps... http://www.doro.co.uk/Products/Mobile-phones-and-accessories/Doro-PhoneEasy-715/ Can be bought at: http://www.handtec.co.uk/doro-phoneeasy-740.html?gclid=CJnPmoP2-rUCFUbKtAodux4ASA
  14. yeah it shows threads as logical cores processors.. always has done. Edit: Saying that... Windows 8 does a better job of it. Eg: CPU Intel® Core i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz Maximum speed: 5.90 GHz Sockets: 1 Cores: 4 Logical processors: 8 Virtualisation: Enabled L1 cache: 256 KB L2 cache: 1.0 MB L3 cache: 8.0 MB Utilisation 2% Speed 7.20 GHz Up time 1:21:55:42 Processes 118 Threads 1590 Handles 63484 Although it still gets confused when you start messing about overclocking it ^^
  15. Windows Phone 8 is a great phone O/S but as previously mentioned it is currently let down by the lack of apps; same reason has put me off buying a MS Surface RT also. Though I guess there's pretty much most things you're likely to need in the Windows Store... just not as huge a selection as Apple or Google's play. But if you have Windows 8 on your PC you'll already have an idea of what's available in the store. Also Windows Store prices for apps generally seems more expensive than Apple's or Google's. If I was going to buy a WP8 handset.. I'd go with Nokia, primarily because they have their own exclusive apps (Nokia Maps for example).. I did read rumour of a premium updated version of the Nokia 920, with all alloy body etc... If you can live with an immature ecosystem.. that is going to grow and evolve, and you're already invested in Windows 8, then I wouldn't rule it out...
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