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Unusual problem with a car sales garage

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A few weeks ago we traded in our old car, and purchased another. the garage is a smallish independent dealer. The dealer test drove our car and asked if there were any problems etc, and we told him everything we knew of. Now a few weeks down the line we are getting phonecalls to say there are problems with the car, inc the clutch, and that we must have known (which we didn't) i am sure we would have noticed the clutch living in a city full of hills!


The guy is saying he wants us to pay towards repairs, and he even managed a 'veiled' threat, by saying his mate had offered to come over and sort it out. My OH is considering paying up, just to be free of the hassle, but I am furious about it, surely this isn't the way of a reputable car dealer?

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Don't pay him a penny. In the eyes of the law, he is the expert and had every opportunity to check the car.

You have the law on your side, you are not a trader.

If you get another phone call or any contact from him, tell him you would prefer

to get the police involved (because of the comment about a mate coming round) or suggest he could sue you in which case a third party would decide the outcome (and we all know who would win ;-)

Stick to your guns, never let a bully win !!

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dont pay him because like Andrejuan has said he had an opportunity to inspect the the car also

Sold as seen.

He could have dammaged the car.


If i were you i wouldent even think about giving him any money.... If there is a genuine problem with the car he should have done his job properly and spoted the problem :)

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Or the poor sods who might unwittingly go to this garage and get ripped off?


Doesn't SF have a moral duty to not stand idly by and let this happen? After all, its one man's word against another. Offer the garage the chance to reply and let the members decide?


OP - do not pay anything. If you've been threatened report it to the police.

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