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  1. Can anyone please recommend a good gardener, that can undertake some landscaping, including new path and retainers. I have a blind dog, so would like someone that can help make it safe for him, with no big drops etc. Thanks
  2. Hi We are looking for a bathroom fitter, as the one we were going to use can no longer do it, due to his health. Will need bathroom suite fitting, tiling etc. we will be supplying most of the goods. Will also need a towel heater fitting, and an electric shower moving. Thanks.
  3. Here https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g186345-d4214115-Reviews-Falling_Foss_Tea_Garden_and_Waterfall-Whitby_North_Yorkshire_England.html Its just gorgeous.
  4. Everyone wants different things from cleaning. I now leave it to the individual to tell me what they would like doing. Mostly its hoovering, dusting, bathroom, kitchen, sometimes windows. Once you get to know someone I find they are more relaxed about asking you to do other things i.e feed animals. let the dog out etc. Its a personal thing.
  5. Try a taster cruise p&o do 2 3 or 4 nights ones from Southampton, Of course you only get to got to Amsterdam ,Guernsey etc, but its more about sampling the ships. We have done a couple and are doing our first proper one this year.
  6. Thank for the replies.Forgot to mention the injectors have been checked. The codes thrown up, were cranksaft sensor etc, and have been changed.
  7. This car is driving us nuts, and even the garage is running out of ideas. A couple of months ago, the car started to stall. It had no real preference to when, where and what speed, so it was took of the road and took to the garage. Since then, it has had, new battery, turbo , fuel filter, crankshaft sensor, fuel rail pressure sensor, and its none of these. It doesn't appear to be a problem with the cat either. The car now appears to be low on power too. Has anyone any ideas please? Thank you
  8. Our family owned a shellfish stall for a number of years, and I have fond memories of it. Weekends were so busy, we struggled to keep up! Met so many lovely people over the years.
  9. Exactly the same problem here! I paid £15 for a 3 mth delivery pass, but don't think I will be benefiting from it. It doesn't even find items when you search for them (even though they are there) Two weeks on the trot, it has driven me nuts, and ready for giving up now! To top it off, I always end up with a fair number of substitutions too. Last week my malted danish loaf was replaced by a fruit soreen loaf. Back to tesco's it is I think.
  10. Hi My daughter is a cake maker, and she registered with the council etc. She is a lovely 3 tier peppa pig one recently, but I can't see to put a photo up. If you pm me an email address I will send it to you. Thanks.
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