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  1. The Cross Scythes annual Christmas Fair will be held on 24th November, from 2pm-7pm We have 20 fantastic stalls lined up, and music from Sheffield 13 Brass Ensemble. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2356808034542609/?ti=cl
  2. I seem to recall a few years back, reading a headline (probably in the Star, possible nonsense) that Newfield was one of the worst performing schools in the whole country. It was certainly one of, if not the worst, in Sheffield If I remember rightly, they were one of Sheffield's best last year. Obviously something is working, and I doubt it is all down, as they would like us to believe, to their super strict uniform rules. A new system of measure seems much more likely!
  3. A young lad was shot by a random man who asked him for cigarettes and cash. He was walking from home up to the Cross Scythes at the time. The mugger held a gun to his head, and he turned his head as the gun was fired. It went into his neck, and lodged in his jaw. Its taken his back teeth out and broken his jaw, but he is ok and doing well. This is taken from updates posted online by his mum. ---------- Post added 27-04-2018 at 08:02 ---------- Also at last update, shooter hasn't been caught.
  4. The Cross Scythes on Derbyshire Lane are holding a Christmas fayre tomorrow from 2-7pm Free entry All details can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/304814593256267/?ti=cl
  5. I registered with the council when I was 16 but never bid for a property until 4 years ago - I was private renting until then. The price of the rent increased to way more than I could afford so having 10 years waiting time, I started to bid on houses. I bid on my current house in May 2013 - I was 17th in the queue. Carried on unsuccessfully bidding until November, coming 5th, 6th, 10th in the queue, but then was suddenly offered the house I bid on back in May. All the 16 people in front of me in the queue had refused the house! No idea why, yes it needed decorating, but nothing I wasn't expecting.
  6. Well after many calls back and forth they've told me I can't carry a booster as well as hand luggage, it'll be one or the other! Bit rubbish really, I'll just have to buy a baggage allowance instead!
  7. Hoping this is the best place to ask! Booked a holiday in May next year and my 2 youngest children will be 5 and 6. They've both got paid for seats and a hand luggage allowance of up to 10kg. We've decided to hire a a car on arrival rather than book transfers - but a booster seat hire with the car is £60 each so would be much more cost effective for us to take our own. Looking at the website it says infants can have a car seat or buggy up to 10kg free of charge but I can't find into about it for any children over 2. We'll be needing the 10kg baggage allowance for actual baggage. Anyone know if all children get the car seat allowance or just infants under 2? I'm confused! If I have to pay to check them in, how much would it be? Hoping some of you have experience!
  8. Thanks guys, we've managed to extend it anyway with some extra bits I aerial wires we had and some tape which is obviously not a permanent fix but is doing the job for now it's definitely got a communal aerial though, it's a huge one on the side of the block - I assumed the council would have made sure it was at least use able before letting the property but maybe that's a thing of the past these days! There is a sky dish on the back of her maisonette so I assume it was chopped for that reason!
  9. Hi guys just a little query! My sister is in the process of moving into a council maisonette and we've just realised her tv aerial wires have been cut off so they don't reach inside the property any more. I assume with it being a maisonette block it's a communal aerial. Does anyone know if the council will fix this for her or will it be something she'll have to sort out herself? Thanks!
  10. Very strange and I fail to see the point of an "issue number" if it would just be a random number lol she did say on the phone that issue numbers would likely be sequential, not always though, but the first one is random? Maybe they need to think of a better description for it than "issue number"
  11. Just renewed my provisional licence and noticed the issue number (last 2 digits after driving number) is 13. I had lost my old one, not replaced it, but now it is due a new photo so I applied for a new one. I'm 99% sure I've only ever had 1 previous one - it may possibly be 2, I might have had 1 replacement years ago. I'd expect issue number to be 2 or 3. OH has has several replacements that we can count and his is 05, which makes sense to us, this is his 5th as far as we can count. Just rang DVLA and was told the issue number is just random? If thats true what is the point of the issue number? Don't want to think someones been stealing the details off my lost one and applying for more in my name!
  12. Would just like to put a post on to recommend Cassy's Cakes - http://www.cassyscakes.co.uk and http://www.facebook.com/cassyscakes124 Cassy's has a shop/cafe on Heeley Green so you can go in and try samples with a cuppa, and she makes 'free from' and vegan friendly etc cakes to order. Excellent prices too. She made my daughter a really good pokemon cake and I've just booked in again for a few cakes for the kids birthdays over the next few months. Edit: just spotted there's a competition running on the Facebook page too if anyone wants to pop on and enter while the links there
  13. As some of you will have already seen, we're holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning at The Cross Scythes on Derbyshire Lane, S8 9EQ on Thursday 6th October from 10.30-2pm Everyone welcome - cups of tea and coffee are free, and we'll have some great cakes on sale and all proceeds will go to Macmillan Cancer Support. We are having a 'Cake Off' with a prize for the best baker, so if you're a dab hand with a mixer feel free to bake something and bring it along. We could also make use of any good condition items of bric a brac (no clothes/shoes) or maybe some handmade craft items to use as prizes for our tombola game. We already have quite a few bits, but if anyone would be kind enough to donate a couple of items to this great cause we'd be very grateful. Just pop them up to the pub any time on Thursday morning or before If coffee isn't your thing you are welcome to join us for a pint and some cake from 12pm and Netheredge Pizza Co. Will be here from 4pm! Hope to see some of you here! X
  14. I think you might have posted the wrong link Or I've missed something? They've already said we won't be kicked out of Euromillions for leaving the EU x
  15. I'm using an android phone so maybe that's the difference - if I click the message icon on the browser it sends me straight to the messenger app. If I click the menu and scroll down to messages from there and click it, it just brings up a blank page
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