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  1. I am looking to have some internal building work done - wall removal, plastering, electrics, plumbing, decorating. Has anyone used Meersbrook Construction Company or SDP Builders?
  2. I echo what has been said about the zebra crossing near Crookes Valley Park, however I find the zebra crossing on Northfield Rd near Bole Hill even more dangerous. I regularly have to wait minutes before anyone stops to let me cross. This is definitely on the increase and now it is becoming more surprising when people actually stop. I use the crossing several times a day and have lost count of the number of times I have been almost hit whilst in the middle of the road as cars come careering along and don't seem to appreciate that pedestrians use the crossing. I wave/ gesticulate/swear at them, depending on just how close they have got to me this time I have also witnessed several accidents where cars have been rammed from behind as they try and stop at the crossing. Oh and don't get me started about the lunatics trying to overtake the 52 bus and zooming down the hill , oblivious to the zebra crossing. In the dark mornings/evenings I wear high viz and my dog has a flashing collar that can practically be seen from space and still have near misses. It does feel like I am taking my life in my hands when using zebra crossing these days as more and more drivers are less courteous, never mind the ones who are blatantly dangerous. To those drivers who do stop at zebra crossings = THANK-YOU !
  3. I live not far from the Western Rd/Cobden View area OP asks about. There's a lot less students here than there used to be . The road I live on has only a handful compared to a few years ago. Students getting pickier about properties and landlords not willing to up their game find properties not letting. More families moving in. When we were buying we looked here, Walkley, Hborough, Banner Cross, Ecclesall Rd area. We settled on Crookes because easy walking distance to hospitals/uni/City Centre, had nice high street without feeling too built up and because of ease of getting to countryside and Bole Hills is on your doorstep. Decent houses will sell quickly if you need to move, as lots of professionals at uni/hospitals etc so there's always a demand. There is an abundance of the 52 bus. One every few minutes. Often 4 at once. Yes it is hilly and windy but I happen to like hills and fresh air. It does tend to be a few degrees colder than elsewhere and in the winter there will be snow in Crookes and nowhere else but you can bond with your neighbours as you trek through the snow. Downside, not loads of great pubs but not too far to Commonside for Closed Shop or to Walkley for the Blake if you like real ale. Restaurants ok but as other have said, not too far to Broomhill etc.
  4. We've had a new carpet fitted and the old hessian- backed one has been cut into strips. Someone been this morning to collect some for his allotment so still some people using them on allotments. Happy to donate to a new home but you will have to collect it before the weekend as off to the dump it goes. I'm in Crookes. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks
  5. Just Natural in Crookes still have some real xmas trees for sale, including some decent sized ones. They don't have loads so you'll have to get their sharpish as no doubt they will sell quickly. Apparently they mislaid the keys to their van so couldn't sell them yesterday.
  6. Thanks for the HD pic. Hopefully it will help identify the beast. I know not what it is but suspect that it may be rendered more friendly with glass of sherry (substitute family's own choice of booze) and a mince pie. I want to know how a wasp (presumably unfluffy) is surviving in those arctic conditions
  7. I am a long term supporter of the mighty Alcoblog and his endeavours , but fear you have taken a misstep this time. I appreciate the need for a canine passenger aboard the vessel, but snaffling it from your next door neighbour who is now understandably distressed seems a bit of a blow below the space belt. Surely there are other mutts who could go instead of Mr Ploppy? Ones who could volunteer or their owners would willingly donate a beloved pooch to such a great scientific adventure. I intend to come and witness blast off, but will be disguised as a dog walker as I suspect nefarious type will also be attracted by the great blast off. Hope you get the permission sorted
  8. The chickens I've heard live in an igloo-type bunker not a des res type shed as photographed by alco. I've tied taking some pictures but the chicken igloo bunker is obscured by overhanging branches and shrubbery. I've only managed to get a peek at it when the winds are high, which admittedly is quite often in Crookes. I'll try and maintain vigilance but it might be that photographic proof can only be obtained by going into the garden. I'm not prepared to do that 'cos it would be trespassing, but I also fear that the ground may be booby-trapped or the chickens are mutants and be armed with blunderbusses ( not to be confused with the 52 buses). Any more sightings or are we still thinking of poultry triangle? ---------- Post added 14-08-2013 at 11:11 ---------- I've just remembered that my friend who lives in lower Walkley has 2 chickens. They don't cluck that loudly even when the wind is high, so I think we can rule them out.
  9. Alco has been at great pains to point out they are not his chickens. However, using his skills and high tec Area 51 kit you need to take a squiz at your "neighbours" deeds. There are already some chickens in Crookes - they hang out near Western Road and cluck intermittently. but by the clucking sounds it appears to be small numbers of fowl rather than the vast hordes implied by Alcos query. Are your cluckers already alighted near Area 51? Do we need to call in a Stephen Hawkings, Algelina Jolie strike force?
  10. I called Northern Powergrid 0800 375 675 and automated message said power should be restored by 13.45. It has already come back on at mine.
  11. Sorry I'm not able to help, but bumping to see if others can help (please).
  12. We have recently had our bathroom done by Sam Lovatt of Dearne Plumbing & Bathrooms, tel 07909 842 848. Forum id : Sam @ Dearne Sam was blummin fantastic! ( Will be sending you the pics soon Sam, as promised) Reasonable price, excellent work, great attention to detail and he was very understanding about our last minute changes to the plan. Sam was also really helpful when we were designing the bathroom layout and his ideas helped us get the most of out the space. He's also a superb tiler and really nice bloke and even came back later to help us fit the bespoke mirror. Will definitely be calling on his services again.
  13. I can't believe that this thread I stared many moons ago is still going. well we finally got around to having our bathroom done and used Sam Lovatt of Dearne Plumbing & Bathrooms, tel 07909 842 848. He was fantastic! Reasonable price, excellent work and attention to detail.
  14. There's a lady, probably in her 70s that spends hours each morning picking up litter in Bole Hill in Crookes. I walk my dog up there ( cleaning up after him if he poos) and I generally try and pick up some litter too, but definitely nowhere near the scale that lady does. More and more people seem to not bother clearing up after their dog and Bole Hill is in a right state as a result.
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