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  1. Many thanks for the bulbs. just need a few 60 watt ones now, anyone?
  2. need some old style incandescent light bulbs. 60w & 100w standard bayonet fitting. I do not want LED or Halogen capsule or low life bulbs. If you know of somewhere that definitely has these still in stock. Let me know ASAP please. Thank you.
  3. my mobile phone is gobbling data. my sim only contract has 2 giggly bites of data which has always been more than enough to check facebook every day if I wish to. in recent months the data usage warning has been popping up earlier and earlier and this month after only a week. I have done a virus scan on avast and it showed no threats. the data appears to be mostly used on facebook. I have been getting ads running in the middle of facebook videos. I have tried removing apps like trip advisor which I dont use. peel remote and something else have been driving me mad with lots of ads popping up so I tried removing that and got a warning about losing data so I didnt do it. any help appreciated.
  4. What was expected to be an hour and half of bowling turned into three hours because of faulty equipment and lanes out of action. what should have been a pleasurable afternoon was a bloody nightmare and made me late for an appointment. Hope the can get things sorted.
  5. carper gripper glued on inside at top of side door.
  6. so is the bus lane and cameras. ---------- Post added 23-05-2018 at 14:56 ---------- regular blackspot this.
  7. I worked at Ventura in Wath. Dress down day was arranged on a Friday. Participants were encouraged to contribute £1 which went to that month's charitable cause. Dress down day is a way of showing that everyone is human underneath the company garb. it is a bit like working in a bank with suits and ties everyday then being shocked at seeing a colleague on his day off appear on the other side of the counter dressed as a punk!
  8. the police are too busy watching football matches and ignoring hired thugs bullying tree protesters. SYP is in the top ten most useless in the UK. with no suspects for 58% of crimes they bother to investigate. instead of our council tax being bumped up on their behalf, they should be taking a 58% pay cut.
  9. getting rid of the bus gate would improve traffic flow immensely. people are sick of being forced down dodgy side streets just to get to the other side of the wicker arches to where they are going.
  10. Sheffield Tree Action Groups on facebook is a good place to follow what is happening to Sheffield's trees. Prepare to be shocked, I kid you not.
  11. there used to be a stamp shop in centre of chesterfield who also ran stamp auctions. ebay has thousands of stamp listings.
  12. Have not been to peacock for around five years. before this we used to be regular eaters there. last time we went we got stuck at a cramped table between the door and the toilets. my wife's lasagne was undercooked then came back barely edible. I cannot remember what I had but I did not enjoy it. the galling thing was our seating, there were lots of better tables reserved that were still unoccupied an hour and half later when we left. a few years ago you did not reserve tables and the place was packed and the food excellent. not sure what has gone wrong here. we went to crown and cushion yesterday, everyone enjoyed their food which was well presented and huge. I felt £18.95 for a mixed grill was too much, particularly as I take a good part home for the dog, so I opted for a prawn cocktail and the gammon. not sure about the cocktail arriving in a storage jar with a lid but it was very good, another piece a butter for the tasty bread rolls would not have gone amiss. the gammon was fine but the leaf garnishing was all one leaf type with a dressing I did not like. the chips were dry and overcooked as if they were last night's leftovers reheated. the pineapple was battered and deep fried which I removed to find a disappointingly thin sliver of a pineapple ring. I avoid caribbean restaurants because I don't like deep fried fruit. still, a popular place but needs a much bigger car park.
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