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    4 x war books/DVDs for sale Usborne First World War hardback book (VGC) Usborne Second World War hardback book (VGC) World War II hardback book and DVD (GC) Great War DVD (VGC) Collection from Crookes, S10 £4 the lot


  2. I'm looking to buy a pool cue for someone but don't know where to start. There seem to be so many. Am I right in thinking that 57" is the longest cue? Do any come in that length or are they split in two and fit together? Are there any preferable brands? Any other tips? Many thanks
  3. They are still in business......and me .....and my mother.....have both had issues. Only come half the time and now won't come at all because we refuse to pay for another year, even though we only had about 8 cleans in the previous year and they owe us some bin cleans. One bin cleaner was very rude to my mother, too, which doesn't help matters. Avoid this company like the plague. Shame, I could do with a bin cleaner. I like having a sweet-smelling bin!
  4. Odd Sock Dance currently offering adult disco dancing classes for intermediate level (11am - 12pm) and beginner level (12pm - 1pm) on Wednesdays at the U-Mix Centre Dance studio. Coming soon - Creative Movement classes 1pm - 2pm. All classes £5 p/p p/w - no block-booking. Please do not just turn up. Please register interest; oddsockdance@gmail.com For more information visit http://www.oddsockdancesheffield.co.uk or the Odd Sock Dance Facebook page. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
  5. Do you know if there is an age limit for children?
  6. Does anyone know of any free English courses/evening classes for beginners.....as in learners of English as a second language? Also, does anyone happen to know if there are any Spanish societies in the city where native and non-native speakers meet socially to practice spoken English and Spanish? Thanks.
  7. Just wondering what are the realities of each school. In the unfortunate position of having to choose between them, having them both as catchment schools. Have visited both and King Edwards appealed infinitely more; much more dynamic and vibrant with lovely staff ...not to mention the dedicated subject buildings with excellent resources. So pleased to see it turning itself around at last (not least because I am a former pupil). Seems much more child-centred and geared up around individual needs. Tapton...bit of a dump, soulless and too many children on one site, but has outstanding reputation for academic excellence of traditional subjects. Just wondering how the children and parents of these schools feel in the current 2016 climate.
  8. Was really looking forward to this event. I sent an enthusiastic email to the organisers only to get back the crappy message 'all tickets have gone'. No addressee or signature on the reply. The lack of advertising is in typical Sheffield fashion. There only seems to be a Facebook page. Organisation seems a bit shoddy. I can see the lights now. Didn't head in to town following that response. Can't hear any sirens though.
  9. Sheffield is definitely going down hill again. Fright Night was great. Nothing is encouraged and what IS on isn't advertised properly. Sheffield really is the Forgotten City compared to its' counterparts.
  10. New - Adult Beginner Disco Dancing Classes soon to start. Tuesday Evenings at U-Mix Centre Dance Studio.. Original 1970's /1980's choreography No examinations! Just dance for fun. See website for details and email to book your place. http://www.oddsockdance.moonfruit.com
  11. Oh no! I was trying to book a meal there for Thursday evening, and was having great difficulty. Now I know why!!!!!! Very disappointed.
  12. ODD SOCK DANCE Intermediate Disco Dancing class Wednesdays 11am to 12pm, U-Mix Centre Dance Studio S3 Beginners Disco Dancing classes commencing Mondays/Fridays (daytime) £5 pay per week Please email for enquiries/to register interest: oddsockdance@yahoo.co.uk or oddsockdance@hotmail.co.uk For more details please visit oddsockdance.moonfruit.com
  13. I use a fish man. DD of Grimsby. Very reasonably priced, not pushy, delicious fish. Can't imagine this it is this one, but, it is the one company I know.
  14. Can anyone recommend a mobile beautician who works in the S10 area? Thanks.
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