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  1. Hi all and thank you so much to all in advance to everybody who helps me with this. I am being left some money from a relation who has past over and would like to invest it.This is the first time that I have been in this position and do not have a clue were to start.I there is anyone out there who could help????? PS Thank you
  2. HI everyone,just joined as i feel i had to express my experience i have just had with a new kichen i have had fitted.as im sure we all know and heard about the horror stories about kichen companys and cowboy fitters. my story starts when i started working thru the minefield of kichen companies and fitters.i search sheffield forum and a name that kept coming up was phil greenwood.so i gave him a ring,and i never looked back.from the moment i spoke to him it was a pleasure all the way.firstly he arranged to meet me at sheffield kichen outlet were we meet daniel who is a partner in the company. both dan and phil spent so much time in us all working together in the planning and choice of kichen.phil greenwood and his fitter ,steve,spent 4 days in fitting the kichen and it was a pleasure to have them working for me.both phil and steve were polite and treated my home with respect.the fnished kichen was fantastic,including all the fnishing detail.i would also like to mention that they even went to fetch me some skirting board,and even mitred all the skirting so all i had to do was fit it....this was as a favour and wasnt charged for. dan at sko was also a pleasure to work with as he showed so much patience and advice,nothing was to much trouble for him,he always had time for me and always returned my calls.all i can say is if you are planning to have a kichen i would strngly adice to give phil a bell on 07729625901 and he will look after you from design to fitting.
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