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  1. If she got into a car - voluntarily or otherwise - that would be unlikely.
  2. It was about 1993 when the NHS issued "guidelines" that repeat prescriptions should not be for more than 28 days at a time. I never did find out why, though.
  3. The IOC acknowledges that much, which is why every member of the team gets the appropriate medal; but it is only a single event, which is why it only counts one in the medals table. Britain has won the gold in 25 events so far, hence in the medals table you see 25 gold medals, even though 35 may have been physically handed out.
  4. Heretic. Lamborghinis should never be red; they could be mistaken for common riffraff like a Ferrari.
  5. Okay; in that case, "no belief" is English for no belief. What justification do you need for arguing that no belief means no belief?
  6. You would have failed your O level if you had not used it, so either you're lying about having one, or - more likely -you simply forgot that you ever had learnt the order of operations.
  7. What exactly is "blind" about following three thousand years of arithmetical practice?
  8. A-theism is greek for no-belief. What justification do you need for arguing that no belief means no belief?
  9. Misheard no, but misunderstood, quite obviously. What happened is that a teenage girl who was flat out going for a world record, swam the last fifty metres quicker than a man who already had the gold medal in the bag and was coasting. That really is not worthy of wonder.
  10. That's what is so disturbing, the fact that not only are so many people completely ignorant of the rules of arithmetic, but that some of them are actively defending their ignorance by insisting they are correct. Multiplication (and division) is performed before addition and subtraction. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=order+of+mathematical+operations Almost thirty million results; all of which say you are wrong.
  11. It would be something to wonder very much about, if and when it ever happens. It hasn't done yet.
  12. I'm not going to say anything against Abide With Me as an emotionally inspirational song, but I don't think it's right for an anthem. A national anthem should be something uplifting. Land of Hope and Glory would be an excellent choice. Indeed, I believe (an aging memory may be playing tricks on me) that at one time, the England team used to play this as their anthem at the Commonwealth Games.
  13. Jerusalem is out, since it is specifically about England. You could, though, make a good argument for England teams using that as their own anthem instead of pinching the British one and pretending it is theirs alone.
  14. The men's kierin competition will be taking place on Tuesday, with two rounds in the morning and the final somewhere in the general region of 6pm. We are also strongly fancied to win that one, with Sir Chris Hoy defending his title.
  15. I didn't know there was anywhere in, or even near, London that was called Winnat's Pass...
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