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  1. Not really. From conversations I had it turned out two Stephen Parkins were at Jordanthorpe at the same time. A few remembered the same one I remembered but hadn't seen him in years. We all said we would ask around though so keep watching.
  2. He was in my year at Jordanthorpe, not seen him since but has it happens, I am going to a birthday party tonight with quite a few old Jordo lads. I'll ask around see if anyone kept in touch.
  3. Hopefully you will take it to the South Yorks Retro meet 1st Tues of the month?
  4. Used it many times, it has been a godsend when other options have not been possible.
  5. The car sales place halfway up Rutland Road is shared by a mechanic, he rents out a ramp by the hour I'm told (used to be a sign on the footpath)
  6. They can't take that away from me. I don't believe what you're saying to me This is something that I've got to see
  7. Seven Little Girls I told you way back in 52, that I would never go with you.
  8. Bat out of Hell If I showered you with kisses, if I tell you honey this is.........
  9. Yeah, I've been watching for a while. Varied and interesting.
  10. The BBC is a bargain no doubt, The quality is good generally and exceptional on certain genres. My problem is being forced to pay for it, I think it should be like Sky etc. a choice, and I would still pay for it voluntarily.
  11. No, people like that don't exist, I say no, people like that don't exist.
  12. Another positive for Sam Lovatt the plumber. He has just finished a complete replacement shower room for me, top notch workmanship and attention to detail. Trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with. As the old saying goes, if you want a job doing right ask the busiest person.
  13. True, and my OP is incorrect, I put Hagg Hill instead of Stephen Hill. ( I call the whole stretch Hagg although it has three different names along it's length) My bad. The stoppage was at the top of Stephen Hill, Hagg Hill was still accessible from a couple of other routes but later there was indeed a car in the wall on Rivelin bottom, possibly from sliding down the hill? The crash at Gleadless happened after the police had blocked the bottom off, as they are already there when the car crashes in the video.
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