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  1. I believe you can still buy them at Boots (chemist) if you don't know what I mean, I am talking about a baby's dummy, buy one and have suck on it when you see the next driver taking the sort cut. This is one of the most childish posts I have read on SF for a long time, grow up and stop being so childish. Looking at some of your previous posts you seem to be always complaining about something.
  2. Or in Mrs Browns other words, you could say "Thats Nice":hihi:
  3. Yes it would be that Edinburgh, and if you have followed the progress of the building of its tram system you will find that it has now been scaled down to a minimum and will only run along Princess Street and a few other roads, nothing at all in comparison to the Sheffield tram system.
  4. While in no way do I agree with this plonker suggests, Edinburgh has a fantastic bus service that runs smoothly it also runs all night after 12pm on a fixed price ticket system, one price for no matter how far you are traveling and the daytime fares are a lot better than down here in Sheffield.
  5. The only problem with your statement charlie_boy, is that Rotherham started go downhill well before the current financial climate.
  6. Just being curious but you say it had no proper marks on it, what marks did it have if any?. Have you stopped to think if he was genuine and really was German, was the chain bought in Germany and be of German make, if so it would'nt have English hall marks on it would it. Just a thought.
  7. Bullseye Motorist Discount, Allen Kays at Woodhouse Mill near Iron Bridge or the obvious pace would be a Peugeot Agent. but the sore point is that some displays have small led blights fixed on the printed circuit board of the dash. I know my Peugeot 407dash lights can't be replaced.
  8. But I did read the post correctly and saw quite clearly that they asked if they were covered by visa debit. And if you had read the post to which I was replying to:
  9. But as stated in the original thread. Post1, !They paid by cheque, nothing at all to do with Visa Debit. Why should Visa Debit have anything to do with it, a cheques a cheque end of story.
  10. Proof of purchase yes, but then again the store could argue that even though the statement showed a sum of lets say £29.95, they could argue that they have several items on sale in the store at that price, can you prove it was that particular item you bought that shows on the statement.
  11. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night
  12. Actually depending what the item is the shop can be held responsable under EU law for upto 5 years for repair to an item. Just had a computer (2 years old) replaced under this EU ruling, but obviously I had my receipt from when I purchased the computer, without the receipt you have no chance of anything. .
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