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  1. Is it a pitched or flat roof? if its flat and they have put Grp on it could be the edge / wall fillets creaking with expansion. Would contact the builder that did it though, he's obviously seen the job so could shed some light. No-one can really diagnose a problem without seeing the job.
  2. Not been funny but rather than coming on here to 'rant' why not go and offer to push the broken down car out of the way.
  3. Are you sure??? I got told you HAVE to accept Scottish notes and Irish but only if the say Sterling on them (don't know why that's just what I got told) I do know that the old £20 English notes are not legal tender anymore.
  4. All this shoplifting because people are starving and can not afford food is rubbish. I worked in a shop for about 4-5 years and I only came across 1 person steeling genuinely for themselves (and I decided to let them have it) The rest have been either drug addicts or alcoholics, steeling mainly meat, alcohol, cheese, chocolate or toiletries. I dealt with 100's and constantly got threatened, swore at, spat at and actually had a needle pulled out on me one (needless to say he got away with the meat lol) I can totally 100% see why some staff don't bother with stopping them because of how them become when you try to take the stuff back off of them, because you are coming between them and the next fix. I used to burn a hard copied Dvd for the police and report it (weather I got the goods back or not) but the shoplifters have to be caught like 10 times before they got locked up. Many staff don't bother taking the time to report it because of how long it takes. In my opinion they should be at least 1 security guard on in every shop (although that will never happen) I know ile be wrong and someone will come out with some statistics that 40% of shoplifting incidents are people doing it for a kick or something daft like that, but in my experience (in the real world not what the paper's or google say) it is people nicking to feed a habit.
  5. Erm yes they do, they should ask you if you need a receipt but if your shop is over £20 or you have got any reduced item if will automatically print one.
  6. I used to be a supervisor there, and anytime there was a discrepancy at the tills regarding change given I used to look at the cameras, not cash up a till as you can clearly see what note is given and change, if cash back has / hasn't been given e,c,t. I also used to check it against the receipts too. I don't think that cashing up a till is the most accurate way personally. They always print a receipt out though from the till and from the office, you must have just got a rouge employee (report him / her to the manager if you think that they are skimming the change) Mistakes do happen though (whoever you are and whatever line of work you are in), think about it from the staff's point of view, if you're serving 100's of customers you're bound to make the odd mistake, its the correcting it that counts. Just check you're change before you leave the shop, or pay with your card
  7. Hillsbrough (S6) area is good. Lots of different shops in the area itself & Good for getting into town centre from there. Loads of schools in and around the area. Well within your budget of £1000 rent.
  8. Limit the Dole to 2 years??? they should limit it to 2 months. The dole is a joke anyone who is wanting to work will find employment fast, even if its MW . Ive tried signing on once in my life when I was 17 and I didn't qualified for the dole at the time because of how much my mum and dad were earning. This was probably the best thing that happened to me. I managed to get a MW job within a 1 week of trying and was there for abit before getting back on my feet. I have a lot of mates on the other hand that have been on the dole for years, and probably will be for the rest of there life's. They haven't got any real work experience or ethics so even if they do get a job im pretty sure that they wont last ( I have got a couple of them jobs at previous places of work and they lasted about a month). Im sure most of them are depressed and feel down most of the time because they haven't got a job. I also think that anyone who is on the dole should earn it... Having to help the Police, Fire service, Hospital, council, local businesses or something just to give them some sort feeling that they have earn there dosh instead of getting it for nothing.
  9. Going purely on someone's day rate is a bit thick and doesn't determine there quality of work, don't you think spider? (or havnt I got a clue again:hihi:) Plus its well know that most of the dodgy tradesmen actually well over charge not undercharge. You carnt tell me that if you got 2 quotes for some work and both of them can provide pic's of previous work, references and seem professional and one quote is 1/3 cheaper you wouldn't go for that quote... Although im pretty sure you are going to say that you would opt for the more expensive quote:roll:. Regardless of the price the customer should and will go with the person that they feel is most professional and trustworthy.
  10. How anyone can say that the geezer who is charging £80 per day is a bodger or a cowboy without seeing his work is truly untrue. Rudds1 was happy with the finish result so whats the problem? If the bloke is willing to work for £80 a day and gets it to a professional finish more fool him lol. I wouldn't do it. Dunno about that GerryB, most established tradesmen charge minimum 120 for a day's work.
  11. Just don't walk through there then??? Im sure you don't have to go through there do you. Why would you want to go for a stroll through a cemetery anyway? Id imagine that the sign has been put up by the maintenance people who are getting fed up of cleaning it up or people visiting there relatives getting fed up of the dog mess. Just find an alternative route to walk your dog, then everyone will be appy:D
  12. Or maybe the OP's mates said 'we'll go to Paris tonight' and the OP misunderstood what they meant
  13. Stephen hill and back to Bole hill Road is completely clear
  14. Check this out, it'll put a smile on your face:D my teenage sons 2005 Renault Clio , with story time , who would buy it ? Just goes to show been honest when selling something is worth it:hihi:
  15. I think your miss read mecheng46's post, there saying that just because someone pays 1M for somet it doesn't mean its worth it
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