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  1. may be the police should be more vigilant and before you start about reduced numbers TEN police cars chasing one car through oughtibridge last sunday night
  2. proberly the same pillock who thought it would be a good idea to set them off at 1.30am this morning in oughtibridge
  3. hague plant on claywheels lane mhh on Carlisle street brocklebanks also on Carlisle street
  4. there is a small herd about five or six in the top woods at oughtibridge see them most mornings when out with the dogs
  5. hes a burglar who thinks nothing of stealing off people today hes pinching out of peoples cars tomorrow it might be peoples houses then what does he do when cornered stab someone to get away, but according to you hes only a burglar so its ok to me hes SCUM would you like to list these more serious crimes
  6. the person WAS the same person using the cards who stole them from my car yes it was an oversight on my behalf to leave the cards in my car but if some thieving ******* got a job indstead of leaving other peoples property alone , the same person was using a van that was not registered to him it was sorn and surprise surprise did not even have a driving licence but hey ho the police have more important crimes to deal with good job he didn't knock any one down
  7. told by the police officers who couldn't be bothered to arrest the person who broke in to my car stole my debit card and used it all over Sheffield triggering the cctv at places he used it . .the police know him know where he lives but as I say its way down on their list
  8. believe me the police don't want to know its way down on their list
  9. glad shes been found but I hope someone is going to get charged with wasting police time because reading between the lines even the police knew she was not really missing just didn't want to be found
  10. soon to be a housing development 320 homes if I remember right
  11. think he might be referring to that one
  12. I have 10 koi for rehoming all nice colours and good size open to offers looking to close the pond based at oughtibridge
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