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  1. On the plus net bandwidth speed checker I am getting 66 and 107 kbps have reported the problem and I know its not a fault with my laptop as its the same on my other pc. How else can I check speed, there seems to be hundreds of sites:huh: It's like being in the first dialup days when I should be up to 8meg.
  2. Thanks for the replies...will have a go!
  3. No one used it because it didn't go anywhere. It didn't go anywhere beacause it wasn't long enough for long haul or transatlantic aircraft. I still think for a city the size of Sheff it's a big negative when it comes to commerce and development, regardless of how close other airports are.
  4. Yes that's right, according to Look North of Sheffield AKA Look Leeds we now have this distinction. The council has agreed today that development can start on the site at Tinsley to turn it into an industrial estate. Isn't this a disgrace as far as the future of the city goes?
  5. I want to send messages between the 3 pcs on my wireless network mainly as a bit of fun with my daughter. Any ideas of free software I could use, would msn work and be secure?
  6. Not wanting to hijack this thread, but has anyone any experience of stereo bluetooth headphones I can use with my pocket pc? Any recommendations?
  7. My pc phone has wm player, is their any need to rip as mp3 rather than the default wma when adding music. I have wm11 on my laptop and although it gives mp3 an option it wont without an encoder although I have tried to install lame. Should I stick with wma?
  8. This seems to be a regular thing, happened twice since I switched from orange last month, not impressed am I:mad:
  9. And there lies the problem, too many people are more concerned about the welfare of animals than human beings.
  10. What a fantastic idea!! It's amazing that none of the dog owners you speak to ever confess to leaving the sh*t where it was laid. If all were telling the truth there wouldn't be a problem. It's also noticeable that the darker colder months yield more of the stuff on the streets as owners are too lazy or nesh to take pooch for a jolly good ramble in the country.
  11. Once again you come to my aid, with audio grabber and audacity I have set up some cheesy comedy ringtones for my phone...cheers
  12. Dear all Having done an extensive search on SF and google I am struggling to find a good free prog to do as it says above. Windows media player wont rip to mP3 as it says I need a compatible mp3 encoder. Any help gratefully received.
  13. Nice one...I quite like it never used tabbed browsing before. Two things I can't suss out though. 1. Can you close all tabs at once, only way seems to be one by one or close ie and open again. 2. Want to move toolbar icons all to the left next to favourites, can't do that either
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