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  1. Can I recommend Jeff the joiner, just had windows and doors fitted by him, excellent work and is prompt with quotes and replying
  2. Hi Can anyone recommend the best place to buy koi or koi fry, wanting to add to my new pond but not sure on where to buy. Is anyone selling any fry? Thanks Jess
  3. Hi I'm after a job lot of topsoil to be delivered. Can anyone recommend the best place to get some? Thanks Jess
  4. Mod note This section is not for advertising, For quotations please follow the directions, and place an advertisement in the section entitled "Jobs" Thanks
  5. Hi I am wanting a builder to give me a quote for some work in a new property, want a loft conversion altering to comply with building regs, a garage conversion doing and a patio changing. I did speak to someone recently but they didn't turn up for the quote Would be keen to find a reliable person to help Thanks
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