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  1. Did it happen last night? Really? My kids have done something every other year.
  2. I expected so much more of this. Some very decent talent involved. Timescales were so way out it verged on farce. It was as if very early on the producers realised it was going to be a dead duck so didn't even try to create any real depth to the storyline and characters, and got it all wrapped up in record time. Perhaps they couldn't afford to pay Lancashire for any longer.
  3. Just coming to the last couple of Peaky Blinders, having watched the rest on iPlayer. Absolutely awesome.
  4. Interesting though that some are happy to call Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser but not call out Cameron for the same.
  5. I'm disappointed she didn't ask follow-up questions, regarding his 'walk in the park' with Epstein. I wanted her to ask, 'Why did you feel it necessary to discuss the matter in a park? Why not in the safety of his home, if you were so trusting of the man? What did you feel had to be discussed in a park, that couldn't be discussed with Epstein privately in his home?' And also, 'You say you have no recollection of meeting or raping Guiffre, aged 17, then Roberts, but you say you can remember visiting Pizza Express , as it was a rare event. Are we to infer from that, that raping 17 year olds is not a rare event for you then?' Also, 'What message does it send to under-age victims of serious sex crimes, when you chose to stay at Epstein's home for four days, after his conviction and subsequent release? You've said you were an Ambassador for the NSPCC full-stop campaign, and knew what to look for! What kind of Ambassador are you?' Also, 'The time you spent on Epstein's private island, how did you pass the time?' All in all though, I was glad the interview made him obviously uncomfortable.
  6. A minor was involved. And a victim of sex predators and then grooming, and then sex trafficking. I definitely think 'pedo' is not a 'lazy' description here but a valid one.
  7. It's funny that. When victims of Savile dared to report him, that's what they were called. Until death ensured he was untouchable for eternity. What I also find strange is that the whole operation hinges on Beech's testimony. We've seen and heard other personal accounts, so what happened to them?
  8. Do the police have powers of arrest if someone is under the protection of the walls of the palace?
  9. Blake and Tristan sound like they were two lovely, caring young people who had already made positive contributions to the lives of others. It is very sad that they were not given the chance to fulfill their potential and that their siblings will have to face life without them. I hope that they will get the best help available to lead long, fulfilling lives themselves.
  10. Thank you, hauxwell. I never knew that. That's a lovely gesture.
  11. I'm all for increases in security to protect stadium goers but from the last section of the article linked in the OP, it appears this action is to prevent match goers having an advantage on online betting??! What?!! Could someone please explain this?
  12. On the topic of the gates... I insist on asking my partner, 'is it black bin week this week?' My partner insists (correctly?) that they are not black bins but are in fact dark green. So, just saying, maybe the colour of the gates are not what they appear at a glance?!?
  13. My son was also fortunate enough to participate on a school visit to Normandy and the battlefields in France. I know this is also something that will stay with him forever, thanks to his dedicated teachers. To make this cost effective they had to have a coachful of students wanting to go, and I understand that the trip has gone ahead every year since my son went, so that is also heartening.
  14. I'm very glad, Anna. Also, with the advances in technology, and interactive resources available, teachers are able to show real footage and far more, at the touch of a button to students and children are also being set homeworks to use some of the impressive online resources available on the subject, on the BBC bitesize website and elsewhere to get a good grasp of what it was like at home and for those serving elsewhere. With this, and also the study of poets in English, such as Wlfred Owen, where the futility and true horrors and costs of war are recurring themes that are explored, I am very hopeful that future generations will also 'Remember them'. 😊
  15. I hope you will feel heartened by this. My teenage son was fortunate to have a truly inspirational history teacher. His teacher sparked an interest in him to read extensively on British and European Military history. I can safely say he is more knowledgeable than me on the subject, even though it was a component of my degree. This year alone he has bought several special commemorative badges for rememberance and our soldiers past and present are never far from his thoughts. His great Uncle was tricked in to serving in Korea, as a young man. When he came back, his innocence (as well as his hair due to shock) and peace of mind was lost forever. It is our job to keep the memories of those we knew alive, so that the horrors and futility of war are never forgotten in the hope that future generations will find alternatives to wars, in the name of those who have had their lives stolen.
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