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  1. Glad you are feeling better. I hope it's just muscular too. Don't overdo things just yet.
  2. If it is definitely muscular. If it's problems starting up with the sciatic nerve, then this could cause further damage.
  3. I didn't realize you'd been in France for forty years and missed Maggie's legislation which castrated the unions. I don't recall Labour doing a great deal to change anti-union legislation.
  4. This was last updated a year ago, but may be of interest to your friend.... https://gov.wales/written-statement-use-mesh-hernia-repair If your friend googles "surgical mesh implants - parliament uk' a more recent pdf is available - section 8 is the part of interest to your friend. As others have said though, no amount of googling will replace a frank chat with your surgeon.
  5. I'll be celebrating with the ghost of Tony Benn. Do you have a problem with him too?
  6. Too many con artists out there. Sorry you've been mugged by one. But rest assured he will get his comeuppance - especially if you and others report him.
  7. Warm bath, with rosemary oil or fresh rosemary or Epsom salts. Rest. Wear supportive cushioned trainers, even when walking around house. Gently apply voltarol gel or ibuprofen gel and consider stick on heat pads.
  8. That sounds tough. It's helpful though that she recognises what is contributing to her over-eating. If she could find something else to distract herself when she is stressed, that might help. Especially something that would occupy her hands as well as her thoughts, like knitting, cross-stitch, puzzles, etc, if she felt able to go for a walk, that would help enormously, on many levels.
  9. I've had Sainsbury's before at a family gathering I was invited to and it was very nice.
  10. Maybe that's part of the problem? She may be over eating because she's trying to get the satisfaction that she used to from food. Tiredness is also a major cause of over eating.
  11. My friend swears by Apple Cider vinegar for her arthritis.
  12. Yes, it is a tragedy. It doesn't justify anyone losing their job in other industries.
  13. I think intervening would make you a hero but I don't think running off would make you a coward.
  14. I agree 100% but whilst some are busy assessing the situation, some situations call for lightning reactions, for example, some of the heroic actions of those in London recently.
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