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  1. So I was accused of not giving any -thanks for clearing that up. As for your list, do you think I'm right wing, TCH?
  2. I wish you could get your head around the fact that Brexiters are individuals, with different motives for leaving. I know you believe these constant, pathetic, insults serve your cause well, but for many Brexiters, they're simply not true.
  3. I've listed mine. I was referring to intelligence to thwart terrorism.
  4. Oh, just however many it takes to get your way,then. As I thought. Well, unless the EU are stupid, they'd want to negotiate a deal, presumably, seeing as they'd be benefitting the most. So we would be continuing the symbiotic partnership that is Europol, so I don't see a problem.
  5. Yes, definitely, as well as all the few doing well on the EU gravy train. It was agreed before we voted, Cameron put it on the record.
  6. You highlight why the EU is a waste of time and money. We don't need EU leaders to make Bojo 'look a total dick'. Didn't you lecture a fellow poster on rudeness, not too long ago?
  7. And people seek 'evidence' that backs up their own opinions whilst rejecting evidence that doesn't. Is that what the media is telling you? So, you want a referendum on EU membership every 3 years, or sooner?
  8. Is the Independent a eurosceptic red top, now? And if you ever realise the value of democracy, believe me, you'll want to keep it.
  9. How can it be democratic to lose a referendum and then to do everything in your power to prevent the majority of the people who voted from getting what they voted for? Can't you see that is destroying democracy?
  10. Who gives a fig about what the snake Cameron claims to believe this week? He's a total irrelevance, just like Bliar. They both should be sued for misleading the country.
  11. No, I'm saying that your assumption that attending university equals being of higher intelligence is wrong.
  12. If you believe that then I don't know where you've been looking the past few years.
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