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  1. I have read the latest plea for anyone who knows anything about Patricia's brutal murder to come forward. Patricia's son, Danny, has released new information and a video. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/graphic-content-sons-desperate-bid-to-find-mums-killer-after-attack-in-sheffield-478341
  2. What?! A maverick who thinks kids should stick to footpaths in woods? 😂 Kids should be able to wonder off in woodland without stepping in dog crap. Badgers and foxes are woodland animals - your dog isn't. You wanted it, you pick up after it.
  3. I didn't have you down as a fatcist. If he's offside, then he is. What concerns me more is how the technology is still open to abuse and corruption, if the referee decides when to look at VAR, and the interpretation and final decision lies with them.
  4. And none sillier than our own Shaun Bean
  5. I am disgusted, having seen the exemptions, that disabled persons / blue badge holders are not exempt. Many of whom rely on diesel vans / minibuses to get around with their chairs /mobility vehicles and simply cannot afford to convert vehicles, or buy new ones. The council should exempt them, or pay for conversions from the revenue raised from this scheme. A taxi driver said to me 'we need to work, we need to get in to the city centre, we will obviously pay the charge, so tell me, how is this helping the environment?'. He has a point, doesn't he?
  6. I can't wait for this at the lane. I have seen far too many terrible decisions. This way we might stand a chance against the big money clubs.
  7. High time that the council were prosecuting people for this. Graves Park, Norton Lees end is one massive dog toilet. We went to a football match last summer and you couldn't find a spot anywhere to sit on the grass without being on top of dog poo. Most people have got the message and do pick up after their dog but for those that still do this, the council must fine them. A regular offender near me, had someone return their dog's poo through their letterbox.
  8. My four year old says, he'll forgive you, as they're only his milk teeth.
  9. Damn. I missed them. Which stage did they play?
  10. Condolences to you and your family, and thank you for the music, Vernon.
  11. So, people I know are raving about this, especially last night's episode but I hate to watch things half way, or more, in Is it worth the time investment to watch the series now available on iplayer?
  12. None of those in the video you link to. Sorry, if you're a big fan of his but by the same token, none were remarkable and he was in the box, or just about for practically all of them. He's not someone I would ever refer to as a great footballer, or even goal scorer. I remember him just constantly bog lining every time I watched him, to the point of annoyance. And he's even less impressive as a presenter, and even less than that, as a political commentator. Heaven knows why he thinks his views are to be respected, as his own moral compass obviously broke or went missing a long, long time ago.
  13. Do you, or have you regularly been at live games and supported a club passionately? If so, I think you'd appreciate how terrible decisions by poor officials ruin games. Now that the game is finally catching up with technology people will no longer stand for this. I much prefer transparency in sports and where we have the technology to ensure it, then we should use it to clean up sports. I don't mind if the advertisers have to wait an extra seven minutes if it means that a team is not going to be unfairly robbed of a victory. These 90 minute games are what many of these competitors have spent the majority of their lives working for. I don't want to see that flushed away by poor decision - making, even if it does mean we have to be a little more patient - it's worth it.
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