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  1. More than likely will be rubbish; literally. Lots of used items of PPE, that originated from China. The madness continues. No wonder China is laughing. They sell the cheap stuff to us and then we pay them to take it back.
  2. How can anyone know that, when we are testing such a small amount of people?
  3. A, no doubt, tough but very sensible decision, given the current circumstances.
  4. I was pleased that Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley were portrayed in a sympathetic manner. The drama left me with some questions.... a). Who were the man and woman following the Skirpals from the airport in the black BMW? b). From how it was packaged, Charlie said the perfume's plastic pack was impossible to open without use of a kitchen knife, and he had to insert the spray in to the perfume bottle to set it up to work. He's sure it had not been previously opened and must have been a second device to the one used at Skirpal's address. It does seem that way. Why did it take months to resurface in a charity shop bin? Where was it up until then? Someone must remember it.
  5. Errrrm, because the current Conservative government were in charge of this whole fiasco. And let's not try and divert the blame from where it lies; firmly with this Conservative government's appalling response to the crisis. I must have missed the bit where Lambeth Council had been made responsible for the national response to Covid-19. Are Lambeth Council also responsible for the years of degrading treatment and the systematic withdrawal and withholding of benefits from disabled people in this country? What about the scandalous treatment that is disguised as "care" that thousands receive?
  6. Let's face it. This run of Tory governments has an appalling record on it's responsibilities to disabled people.
  7. Nope. It's definitely, "doing a Cummings". In fact the most common used invite now is, "I'm going to kill innocent people by going to the beach today. Are you Cummings?" How could we possibly know, with BoJo, Cummings, and Hancock's shameful testing record?
  8. When a government knowingly kills thousands whether through negligence or, even worse: policy, then where else do you think is more suitable? When it's a particular section of the population, ie, the elderly and frail that are the victims wouldn't our media be calling this genocide if it was another country?
  9. Instead of easing the Lockdown further, if these Bozos would have held out for just two more weeks, and actually tightened measures, the numbers could have fallen to zero. Then, the older ones with more disposable income, would have felt safe to patronise local businesses, and businesses would be in a decent position. Now, though, it's just ensuring that the virus lingers on and takes more lives and puts the NHS at greater strain, and the economy will take a far longer and larger battering.
  10. Damn those elderly, going and dying and making the UK figures look bad, eh?
  11. The briefings may have stopped as Boris doesn't think hundreds of people dying every week is anything he should be answerable for (in fact, he's proud of being responsible for 65k+ deaths) but SAGE will be standing beside Boris again soon - in the dock - hopefully at the Hague - they have flanked the buffoons and said absolutely nothing, giving undeserved credibility to their decisions for far too long, when they had a duty to the public. It's too so late, Witty, Valance and Co should have spoken out months before they decided to begin to distance themselves a little from the donkeys. Yeah, course, and that app thingy we got, for a bargain price of 12 million is just amazin'.
  12. Indeed. A little more information here: https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/deathscausedbystarvationandmalnutritionintheuk
  13. Where a person has died of starvation, in law it must go on the death certificate,or the Coroner's office are not doing their job.
  14. No he can't. He's running the country. He's responsible for the sham lockdown in the first place. Also, due to his pathetic unfathomable, this way one day oops I didn'mean that the next day, "advice", and not following the Science, and his disgusting example he and his government have set. Inadequate enforcement due to grey areas and a solid legal framework for prosecutions. This is ALL Boris's fault.
  15. ,🤣🤣. You're joking, right? As soon as Cummings has got his fine. The plan obviously still is, and always was, herd immunity.
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