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  1. Did he remember to check out, in order to reserve the slot? Could he have made amendments and then forgotten to check out? As a previous member said, Morrisons are doing meat-eater or veggie pre-picked boxes for £35. Reviews online have been pretty favourable. This could be quicker than trying to get a delivery slot if he's desperate.
  2. I'm waiting for in-built trackers in some of these expensive tools so they can either be rendered useless to the thieves or emitting a signal so they can be tracked down. Keep an eye out people please. We need the public to help catch these lowlifes.
  3. That's very nice to read. Hope you continue to enjoy life in Sheffield.
  4. As a parent who was hit recently by a ball at a junior game, it bloomin' hurt, and I don't want my kids heading balls like that! I believe the new rules are because children are particularly at risk from causing damage to their brains when heading the ball. I am very relieved that the FA have finally issued definitive, sensible guidance for junior clubs.
  5. When I told my Dad about the boiled sweets appearing after the war, he immediately said, "oh, they must have shown you liquorice then. Did they have the big boxes on the counter?".
  6. I think the current crisis has highlighted that central government efficiency is a far bigger problem.
  7. I'm sure all dogs have to be micro-chipped now. What a horrible thing to do. I hope the dog is re-united with it's owner.
  8. Met her briefly but she struck me as being a lovely person. I was sorry to see her daughter on the local news, explaining she had to self-isolate during this awful time for her. I wish her the strength she will need. Lovely article here, ending with her daughter asking everyone to have a cup of tea in Pat's memory. I'll definitely raise my favourite cup to Pat this afternoon. Manchester Evening News: 'I cannot think of a better human being': Councillor's heartbreaking tribute after losing mum to coronavirus. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/i-cannot-think-better-human-18003808
  9. SYP are very interested in reports of people hanging around at strange hours, especially now they have no justification to be doing so. Now is a good opportunity for them to get a grip on crime, and hopefully, reverse the recent local gun crimes trend. If you see something suspicious, report it.
  10. Very shocked and saddened to read this here. I had a few lessons with Frank at Langdon Street. He was a genuinely lovely, talented, humble person, with a wonderful, knowing, smile. He always made time for others and gave beginners, like me, lots of encouragement. I saw him at the Pheasant and the Upperthorpe, years later, and he was still excellent, and had a nice voice too. Sheffield has lost a legend and I feel very honoured to have known him. "Thanks for the joy that you've given me, I want you to know, that I believe in your song. Rhythm and rhyme, and harmony, You helped me along, keeping me strong." Thank you, Frank. There's sure "gonna be some sweet sounds coming down, on the night shift". My condolences to Frank's family.
  11. You're not alone in feeling like this. It's a frightening situation to be in. I think all you can do is to maintain social-isolation, as you very sensibly are doing. If you receive deliveries, ask people to maintain distance and give everything coming in a wipe down with soapy water, to be on the safe side. Try not to let 'mights' and 'what ifs' take over your thoughts too much that they start to affect your health. Try to remain positive and look after yourself in the best way you can to avoid any trips to the hospital for any other matters. It seems like forever now, but this time will pass.
  12. Some good advice there, Makapaka.👍 I've found gardening to be good in the past. Mind you, looking out of the window now, might be a while before it's fit enough to go out!
  13. If you are, or, if you know someone who is a private landlord, please ask them to contact their agents/tenants, to offer tenants facing new hardships the opportunity to come to agreements over the coming months.
  14. If you're doing it yourself at home, remember to always do a patch test.
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