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  1. I suppose while it's not common knowledge that it's the police, people may be less likely to hide from it, fingers crossed they'll catch more people.
  2. Ahh that's probably more likely. Thanks
  3. There's been an plane circling over Hillsborough for a little while now, at first I assumed it was the helicopter for the football. I've just heard someone comment that it is in distress and needs to land! Anyone know anything about this?
  4. Think the council are trying to see how many supermarkets they can fit into the bottlenecks of Sheffield!
  5. I think the market is actually better this year than it has been for the past few years. As others have said, it definitely brings some atmosphere to the town centre. I went out on Saturday night and at 6.15pm, the market was still bustling with shoppers and there was a lovely atmosphere around it.
  6. I can't help but think the horrendous car park is going to keep some people away from there.
  7. M&S can do their food deliveries on 2 vehicles, usually an early morning and a late evening one to avoid major disruption.
  8. Apparently there is work going on on Leppings Lane to clear debris from the river and its carnage round there, could be backing all the way up?
  9. Jojo Maman have 15% off until midnight tonight, just incase they have anything online.
  10. There is hardly anything available in stores I'm afraid. H&M in town and Meadowhall definitely both have it instore. New Look in Meadowhall used to have a good selection too. If you can get to Fox Valley, then I think Jojo Mama Bebe have some instore, but it is slightly more expensive. I think that's pretty much it unfortunately. Online, both H&M and New Look have quite good delivery and free returns available. Also, ASOS are brilliant for a large selection and excellent delivery and free returns. As bluecanary said, Asda have a good selection online, and matalan isn't too bad either. Throughout my two pregnancies I did a lot of click and collects and returns as it was the only really option available. In terms of size, go with your normal clothes size.
  11. I believe there is security over there, or at least there used to be.
  12. It was announced on the Wisewood Facebook page yesterday...if it's half as good as the Wisewood then a really good addition to Walkley IMO.
  13. We used to regularly use the Horse and Jockey after Stancil took it over, but the last few times we've been in it seems to be losing its way a little.
  14. We were in this position around 10 years ago, so gradually looked further down the hill from Crookes into Walkley and Hillsborough and ended up in Hillsborough. Its not the most glamorous of locations but you get a lot more house for your money, mostly decent sized and private gardens, you may struggle with private parking though. In the area, Hillsborough Park is a really lovely space to have if you're thinking of children, plenty of cafes and some nice new pubs/bars opening up and good transport links into the city. I have always felt safe in the area too. We stayed in the area when we moved again recently.
  15. It frightened the life out of my little girl and we're up in Wisewood. They were louder than we get on bonfire night, and like someone else said, sounded much like explosions rather than fireworks. The racing seems so much louder than normal today too, we normally just hear the odd bit, but it feels like we've heard every single race today.
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