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  1. think we will have a trip over tomorrow if thats ok Grant
  2. its about time there was some where local .fed up going to donny every weekend !
  3. where abouts is it please and whats the charge for moto x ?
  4. it used to cost us £5 50 for our semi .until i asked the window cleaner when did he leave the royal navy , im sure he thought we had round windows ...... never seen him since
  5. from police helicopter twitter 23Dec 6:15pm Wheatley - Search for 60yr old lady lost by family. Lengthy search no gain. Info then passed that she'd got a lift home. Phew!
  6. Not always the case , small enterprises can be much safer businesses to deal with rather than larger outfits , look at focus diy and La Senza to enter administration in UK La Senza TJ Hughes Blacks Leisure
  7. we use ACA Windows , good quality at the right price
  8. http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/city-centre/christmas/market
  9. not in sheffield , but only 30 mins drive http://www.fatcatmotoparc.com/
  10. thanks for the enquiry Chris , will look at tomorrow for you
  11. http://www.crosspoolandhallam.co.uk now do GRP Fibreglass roofing
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