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  1. If not buying your own car and insuring your own vehicle while paying for your own tests plates badges and your own tax and national insurance isn't Truly self employed then that's a **** employer ---------- Post added 28-06-2018 at 17:09 ---------- Truth is uber have rattled there cage and they don't have the monopoly they thought they had trying to get to big to quick and trying to be uber
  2. City taxis based at attercliffe Sheffield tell drivers there not allowed to work for another taxi company while working for them and if caught you will have your equipment taken away how is this even legal as a driver were self employed as long as your not in arrears with rent why is it a problem just bully's on my opinion if you work for asda for 15 hours you can work for another supermarket for same etc control freaks
  3. Hi Doncaster Robin Hood is £40 one way or £80 return call 07477013739 if still needed thanks
  4. It's all a bit quiet to say two houses have been cordoned of and police guard still same now
  5. What happened on longley near four greens loads of police and ambulances etc all cordened off looked very serious about 4.15 this afternoon
  6. I cant get the images out of my mind im so mad that this could happen why would anybody treat another person like this is beyond me and the sentencws they have are no way neae what they should be serving is it just me or is ant one else really angry about his
  7. Mod Note Please fill in the template in post 1 in this thread, as per the instructions, giving the details thanks
  8. according to news its not a case of how clean you are as the bug is airbourne
  9. another vote for bigbaps attercliffe love their roasts problem is cant choose between pork , chicken , beef its all nice mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. 99s have never been 99p its a brand cadburys 99 flake
  11. i have professional FAULT CODE READER which reads codes and tells you what the problem is and can also clear fault codes so managment light gos off i charge £20 please pm me if you need assistance thx or call wayne on 07866806149
  12. Has anybody bought a car from there i have had a quick look but a lot of cars have no history etc etc has anybody bought a car from here is it a good honest car sales etc etc reviews appreciated thanks
  13. well dont worry sit tight go to court and you will be quids in as you have legal cover so complain make a note of expenses etc you wasnt at fault so dont worry you cant lose
  14. so did you have legal cover or not as this really makes a difference
  15. i had someone run into the back off me whilst at traffic lights and ageas offered me a hire car when the car was delivered it turned out it was on hire contract i had to sign for and if you read the small print it says they try to get the payment from the party who was at fault but if that fails you are liable for the charges as its not a courtesy car through drive assist its a hire agreement its a big scam if you ask me
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