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  1. Initially the Left lane shows straight on arrow and says M1 N. It should be left only in that left lane. Then later shows straight on or left. Both at fault. However white car was kind of undertaking the black one.
  2. What is wrong with people, If there dog can't stop barking why don't they keep them inside. Maybe it's because everyone's at work so they leave it outside or is it because there dog is no more than a guard dog.
  3. This will probably only be provided in affluent areas of Sheffield.
  4. Did they land safely and do they still have their Glider/ s
  5. I do hope the man gets well soon and the culprits are caught.
  6. Dixons owns Currys/ PC World and Carphone Warehouse
  7. I agree, we need a new electrical retailer to compete with Dixons
  8. Here is an easy answer NO!!!! lol ---------- Post added 21-02-2016 at 11:19 ---------- Permit holders only, its a fricking joke. If you can afford to buy a property up there then you should expect people to park in your spot when your at work duh.
  9. Ok we don't know them on a personal level, but they have entertained us and touched our hearts in other ways. Why not pay our respects if we do not know them personally, what harm can it do.
  10. Have to pay to park unless you catch the bus. Then you have to walk miles until you get to the shop you want to visit, then miles to the next one. I go to meadowhell/ retail park with free parking. If I need anything else its done online. Not been to city centre for years.
  11. It would not suprise me if it were there parents sending them out to do there dirty work.
  12. you should be able to put what you want in there without fear of getting it nicked, besides I am not gonna leave a lawn mower in my living room.
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