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  1. Sorry to review an old thread. Sheffield murder of Patricia Grainger: £10,000 reward offered Patricia Grainger was 25 years old when her body was found at Hartley Brook Dike on Sunday 10th August 1997. The young mother-of-one was living nearby with her young son Danny and her parents in Parson Cross, Sheffield. She had not been seen by her family for almost a week. Patricia’s body was found by a group of children walking in the area known locally as “The Brook”, which backs on to the rear of houses on Deerlands Avenue on the Parson Cross estate. Her body was face down in water, submerged by the weight of a divan bed base placed on top of her in an attempt to conceal the body. She was found semi-naked, and the subsequent post-mortem examination established that Patricia had suffered multiple stab wounds. Crimestoppers is offering a reward of up to £10,000 for information given exclusively to us that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for Patricia Grainger’s murder. The family of Patricia Grainger have put up £5,000, which Crimestoppers has doubled to reach a total reward of up to £10,000 for information. ***Note: Information passed directly to police will not qualify. The reward will only qualify for information passed to Crimestoppers’ 0800 555 111 number or via our simple and secure Anonymous Online Form*** “The account of what happened to Patricia is truly horrendous. Whilst many years have passed, her son and family deserve some closure, to see justice done and to have some answers. “We know that some people are often too scared to speak directly to the police for fear of revenge, or maybe loyalties have changed over the past two decades. It could be that you’ve had suspicions, but it was too close to home. Or that you know who was responsible, but have stayed silent until now. This is why our charity is here to help. We believe in safe communities and have been taking information about crime anonymously since we began over 32 years ago. We have always kept our promise of anonymity to the millions of people who have trusted us. “If you know who was responsible for Patricia’s death, there’s never been a better time to speak up, and you may be eligible for a reward. Every day over a thousand people contact our charity. Everyone stays 100% anonymous. Always. Even if you think your information is insignificant, it could make all the difference. You can speak to us anonymously by calling our UK Contact Centre which is open 24/7 on freephone 0800 555 111 or you can use our simple and secure Anonymous Online Form. Your information could help Patricia’s family and friends find the justice they so desperately need.” Gemma Gibbs, Yorkshire & the Humber Regional Manager “My vulnerable mum was treated in the most sickening way possible, used and abused as if she wasn’t human. She had learning disabilities and that made her trusting of anyone who showed her interest. They abused that trust. “Someone out there knows what happened to Pat. No more secrets. No one should be able to get away with such a terrible crime on an innocent young mum. Please do the right thing and if you know something, contact the charity Crimestoppers anonymously.” Danny Grainger, Patricia's son If you have any information about who was responsible for Patricia Grainger’s murder, please contact our charity 100% anonymously on freephone 0800 555 111 or by filling in our simple and secure Anonymous Online Form. Give information
  2. 10th August 2018 Reward to be offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible (Pending Legal Arrangement with Crimestoppers) The son of a Sheffield woman murdered 21 years ago wants to offer a £5,000 reward for information to help detectives finally crack the case. Source The Star https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/son-of-murdered-sheffield-woman-wants-to-offer-5-000-reward-to-help-catch-killer-1-9293809
  3. Robert (Bobby) Grainger died peacefully on 20th February 2018 in Leek at the age of 76. Robert was born on 2nd june 1941 in Sheffield (Mothers Maiden Name Broadbent) A funeral is scheduled for 10:30am April 25th 2018 at Shiregreen Cemetery Chapel, Michael Granville will officiate the ceremony. All are welcome to attend and celebrate Bobby's life. I am currently trying to trace a Violet M Grainger born to the same mother as robert, Violet was born 2 years prior to robert in 1939 i haven't been able to locate violet through searches of marriage and death records so if anyone may know who violet is i would appreciate if you could get in contact with myself.
  4. Hi hotrock no i totally understand how you could think that, i myself have mentioned not only this case but others which have shown similarity the police believe theres no connection what so ever to my mum and michaela, or any other case thats been similar in sheffield and further out. Ive done my own detective work over the years but unfortnetly with my mums investigation its now like finding a needle in a haystack the only hope we have is this person is known to someone and will eventually slip up or information be given that gives the police enough to act on. The information has to be out there somewhere we just dont have it yet. I can give my own account that we believe from autopsy reports and the police the location my mum was found was a dumping site for after they had finished what they did to my mum someone must know who moved her or helped to move her she wasnt a small girl and she was still alive at the brook due to the same water in the stream being located in my mums lungs i tell most of this to the media but not all gets printed.
  5. A mobile police until being deployed in parson cross on the 10th august (20th anniversary) so any member of the public who have not been able to come forward may approach the mobile unit and provide the information they have. I have update main thread page And heres a link to the latest article about the mobile unit Mobile unit being deployed
  6. Hi ian i think your post have been merged with this thread, thank you for posting comments but i think you maybe best posting in here if you have something to post. As in my previous post above thats also been merged thank you for posting a comment as the huntsman it is still an area of inquiry but it hasn't been asked about before during the campaign.
  7. Thank you ash, and thank you for sharing, all shares help my post get seen more and increase our chances of someone seeing it that does know so thank you
  8. Just an update to the thread I have a new poster for the campaign which I have posted on the facebook group, please like and share and your free to print if you have a place of work ect where you have rights to display it. thank you The poster link New campaign video Link _____________________ Sorry tziljstra ive only just seen your reply not been on the forum for a while and was just brought back by a different thread. The police have done some forensic testing in 2008 this did lead to some DNA being recovered partial profiles, these are enough to eliminate someone, but not enough to search the national database, Unfortunately recently it came to light the police have lost/disposed of a lot of my mum's clothing and belongings that hadn't even been tested for forensics or requested whether id like them back or not.
  9. Hi Ian I received your letter in regards to this thread, I am a user of Sheffield forum and have already visited this thread myself, but thank you for posting a comment as the huntsman it is still an area of inquiry but it hasn't been asked about before but this is also an old thread so I'm sorry for reviving an old thread but on the chance someone could be reading that does know anything please get Intouch with myself via the website, forum or facebook or the police on 101 An extensive operation at the weekend to quiz motorists and regulars out the Huntsman Pub on Barnsley Road failed to uncover any new witnesses. Pat had told friends she used to meet a boyfriend outside the pub but police found no one nearby who remembered her. This information is from an old article and I haven't yet been able to verify with the police where this information comes from or whether it is reliable. I do already have a thread posted on the forum ian you can find it here.
  10. Still going strong doing what I can when I can trying to work around the police investigation and complaints ect but ive put together a new video on my facebook page if you have the time please check it out and share my latest video if you have facebook https://www.facebook.com/whokilledmymum/videos/ Thank you PT I won't give up aslong as im here, I hope for justice one day x Thank you peak its support like I've been shown by many like youself that keep me going knowing there is still good in this world
  11. Appeal should be on calendar tonight, Its already on the calendar website. I will also be on bbc radio sheffield tomorrow. Just trying to keep it out there while the media is interested thank you tigger
  12. That's part of our argument in the last appeal we have been asking the police since 2008 to feature my mums case on crimewatch, we was told in 2008 they didn't have enough police to handle all the nuisance calls that story recently change into they haven't said no to doing it, its just not planned in the near future as far as they are concern but as a family we believe its down to they don't want to show how much they really have messed up in the investigation thank you for your kind words danny
  13. Just providing a quick update, I have updated the outdated links on the main thread post. Recently it has been publicised that South Yorkshire police have discarded of all my mums possessions and even the clothes she was wearing. We are no seeking legal advice regarding this. As for the appeal it is still going strong. This week its been in the star twice, On Hallam FM and Should be on calendar news tonight. I will also be at BBC radio Sheffield tomorrow. You can see any updates on any of the below. Facebook page (Most active) Twitter page (Just Joined) My Website Blog (For those who don't use facebook or twitter) My website Sorry its taken me a while to reply to your comments but I will now below. Thank you for liking my page dongle its really appreciated. Thank you andy I won't stop fighting for justice and yeah that's what i'm hoping the guilt will get to them. Thank you bluey Thank you moonbird and thank you for sharing its really appreciated Danny ---------- Post added 10-08-2014 at 11:17 ---------- Thank you nikki
  14. Ive recreated the facebook page for my mum's campaign i'd be greatful if you could like and share: www.facebook.com/whokilledmymum Thanks moonbird i hope its one day soon x Nexusdee could you inbox me where you saw her the few days before I wont robbo thanks Thanks andy i feel the support of all from sheffield forum
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