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  1. I was brought up on a dairy farm and we used to drink the milk before it went to the dairy, non- pastuerised. To me full fat milk from the supermarket tastes like watered down milk! However. living in the big city now! I am looking for a supplier of goats milk if anyone can help. My son is developing an eczma type rash and I know that goats milk is very good for eczma. Does anyone know/ can point me in the direction of a good website, about the nutritional content of goats vs cows milk as he is still under two and obviously I don't want him to miss out on anything he should be getting from cows. (He was breast fed for his first year).
  2. I was concieved in the back of a pick up truck near Victoria falls! Apparently my parents were waiting for an angry rhino to lose interest in them. I can't remember the first time my mum told me the story, but when I met my dad after a 17year gap, it was one of the first things he told me. I don't know if they think it's romantic, but it's always faintly disturbed me- I don't really need to know- particularly the bit about the rhino.
  3. Congratulations babooshka! The same thing happened to me about a year ago! Was convinced I was having a girl, and the man doing the scan laughed at me! We had a blackboard in the kitchen with a list of names and kept adding/crossing names off for months. Eventually decided on Logan the day after he was born! I wanted to call him George, after my grandad but the deal was that my husband could choose the first name for a boy. It's been the most amazing year of our lives, labour was great- don't believe the hype!, but accept the drugs! and Logan is fantastic. All the best
  4. I have used the cream as a moisturiser when my allergies have been bad, and I can thoroughly recommend it. As I am sensitive to even E45 cream to find something that I can use was heaven. I was sorted out with some cream from the hospital after patch testing so haven't used it since as it's so expensive. Haven't tried the remedies yet, but thinking of having a look for something suitable for when I'm in labour!
  5. I know exactly how you feel and did tell all my family and friends to ask before touching, at the beginning, but at xmas it was v strange as I was more comfortable with my new shape and wanted my family to touch me! Becoming pregnant does not mean your belly is public property! I have had two complete strangers come up to me with arms outstreched and have had to really bite my tongue, and restrain the old slapping arm! It's wierd, cos as baby gets bigger, and I have got more used to it, I want to share the experience! Can't win! Also I finish work on Friday, and use the tram twice a day at peak times and nobody has ever once stood up to let me sit down, or stopped barging past me to get on/off the tram. It didn't bother me to start with, but I'd really appreciate it at the end of the day and will certainly be more considerate to pregnant women in the future
  6. I use Forge Farm and although I am quite nervous of the dentist I think they are great. No messing around/ waiting, no- nonsense in and out as quickly as possible. The new appointment system is that they will write to you about a month before your check up is due to ask you to make an appointment. Basically giving everyone an appointment in 6 months time was leading people to forget and not turn up, so this way attendance is improved. It costs about £5 for a check up and £20-£30 for a filling I think.
  7. I am fairly sure my parents smoked when they were expecting me, but I never had any problems as a kid. The dermatitis started at 22. I've wondered whether allergies are on the increase as I never used to hear of them. But it may be because I have only recently been interested that I have become more aware of them.
  8. I waited 2 years for my doctor to refer me to the hallamshire, and then about 6 months for an appointment. It was brilliant to actually know what I was allergic to though, as the doc had been telling me all sorts, fungal infections, not washing properly at work, that sort of thing. It really brings you down mentally cos you know there's something wrong, but when the doc tells you otherwise, you have to go with their opinion. I think some health food stores will do food allergy testing, and some of the chinese herbalists also offer allergy testing. Personally I would ask for a referral from GP (and be persistent! it might take a long time but it's worth it.) as the hallamshire is a leading institute in allergy research. The patch testing for contact allergies is horrible as you are not allowed to wash the area being tested (usually your back) for a week, and you are deliberately irritating the skin. I finished my testing the day before xmas eve and immediately went home to spend two hours lying down in the bath (but unfortunately without bubbles!!)
  9. H+M have a maternity range, but I haven't actually been in the shop- I hate meadowhall so haven't been! I got some jeans from dorothy perkins in debenhams in town. There are some really nice adverts in parenting/mother and baby magazines for online stores, but again, haven't used them myself. I've been wearing my friends size 20/22 cast offs, and bought a poncho for a coat!
  10. I'm feeling really left out! I'm 8 months pregnant and haven't had a craving yet !
  11. I have been patch tested at the hallamshire for my allergies as work were concerned the red itchy rash might be related to work. It turns out that I have an allergy to Nickel, so all silver looking cheap jewellery is a no-no. Silver coins, buckles , you name it if it looks silvery, it brings me out in a rash. Apparently german silver has a high percentage of nickel in it so in theory I can wear silver jewellery as long as it's not german. Also I have a longer delay reaction to a preservative that is found in many household products. Basically anything that makes bubbles is a candidate, so I have to read the ingredients on the washing up liquid, washing powder, soap, shampoo--I'm sure you get the picture. The only thing they can give me to treat the allergy is a steroid cream that thins the skin so has to be used very sparingly, so I have to rely on barrier cream to avoid contact. I've found out that the best thing about being pregnant is that I haven't had a single flare up. I was worried, cos I can't use the steroid cream if I do have a reaction. It'll be interesting to see if it comes back after baby is born!!
  12. Congratulations I'm due in February too! have been attending ante natal classes for a few weeks and have made a few local friends. The aqua natal class Thursdays, 7pm at Hillsborough leisure centre is great and is run by midwives, but by Thursday I'm generally too tired to go!
  13. My car was stolen a couple of years ago. It was chased by the police as it had young joyriders in it, and they crashed my car and wrote it off. The group of lads that they dragged out of it were taken to court but got away with it because they said that they didn't steal the car. Their mate whom they wouldn't name did the stealing and they were all just taking it in turns to have a drive. The worst bit was that my neighbour saw someone doing the stealing and called the police, but although the police were in the area they can't do anything until the car is driven away! This was all the info I got about the situation but it stinks. Anyway, back to the point-The police can't really do much if nobody owns up to being the driver.
  14. Thanks everyone I have spoken to my neighbour, at last! Apparently they are aware of the damage that was caused and have been trying to contact me to come and fix it. Hopefully there will be no need to get all legal with him, as he seems genuinely upset about it. Apparently there is only one course of bricks instead of two between our properties. I think I still should have been given a party wall notice, but I don't want to ruin our neighbourly relationship over this. I did contact my building insurer and they offered to send out an assessor, but recommended that I ask my neighbour to repair the damage first, to prevent me having to make a claim. Once again, thanks for the advice, and if I have any further problems, I know how I'm going to handle it now. Cheers!
  15. Thanks for the advice everyone. I have written a letter, which invites the owner of the property next door to come and look at the damage caused, and offers a 4 week period for him to arrange to get the damage repaired. I have taken some photos also. I will deliver the letter tonight and we'll have to wait and see. One thing that does worry me is the quality of work that will be done in my house. If the builders are that slap-dash next door, and they don't repair my house properly, then do I have any comeback?
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