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  1. Have you got a link to pictures or anything? I could share on Facebook as I am in groups with thousands of petrol heads around the UK. Sadly with this car it looks like it was targeted as you don't see these anymore and are worth a bit of money (not in one piece either) Don't mean to sound rude but the GTE is rare and so are the parts
  2. Just making people aware traffic around Jenkin Hill is jam packed. Police have closed off the top of Jenkin Hill because of a crash
  3. You said you have communication skills so why not go for sales. Just to add, jobs are out there, you just need to look and keep trying. I was getting turned down for jobs but did five weeks "Work Experience" and ended up with a job. You don't get it handed to you without trying.
  4. Hi all, Recently I had unbearable tooth pain which resulted with no sleep. I phoned NHS Direct and they referred me to Taptonville. I went yesterday and they took the nerve out of my tooth and put a temporary filling in. They told me the pain would still be there after but it will be a niggle. Long story short, I woke up 4:30 in agony and it still is hurting. Has anyone had experience having a root canal done here and what was the outcome? Also could you tell me your experience ragardless of what dental practice?
  5. It's a post on a friends private account yellowperil. People are saying it's an escaped prisoner and others are saying its it's an armed robber. Didn't mean to put the S on the end Mr Bloke. Whatever it is, well done SYP for Getting the cum.
  6. Just heard a load of sirens going through Richmond and saw on Facebook that a car has been rammed off the road on Dyke Vale Road and it's an escaped prisoner with a gun. Anyone know if it's TRUE?
  7. Are you aware from the stare of the homeless? Yes I am thank you. I lost my mum when I was 17 and I had to sleep in a tent for two days before the social services helped me, when I did get my own flat at 18 I was on an apprenticeship which I had more money going out than coming in which caused arears and it didn't help when I had to choose bus fare for work or food to eat because I simply could not afford anything with the council tax and rent been so high. The flat then had severe leaking in the bedroom which caused mushrooms growing in the carpet and mould and a really horrid smell but to the council it was just "condensation" and then depression hit. I ended up passing the keys because it was too much for me and ended up sofa surfing. I have now just got back on track. I am extremely helpful to those who need help and I have took a drink and food to those that I see need help. I give to charity change in the shop everyday but for me to put a big sum in I would have to see that the big CEO are not taking half of it for their bonus.
  8. Owethemnowt - Actually, she has lived there a long time, before Scowerdons was knocked down. She has been an alcoholic for years, so that's no help to herself. A big percentage of homeless people have once had a home/family/job but lost that at some point and that is the people who I would like to help. I'm not saying been homeless is right, there shouldn't be people living on the streets but MANY alcoholics bring it onto themselves, putting alcohol before any other things.
  9. She's an alcoholic. She did live at the flats on Dyke Vale (don't know about now) I was going through the other week and saw her and she still looked rough.
  10. I have seen two threads removed without a reason. Why can't a mod just post a reply? Are we allowed a discussion about moderators without it been closed or deleted? What are the forum rules on this? Please do not delete this thread, I am simply asking a question that I do not want to go through the helpdesk about.
  11. A guy near me has had his flat broken into three times. Each time police has attended, never did anything except screw a board over his door, the first two times he was out. That's all what got done, no investigations or anything, maybe if they did the first time they wouldn't have come back nearly two month of the first burglary to knock his door off and find a firearm.
  12. http://m.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/man-jailed-for-pony-sex-abuse-1-7081055 http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/man-jailed-for-pony-sex-abuse-1-7081055 Four years for a bit of horsing about.
  13. Well the tax payer has just paid £1.6 million for tablets for South Yorkshire Police. £2500 per tablet, the most expensive tablet out there is an iPad which would cost around £700 with the biggest memory. Taking into account they need software fair enough but that doesn't cost the rest of the £1800 per tablet. I wonder where that has gone. Anyway, it's meant to keep them on the beat. Still long responce times? I think it's just an excuse for them to play candy crush while eating their McDonald's.
  14. Just like the McDonald's on Handsworth. Always in the carpark sitting there. Saw three cars at once on time
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