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  1. That rings a bell ,also musi c teacher was mrs Middleton ,lived down Crabtree rd area .there was mr rodgers aswell
  2. Sounds like its an eaves slate/tile that is letting rain run behind the guttering
  3. Oh ! That graham he is my cousin ! graham John tony Linda Diane Christine and twins David & Keith . Graham lives down ecclesfield .although I haven't seen him for years
  4. Try niagra sports ground down on clay wheels lane
  5. My mums side of the family where the Harrison's ,lived opposite side of the road from the scout field graham Harrison is my uncle ,still going strong ! He lives up fox hill
  6. The teacher I remember was a old grey haired lady ,she had 1 leg longer than the other but can't recall her name !
  7. The orphanage was at the top of orphanage rd on the left where the flats are now ,the school wasn't used has an orphanage.i went to firshill inf & jnrs .lived on roe lane till I was @20 yrs old .not sure about the school being haunted tho
  8. More than happy to quote with no obligation .use only top quality materials
  9. Working in hillsborough tues am .can call and do a free no obligation quote
  10. more than happy to quote .done a lot of pointing work for forum users too
  11. got mine from mintons . the warehouse part not the shop . loads of roll ends at good prices
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