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  1. I have friends all over the country, i care about all the genuine citizens of this country including Muslims i would never want to see any innocent individual get hurt who live by our countries rules and respects our way of life,if they dont respect our way of life and insult our country and don't like the way we live then they deserve all they get IMO.
  2. He should be dead anyway the hate preaching scumbag good riddance to him personally i think he should be pushed out of a plane fat 20000ft into the mid atlantic would serve him right.
  3. Pakistan for you just one of many backward Islamic countries
  4. If it wasn't for the likes of the EDL this country would have been overun already! because too many people have the im alright jack sod everyone else attitude at least one thing you can't fault the Muslims for they all stand United where as our country is full of selfish individuals who couldn't care less about other people. The EDL was set up up in Luton the most radicalized town in this country because people had enough of them taking over our neighborhoods and intimidating people aswell as hate preaching.
  5. They can take their religion and stick it where the sun doesn't shine the arrogant gets who do they think they are! they think they can insult our country our troops our people yet we can't say anything about them why don't they crawl back under rocks/caves they came from can't stand their backward beliefs/religion.
  6. And what? if she doesn't she doesn't what does it matter to you?
  7. Give the lass a break at least she's trying to make ago of things and wants to run a business and be successful and has the drive and ambition to set up her own business. It takes a hell of alot of hard work to set your own business up, why put people down for what do you get out of putting people down who are trying to achieve something in life loopy: she deserves a tremendous amount of credit and respect for at least trying to be honest especially in such a turbulent economy
  8. Why don't trolls like you get of your high horse and get a grip! not everyone is like that at all, i have friends who live there who are hard working decent law abiding people! so grow up you numpty and stop being so judgemental.
  9. Ignore trolls like that clown and Good luck with the business venture
  10. I just unplug the battery at night to stop it plus i bought a booster from Halfords for £60 might sound alot but its got me out of endless scrapes lol if you didn't laugh you would cry with the amount of trouble and stress cars cost.
  11. I live in Dronfield just outside of Sheffield and it has some of the best Schools in the Midlands here The Schools here are held in very high regard good transport links Sheffield is 6 1/2 miles away and so is Chesterfield bang in between both the M1 motorway is only 15mins away aswell
  12. I need an Auto Electrician as soon as i can to fix the fan on my Vauxhall Zafira the fan keeps running even when i have switched the engine off and it keeps draining my battery i booked it in at B&S tyres in Chesterfield but was messed around completely and will not be going back there ever again:mad: If your an auto electrician or know of any decent ones that can help please Inbox me. Regards Mark
  13. People falling on hard times doesn't matter to morons like these lot ST because they have the attitude im alright Jack sod everyone else attitude which is precisely why our country is going downhill fast
  14. Lets hope none of the judgemental clowns that have posted on this thread ever fall on hard times then i think the Job Centre got off lightly with a smashed window:mad: The pen pushers that work for JCP don't give a toss about people's circumstances i got kicked out of Chesterfield JCP for arguing with them because i was furious that they were more interested in helping the Alco's outside the job centre and paying their benefits just to pee it back up wall again rather than helping the genuine folk who wan't to work and earn a living and provide for their families.
  15. Whatever you do avoid this car like the plague my Zafira has cost me an absolute arm and a sodding leg this year absolute disgrace always something going wrong with it! it is the worst car i have ever had.
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