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  1. Yep, I agree about the suspicion. That's why I haven't been back since and why I've tried to warn other folk about them on here...
  2. See you down at Enet then pal and let's see some action!
  3. Now that sounds like my cup of tea. Where are they based please 999tigger?
  4. Hmmmm. Well, I took my laptop in for repair and when I got it back it had more problems than when I originally took it. They offered to buy it off me for parts at a 'knock down' price of£50. I happened to see it for sale in there a few days later and they had it for sale for £200. This is just one of several incidents that happened before I learnt my lesson(!) Enet are swindlers, take note and tell your friends or be swindled!
  5. I sincerely hope your kind words get you stung down at Enet.
  6. Maybe, but my advi©e is still very pertinent. ---------- Post added 11-06-2014 at 21:53 ---------- Oh, just a few underhand, improper and unscrupulous acts with my pc and laptop. I suppose I'm partly to blame for not trusting my instincts about them in the first place.
  7. Yes this move would involve involve relocation to another part of the city and may inconvenience my current childcare arrangements. But I see the point of the comments on here. I may have to go a few steps backwards to go a few forwards. Thanks for your input folks.
  8. Hi folks I was just wondering whether anyone had took their employer to court before? I'm in a situation where my employer has agreed to pay for me to access a professional course, but states I now I have to move departments to undertake it. This was not mentioned before and I'm considering taking legal action if need be as I think it will be big upheavel to start a new job and a degree course.... Does anyone have thoughts or positive contributions?
  9. The quote is funny but true. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the culprits get away with this.
  10. None whatsoever. Surely everyone indulges in some form of drug?
  11. Does anyone know where I get an 'analogue clock' fixed in Sheff, you know one with hands?? I recently bought a nice clock off Ebay and the time seems slow down and get progressively slower.....must be a dodgey mechanicsm. Any ideas peeps?
  12. Sorry I must have a screw loose for asking a straight question. I was actually looking for yes or no. No hint of racism.
  13. Is it just the fact they were black that has you peeved??
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